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CNN Lies More Than Hillary



CNN was caught in a lie earlier this week in the wake of the Milwaukee riots that left businesses burned. In the above video, you can see Sherelle Smith – the sister of Milwaukee police shooting victim Sylville Smith – talking to a crowd about her brother's death.

In CNN's video, Smith said, “Don't bring the violence here, the ignorance here!”

However, that was taken out of context. What Sherelle Smith really says paints a totally different picture. “Burnin down shit ain’t going to help nothing! Y’all burnin’ down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down! We need our shit! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”

“Take that shit to the suburbs,” sends a completely different message from the one that CNN tried to convince you was real. This proves beyond a doubt that CNN has no integrity as journalists and are lying to you in order to push their leftist agenda.

The riots that happened in Milwaukee were not justified. They used the killing of a criminal as an excuse to loot and destroy their town. Now they have the very press they attacked covering up for them. Simply pathetic.

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  • Cliff says:

    The press will do ANYTHING to protect the potential “scumocrat “voters” and NOT put them in a BAD light, so they will continue to remain on the “plantation” where they can be forever “controlled”

  • Gerald McCrocklin says:

    Because the liberal news media always lies, I don’t trust the results of the political poles either. I think Trump is probably way ahead of bitch Hillary

  • Daniel E Van Ginder says:

    She is a cheater lying pantsuit old woman. Isn’t fit to lead this country and will open the floodgates to Syrian refugees.

  • Barbara says:

    They are democratically controlled because of their beliefs and by who pays their bills of advertisement

  • John D. Shane says:

    Back in the 40s & 50s when they start put ratings on everything. The News people started putting a little Spin on there NEWS to make it a little more interesting. Then it got out of hand between the Big News and they would take a Little Nothing Story and twist it, add a few lies to make it into something it wasn’t. Today the News is so bad you can’t believe only half of what you hear, and that’s stretching it. It’s like right now with all the Political talk, Hillary can tell us all she is going to screw us if she gets to be President, and the Media will make it sound like she said everyone is going to have great Sex. Trump can say have a nice day and the Media will make it sound like he told us all to go to Hell. That’s why I don’t even watch the Big News Channels anymore, just my local news.

  • Jim Gregory says:

    I used to be a regular watcher of CNN, “The Clinton News Network” until I started looking behind the stories. I was a Democrat fir 51 years but due to the Lies told by the Obama, Clinton Cartel, I changed to Republican. Anyone who would like to see the whole story needs to switch to One America News Network.

    • DeLisa Viar says:

      I was raised in a democratic house. Now I am rooting for a Reputation takeover. Sadly my Dad is a staunch democratic supporter. No matter what I point out to him that has gone wrong with this Country under democratic rule, he always says it is better than what the republicans would do. He is 81 and set in his ways. But “mine eyes have seen the glory” and have wised up.

  • Gary says:

    Always the truth shines out from under the basket of life.
    All they can do is make the truth a small bit harder to get to.

  • Chris wells says:

    All media is crazy. No truth, you have to fact check everything you see on tv and read in the papers, but cnn is king of crazies !!!!

  • DeLisa Viar says:

    The purpose of a reporter & TV station is to report the TRUTH. You can’t do that when you edit stuff out of context. CNN has sold out to the government. They let government officials tell them what to do and say. Their reputation was sullied several years ago when Obama ran for & was “elected” President. They are just as corrupt as the government.!!

  • marvin wilson says:

    all the media lies like cnn, we live in a time when the very sources that are supposed to tell the citizens of america has become so low and rotten in concience that they will lit rto we the people to help a political system have full authority and power over us as the media is part the political system especially the liberal system/political/media and lie distrt the truth and even with under handed filming to make the population think that an event is bigger/smaller or something else to to the people to think the same way that the media wants them to think, we have a very few if any truthful media, radio, tv, newspapers, etc. none can be trusrted.

  • christopher pankowski says:

    All they want is promote a false state of mind for the clueless.

  • Jackie says:

    I do not watch CNN or abc, nbc or cbs because of their lies!!!!!!!!

  • Marie Brady says:

    Because Hillary is does LIE!!!!!

  • Marie Brady says:

    Because Hillary is does LIE!!!!!

  • DUKE says:

    As bad as CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Media are, and THEY ARE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE LIARS AND ANTI-AMERICAN LEFTISTS, Nobody lies more than the matriarch of the Clinton Crime Family and Oracist in the white mosque.

  • John Skelton says:


  • Jeanne Desantis says:

    I’m DISGUSTED with CNN! I makes me sick how they blatantly are twisting and exaggerating things . They are totally bias . Whatever harm they can do , they are ! The questions they ask and words they use are meant to incite anger and harm to Trump . The liberals on their panels are awful . They are vile at times. So many times I’ve had to switch the channel . I hope they see their viewers drop drastically . They are almost as bad as MSNBC. The only reason I watch is to see how they are completely spinning and distorting facts. When my blood boils enough , I change channels!

  • charles wohlford says:

    If you are asking why by now,wow!

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