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China Has Won The Information War: Nothing Is Safe



China Is Controlling The FBI, see more at:

China Is Controlling The FBI (Image: MGN)

  • A veteran FBI electronics technician was arrested for acting as an agent for the Chinese government.
  • Joey Chun had top level security clearance at the FBI and was selling secrets to an electronics company in China as well as the government there.
  • Not only did he commit treason but he tried to connect another agent to the Chinese government as well, asking for a “cut” of his money in return.

A massive security breach just happened in the FBI that could cost lives of the American people. An electronics technician who had top security clearance levels at the FBI just pleaded guilty to acting as an agent for the Chinese government. He now faces up to 10 years in prison.

Joey Chun, as he was called, was actually Kun Shan Chun was born in China. He began his career with the FBI back in 1997. He was in charge of accessing sensitive and classified information for the FBI. For that reason, the security breach, is the worst it possibly could. Apparently, the original charges were four counts of working to “falsify, conceal, and cover up by trick, scheme, and device a material fact.”

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It's the Falcon and The Snowman all over again.

When you obtain your security clearance for the FBI you have to submit a questionnaire. He reportedly, like a true criminal, did not mention his ties to foreign governments in the questionnaire. 

The Criminal Complaint file on Chun was released on Monday, however, it was dated March of 2016. I'm not going to make any accusations but I'm assuming some form of interrogations were made to discover what information was released due to the breach of security.

The file reported that Chun, along with a number of his relatives, were in contact with a Chinese technology company as well as the Chinese government. Chun later admitted that his responsibility as a spy was to consult work in the U.S. for the Chinese. He claims to have been paid financially as well as with travel benefits.

Not only did Chun meet with his Chinese compadres in July of 2015  but he tried to get another Special Agent to meet with them as well. The Criminal Complaint file says, “Chun also expressed a willingness to facilitate the passage of sensitive United States government information from the [undercover agent] to one or more of his Chinese associates, including individuals associated with the Chinese government.”

Apparently, treason wasn't enough for Chun. In a conversation, that was recorded between Chun and the other Special Agent, he was trying to convince the agent to work for the Chinese as well. Chun said, “I could get you connected and then I'm going to stay off. You know, you do your thing, you make your money, I don't really care, but…if you make any money, just give me a little bit…”

It was unreleased how much information Chun was able to sell to the Chinese government.

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