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China Reports Suspected Cases of Bubonic Plague

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Yersinia pestis bacteria | China Reports Suspected Cases of Bubonic Plague | Featured

Local health authorities in China have announced a suspected bubonic plague case in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On Sunday, authorities in the Bayannur district raised the plague warning. They ordered residents “not to hunt wild animals such as marmots and to send for treatment anyone with fever or showing other possible signs of infection,” reported Fox Business.

According to Fox Business, “pneumonic plague can develop from bubonic plague and results in a severe lung infection causing shortness of breath, headache and coughing.”

Reports say that according to officials, they were also investigating a second suspected case.

BBC said that the officials reported the first case as suspected bubonic plague at a hospital in Urad Middle Banner in Bayannur City. There is no clear information yet on how or why the patient might have become infected.

The second suspected case is of a 15-year-old. “#Mongolia discovered another suspected patient infected with the bubonic plague. The 15-year-old patient had a fever after being in contact with a marmot hunted by a dog, according to Mongolian health authorities on Monday,” Global Times said in a tweet.

Bubonic plague was one of the deadliest epidemics in human history. It used to be the world’s most feared disease but can now be treated easily.

BBC reported that its symptoms include high fever, chills, nausea, and weakness. Another symptom is swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin.

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