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Colin Kaepernick Attacks President Trump!



After months of circling President Donald Trump during NFL depositions and discovery, Colin Kaepernick’s lawyers are expected to force Trump directly into the ongoing legal battle between the quarterback and league.

Kaepernick’s legal team is expected to seek federal subpoenas in the coming weeks to compel testimony from Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and other officials familiar with the president’s agenda on protesting NFL players, sources with knowledge of the quarterback’s collusion case against the NFL told Yahoo Sports.

The aim will be a dive into the administration’s political involvement with the NFL during Kaepernick’s free agency and the league’s handling of player protests, sources said. This after recent disclosures that multiple owners had direct talks with Trump about players kneeling during the national anthem.

The content of those conversations between Trump and owners – as well as any forms of pressure directed at the league by the administration – are expected to shape the requests to force the testimony of Trump, Pence, and other affiliated officials, sources said.

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  • Richard Burden says:

    This guy is a idiot. He isn’t good enough for the NFL any more, so he has to try and get his face out there and try and get a job. Any one in any job, even if he is great at that job, causes discord. He will either change or be fired. So be it!!!

  • Ian Staley says:

    I am watching this from outside the US, what do I see, a sportsman that decided to disrespect the nations flag, followed by more sportsmen who do the same. My opinion on this is hard, anyone disrespecting the nations flag should be prepared to give up the right of citizenship of that country.

    I appreciate that he may have only know the USA so why always the mention of Afro/American. Are you American or are you Afro make the choice, because you can always be deported to Africa if that is your choice, but in doing so you give up all right to go back to the USA. Every “white” American is an immigrant in some way or other. No matter what “origin” you come from.

    So what makes an Afro/American so different from all the rest. This player and ALL the Afro/American players are disrespecting their forefathers, many who gave their lives to protect the rights of the Home land. and that is the point THE HOME LAND.

    In what way does any of these players give them the right even under the guise of free speech to disrespect the Black enlisted men of the Army, Air force and Navy of the USA. I think each and every one of these so called Americans should go and read the names of the fallen, Go to Arlington and hundreds of War Grave sites in Europe and then claim the right to disrespect the American Flag, claim the right to disrespect every soldier, airman and navel man that they died for HIM.

    They died for their country, They came back from war’s maimed, to be disrespected by that P.O.St. Put the ignorant SOB on a plane back to Africa, take his family with him, but he can leave his wealth as it should be given to those that need it most. Kick them ALL OUT. The NFL should be stopped before the end of this year. Football the same. These people that disrespect the Flag, the National Anthem, Their State Flag Ditto, stop them getting and education based on how far a person can through a ball.

    They and others should feel themselves blessed to live in such a free country. In Russia these self inflated wast of space “Sportsmen” should try and do what they do in Russia, China, North Korea and other wonderful so called “free states” that are in the world. They would just disappear into nothingness. They are all ignorant and as such not be allowed to further a carrear based on their so called rights. I don’t recall how many Afro Americans fought us Brits in the war of indipendence there must have been some and more respect to them. Put kapernic into a uniform and send him off to defend the downtrodden, send him to Afganistan and fight alongside other Afro/Americans that understand the meaning of the word independence, freedom and freedom of speach, those three words all come at a price, but I am sure that he doesn’t have th eguts or balles to step up to the plate. Untill he can he has no right to free speach. He has no right to disrespect his Flag, he has no right to ignore his National Anthem. HE HAS NO RIGHTS.

  • Dave Folmer says:

    Anyone who disrespects a nations flag while enjoying the freedoms of that nation doesn’t deserve the rights afforded to them and those that died defending those rights. If the nfl players want to exercise their rights to free speech, then let them do so at Arlington cemetery on their own dime and platform. They are a disgrace to their country and they always have a right to LEAVE!

  • Rich says:

    All you people out there that think that he did the wrong are a dumb as a box of rocks X 10. First if you knew anything about history or our government you might have a clue that when sworn into office you pledge allegiance to the constitution NOT THE FLAG! Your ignorance (or should I say stupidity) shows in your comments. He was protesting because of the raw deal that pretty much all blacks (& to a lesser degree the Latinos) have been getting for the past 100+ years. Here is some history for you slavery was abolished by some republican (when the party stood for honesty, unlike now with spanky the pathological liar president) in 1861. Furthermore peaceful protest is specifically noted in the constitution which is all he was doing. So instead of bitching about falsehoods you believe to be true why don’t you read a copy of the constitution & bill of rights, assuming of course you know how to read & not just watch fox news!

  • Jones says:

    Rich … you are smoking crack Jack … it’s “I Pledge Allegiance to the FLAG of the United States of America” … NOT the Constitution … we aren’t talking about the black, latino AND WHITE LIVES that have been handed a raw ass deal by American Captialism, we’re talking about these overgrown chicken shit babies, PROTESTING the National Anthem at their place of employment … and as a matter of fact, it is GOD DAMNED DISRESPECTFUL for these high paid monkeys to be doing this ridiculous shit AT WORK .. I DARE YOU to take this bullshit comment you just churned out, Copy & Paste it into a Company Wide Email Memo AT YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT man … then you hurry on back here and let us know how much you saved the fucking world.

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