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Crime-Filled Chicago Is A Sanctuary City For Illegals




  • “To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous and filled with anxiety as we’ve spoken to, you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago,” Emanuel said.
  • Emanuel had urged any immigrants who are fearful of their legal status to contact the city’s 311 center to get information about legal resources and other programs.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel promised Monday to defy President-elect Donald Trump’s deportation orders and vowed that the city will always be a so-called sanctuary city.

Chicago laws prohibit government workers and police officers from asking the locals about their immigration status, according to the Chicago Tribune. Emanuel reaffirmed that the policy will continue.

“To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous and filled with anxiety as we’ve spoken to, you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago,” Emanuel said. “Chicago will always be a sanctuary city.”

Emanuel’s vow is likely to go head-to-head with Trump’s campaign promises to depot millions of illegal immigrants and block federal funding to sanctuary cities as well as building a wall along the Mexican border.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” on Sunday, Trump doubled down once again on his vow to build a wall along the southern border and to deport illegal immigrants.

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“What we are going to do is get the people that are [criminals] and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers,” Trump said. “We have a lot of these people. Probably two million, it could be even three million. We are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate.

“After the border is secured and after everything gets normalized,” Trump added, “we’re going to make a determination on [other undocumented immigrants] … But before we make that determination … we want to secure our border.”

Emanuel didn’t address any of Trump’s campaign promises directly, but this was the most he’s spoken on the immigration issue as he tries to bolster support that had sharply decreased with the handling of the Laquan McDonald police shooting investigation.

“Now, administrations may change, but our values and principles as it relates to inclusion does not,” Emanuel added. “People from all faiths, all backgrounds and all parts of the world have beaten their path to the city of Chicago because Chicago offers them and — more importantly, as the son and the grandson of an immigrant — their children and grandchildren a chance at the American dream.”

Emanuel had urged any immigrants who are fearful of their legal status to contact the city’s 311 center to get information about legal resources and other programs.



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  • Mark Richards says:

    Because this was supposed to be a country of laws, and any entity that jeopardizes our security as a nation, and thumbs it’s nose at the Federal immigration policies which have been on the books since the Second
    World War should be charged and tried for treason!

  • Lawrence Keen says:

    Mr. Emanuel is making a big mistake! Crime and murders are already rampant in Chicago and it will only get worse. It is regrettable, because I think Chicago is a great city, but a bunch of illegal immigrants will turn it into a dump!

  • jay says:

    its going to cause more crime and k oss and take jobs away from people of chicago



  • Dawn says:

    He’s being a lawbreaker and encouraging others to break the law.

  • Al Capone says:

    I think it is wonderful to take a stand against Law and Order and shield rapists, terrorists, pimps and drug dealers from the crooked FBI and other federal agencies that couldn’t find anything wrong with what Hillary did.

  • rod says:

    Why would any city want to be a haven for criminals? No wonder the murder rate is so high

  • Ian McPherson says:

    Worst crime and murder rate in the country. Last things needed are illegals and gang-bangers. Chi needs National Guard, not sanctuary. Rahm is still an idiot !

  • Elusma Pharisien says:

    I need with my immigration status so please and also with my family thank you god bless you



  • Noneya says:

    It would be a very stupid move! Look at what Clinton Supporters are doing now. Give them gun and it will be a massacre!

  • Al Capone says:

    Sounds okay to me.

  • SouthernPatriot says:

    Rahm can command his city law enforcement not to help federal law enforcement but it they lie to federal law enforcement, Rahm will be losing law enforcement officers quickly. If they obstruct federal law enforcement, the same results, the mayor will lose officers.

    The federal government can come into the city arrest and detain illegal felon invaders and there is nothing Rahm can do about it. The federal government can also restrict various forms of federal aid to Chicago which would place the mayor in a worse situation than before. Getting more illegal felon invaders into Chicago will only put an additional strain on the schools, hospitals, crime, etc. as if Rahm Emanuel needs further problems. This may well bring down his administration before it is over.

  • William Ericson says:

    Probably at least 1/4 or more are illegal European

  • John says:

    it is not alright to harbor criminals

  • Michael Roche says:

    We already have major problems in this city… taxes high… crime rate through the roof… we r not financially sound enough for them!!!
    These politicians are doing this for one reason only…… to get their eventual vote!!!
    This is BULLCRAP!!!!

