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Chilling Final Note Left By One Of The Santa Fe Victims…



A teacher killed when a gunman opened fire inside of a Texas high school, killing 10 people, left one last note for her family.

Cynthia Tisdale was among those killed Friday after Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, allegedly entered the Santa Fe High School with a shotgun and .38 revolver and opened fire during a first-period art class.

“Had to go meet teacher. I love you. Hope you feel better today. Love mom, Left you breakfast,” the note read.

Tisdale’s brother-in-law, John Tisdale, posted a picture of the note to Facebook.

He said Tisdale wrote it before she left for school on Friday morning. They have since framed the last memento.

Note my sister-in-law Cynthia Tisdale left my brother before she left for school Friday morning. About 2 hours later she was with Jesus Christ. “…absent from the body… present with the Lord”

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Posted by John Tisdale on  Saturday, May 19, 2018

“We never know when our death will come,” Tisdale also wrote on Facebook. “Cynthia planned on one day retiring and being a full-time grandmother. It will never happen.”

Other victims included: Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheik, substitute teacher Ann Perkins, Angelique Ramirez, Shana Fisher,16, Kim Vaughn, Chris Stone, 15-year-old Christian Garcia, 17-year-old Jared Conard Black, 15-year-old Kyle McLeod.

Ten others were also injured in the shooting.

Gun control isn’t going to stop these attacks. We need to think about securing these schools and getting back to a place of proper gun education. And making sure the systems we have in place to help these people are followed through on.

What do you think? Is more gun control the answer, Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Pete W says:

    There are more than enough gun control laws on the books. Making new more stringent laws will only target the law abiding citizens who are responsible firearm owners. It will not deter felons and or people who are unable to legally purchase a firearm. Enforcing the existing laws we have in place, and also educating our children by example. They need to fully understand the damage and consequences of their actions. Respect for firearms begins at home. It’s the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids about gun safety . Instead of letting them play these violent video games for hours everyday! With the amount of time they sit in front of a computer engaged in these games where it’s been medically and psychologically proven that this type of exposure only desensitizes them on the fragility of life and death! This is not a video game when they either take a firearm from their parents due to acessability or by acquiring one illegally what will result from using a firearm against a person. Then what the media’s report or exaggerated coverage of the truth as they see it. It all comes down to instilling moral values and respect for themselves and respect for life itself! These ideals are loosing ground in the home, followed by peer pressure and lack of guidance. Attacking the 2nd ammendant will only effect honest law abiding people. Thugs and gangbangers like ms-13, they’ve already demonstrated that they don’t care about the law! These antigunners seem to attack the honest Joe who enjoys the outdoors and participate in hunting and fishing sports. Everytime this atrocity against others occurs. The liberals seek out to destroy legal owners cause they know where they can be found. If a drunk driver gets in his car and kills someone, society blames the driver. When an emotionally disturbed person retaliated against someone at a school, then the gun is blamed. Let’s ask ourselves, how did the gun get to school in order to shoot and kill people? Did it take a taxi? The only thing that makes a firearm dangerous is the person behind the trigger. Adding new and rediculious laws will not prevent these kind of atrocities. But education, and the responsibility of the parents to set an example for their families. Not by creating ineffect laws.

  • Michael says:

    “Gun Control” has so many meanings as there are people proposing such an extreme solution. There are schools in bigger cities that have students enter campus through a metal detector and, or an x-ray machine. The result no guns on campus. Students need to be made aware of the effects “bullying” and “demeaning” have on others. This all starts at home. Parents must stop spoiling their children. Life has no consolation prizes to make you feel better. These kids are not equipped to accept differences in individuals. A bully, male or female, has a poor opinion of themselves. Demeaning others makes them feel better about themselves for a time. A human can take so much negative criticism; the feelings accumulate over years. When they reach the tipping point, they have no one to stop them from hurting others. The Liberals have been dismantling our education system for nearly half a century. Our educators are mostly liberal and any solution they propose will not be the right solution. These shooters are the result of a liberal education system that condone a system based on class.
    An example of this culture of social serments can be seen when you look at high school proms. When, I was in high school, the Juniors and Seniors organized the prom and used one of the common buildings on campus. It was a semi-formal dance. A nice dress, a dress shirt and tie, but, you could wear a dinner jacket or formal gown, too. Today, gowns that cost $100 to $300 dollars, tuxedos, limousines, meals at up-scale restaurants, and the dance in a ballroom at a top-end hotel. This obviously is a policy to separate a class into the haves and have nots. This type of segregation is tolerated, and often promoted, by our educators. Within this type of environment, supported by our educators, there is a segment of students that are isolated and abused. Leaving school becomes a necessity. And of these students, a certain percentage will have the means and the mental fortitude to strike out at the entire school. A final thought. Guns require some skill to be effective. Pipe bombs on the other hand only require the right circumstances. Don’t be surprised that in the near future one of these students strikes the school with a dozen pipe bombs – maiming 10 time more students.

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