  • douglucas says:

    because its going against TRUMP & its goin against the USA

  • Mike Sisson says:

    Maybe he’s proud of having the highest crime rate in the country and thinks that is how he got elected! Personally I think he’s endangered all lawful citizens who live there.

  • fredlevine says:

    He’s a big fucking moron.

  • Richard Rossi says:

    This is what happens when you lave elected officials that violate our Constitution and laws, they condone violence, corruption and are a haven to illegals and criminals. Trump WILL change all of this ‘ clean the swamp’.

  • deborah foehr says:

    Sanctuary City’s should be abolished.

  • Charles hyslop says:

    If you have to be told why it is impossible to fix stupid have a good day

  • James Joseph Seaberg says:

    Get them out of my country. Take Emanuel with them.

  • pat says:

    no wonder you have so much crime there

  • WS Dillard says:

    Chicago already a disaster.

  • charles says:

    This man should be removed from off

  • charles says:

    treasonous traitor,incarcerate him.

  • Suzanne Nichols says:

    Chicago is a part of the United States of America! We do not have nor do we want sanctuary cities in America. If you want a sanctuary city go live in a country that doesn’t mind people coming in illegally and disrupting the lives of their people. If you want to live in the USA there are ways to come legally and live here and become productive citizens.

  • James says:

    No city, town, county, nationwide should offer sanctuary!

  • Harlan Stratton says:

    Rahm Emanuel is the white version of Barack Hussein Obama and will bend over backwards to help ANY illegal come into our country with the goal of them becoming voting Democrats! This man is a traitor and should be tried for his crimes.

  • audrey spaulding says:

    You just go to Chicago, with the Highest Crime rate in the Country and no Work. They will bankrupt that place ASAP. Go a head Ron. The Drugs, the Idiots and the Crime rate will go right straight. In fact if you want at least a 1million more. Colorado will send them to you
    ASAP. No Problem But when your on fire and the gangs are flooding the Streets and our Taxpaying citizens die. Don’t even go there. We don’t give a tinkers damn. Don’t cry fowl when your flooded with Dope Heads and Illegals, Just Suck it up and don’t ask for Federal Aid because we are not sending any, Even the Fire Fighters will tell you to go to hell,

  • Robert Perman says:

    I think that’s great. We,ll put a wall around Chicago and send them all to you!

  • Dianne Fogle says:

    As if Chicago doesn’t already have enough crime! Trump wants to deport CRIMINAL ILLEGALS. I hope the CRIMINAL ILLEGALS that come to Chicago & commit crimes, commit them against Emanuel & his family!

  • R Thomas says:

    If they are protesting , “Not my President” & Not my country”, Let them leave and go to another country. !!!!

  • gerald jackson says:

    because of comments like that,they will flock there and people that defy the law from president trump should receive punishment.

  • Francisco says:

    For one, this guy is trying to make himself out to be a hero to illegals. For another, there’s not going to be mass deportations like this idiot is trying to tell people. Trump want to get rid of criminal illegal aliens, what part of that is not clear??? And if this guy tries to stand in front of that and protect criminal illegal aliens, than maybe he should be replaced…. The people should not stand for this kind of government. He’s using Fear Mongering to make himself seem like he’s the hero. He’s not!!!!

  • malvin boyd says:

    aid and abet?

  • Red Motley says:

    by definition a Sanctuary for those who came in illegally is in itself illegal. No country on the planet allows people to just come in without going thru customs and legal channels. This is sheer stupidity.

  • Thomas says:

    No place anywhere in the boarders of any land or territory within the United States of America. The ILLEGAL people should have no safe haven and anyone providing such a “sanctuary ” should be charged with nothing less than “Harboring a Criminal “

  • Thomas Matthews says:

    The administration does what Obama says.

  • Arturo says:

    Sanctuary Cities protect criminals, using city money that it should be used to provide services to their citizens If this Mayor it is so smart, why he has not controlled so many crimes commit ed in his city. This is one of the first politicians living in The Swamp that should be DRAINED right NOW.

  • El Ja says:

    I disagree because these illegals are about 90%of the crimes. I think any Sanctuary city must lose any funding. The police should all leave Chicago and go to work where Americans live. Not treasonous bastards like this mayor should ever e allowed to stay in office.

  • Al says:

    Just look at the crime and the attitude of the illegals in the city.They dare you to say something to them,they have no car insurance, why should they?If they hit your car they take off and your screwed.The city needs to get rid of the little gueer mayor.

  • DUKE says:

    When that mayor breaks the law, he is also illegal. Throw him in jail.

  • Lorraine says:

    We as Americans haven’t even taken care of our own people.I believe we should take care of our own.We don’the know who to trust and don’t feel safe:(

  • Mocky says:

    A lot of illegal immigrant hiding in Chicago and drug circulation cause crime in the city . Drug is a menace in the society it should be stop .

  • Joe Wright says:

    We are a society of laws and the illegals have broken the law.

  • John says:

    Because I lived there and seen first hand blatant illegals and a few years back a Mexican female was avoiding deportation by seeking refuge at a church and that was a big topic in the news.

  • Sue says:

    Because it’s not your call. This is a national issue, and I can’t imagine why you would want to continue hurting America. You do realize if you do this, your state will foot the bill alone, without the government’s help.

  • Terry Brand says:


  • Gary Jacobs says:

    Illegal means just that- illegal. Get them out of the U.S.

  • Robert says:

    Those in Chicago that support this mayor will Not be allowed to live in peice; just pieces–Mexican criminals and Muslims will make it a living Hell.

  • Jenna Guzman says:

    Any illegal immigrant with a criminal record or in jail should be sent back to their country.

  • Henry R. says:

    Henry R.

  • Shawn Mintz says:

    Why do we have to be the country that takes in the rest if the world’s garbage, and why is it that my tax dollars have to be used to support them? We have hungry and homeless people right here…many of them veterans! Let’s take care of our own first, and give the foreigners our leftovers for a change.

  • Wayne M, says:

    What is everybody so upset about? If one half of their population kills the other half, I call that a good start!! Then we can send them all our problems from the other parts on the country and they can continue to do the same thing and before you know it all of our infestations will be gone and that will make America great again.

  • Mac User says:

    This Muslim SOB should be tried for Treason! He is in violation of Federal law and should be held personally liable if he is the government official giving the order for unlawful conduct.

  • Michael Skok says:

    They give this term “sanctuary city” as though they were doing something sanctimonious or holy. They are rebel cities who are taking jobs from American citizens and giving them to foreign invaders. These “leaders” of ours should be taken in handcuffs and hulled off to jail.

  • [email protected] sorry screwed up a gin says:

    do you think there is still room at gitmo. he will know everybody there relation lol

  • [email protected] sorry screwed up a gin says:

    do you think there is still room at gitmo. he will know everybody there relation lol

  • Glen says:

    If I committed a crime ,I would be punished. Why then should we let illegals get away with committing a crime( crossing the border illegally if you do not KNOW is a CRIME).We have laws in place and we need to follow them!

  • david says:

    This country is a nation of laws. Our leaders have taken an oath to uphold the US Constitution, not undermine it. Our soldiers have shed blood and given their lives for this great country. To defy the law, and substitute narrow minded partisan thinking such as that shown by this City Mayor, is inconsistent with the “Rule of Law” in our society. No city in America should harbor criminals, illegal immigrants, and offer to shield them from legal requirements with which others similarly situated have had to comply. Such conduct is contemptuous. I suggest the City of Chicago be cut off from receiving federal funds and grants.

    • BrokedownMarine says:

      I agree! Why don’t we adapt the same laws that Mexico has at their border? I lived in Yuma, Az and going into Mexico is no picnic not to mention that they will throw you in the clink at a drop of a hat!! They have a border and THEY enforce it to the MAX!!

  • Jan says:

    I worked my whole life and I am still paying taxes. I think most of the illegals have had time to become citizens. They didn’t so send them back to their countries now.

  • Rick Black says:

    The PRESIDENT of the USA,s supposed best friend is going to help all illegals very surprizing.

  • Rick says:

    I can’t wait for those punk ass immigration agents to come to South Side. They’ll run away crying like a bunch of little girls.

  • kathleen backhus says:

    we have the worst violent crimes in the nation and now you want to bring every other criminal here. i hope they move next door to you. you are suppose to be intelligent, can’t you see that trump isn’t after the honest illegial immigrants? he’s after the rats that ruin our way of life. the rest still need to get it right but he’s not sending them back. help him give our children in America a chance or get out of office and let someone who will. or else YOU WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM and then there won;t be any body to help you/

  • Mark says:

    Our County has laws some of which you need to apply for Citizenship. If you were not born in this country just like any other country that requires Visas to visit or Live in. Why do some people think that this country should be different and provide a safe haven for all at the cost of all of us eventually it effects our government when they run out of money and then Tax us for people who are not paying taxes in this country for what we have.

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