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Comey Is Either Very Sick Or Very Dumb…



President Trump slammed James Comey on Friday for denying in a Fox News interview that his decision to share memos detailing his conversations with the president constituted a leak – saying his former FBI director is “either very sick or very dumb.”

Comey was fired by Trump in May 2017, denied Thursday that sharing the memos with his legal team constituted a leak of classified information.
Stating “I didn't consider it part of an FBI file,”
I have never been happier that someone was fired…
However, the fact he started this memo’s and passed them out to 3 different people is an outrage.

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It was already found that 8 of the 15 pages contained heavily classified information that he was willingly passing around. THIS IS A CRIME!
What will it take to shut this man up? I hope we find a resolution soon and Mr.Comey pays for what he has done.
What are your thoughts on this insane situation?
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  • MARY SCHIEL says:


  • O.Wilson says:

    Learned from Hillary

  • Franklin says:

    Comey is sick,dumb a lier and traitor plus “A RINO”

  • stash 222 says:

    comey is so full of shit he stinks! i cannot believe that this mouse was in charge of the FBI. he is no different than those from the past administration. liars,deceitful,served only themselves, money and power grabbing rats. everyone of them served themselves to the people’s money. obama and his mate to vacations more than any other president,hillary to all money she could get her dirty little hands on (6 billion missing from the secretary of state of office.),selling assets to the russians, lies galore about everything,deceitful. john kerry setting up his daughter in business using funds from secretary of state office. it’s disgusting!! hoping for sessions to look into all of this to prosecute,but he is not doing shit.he is afraid he will get caught up in the past that will tie him to the last admin.mueller, by the way, is stringing these investigations out on trump and making himself a gold mine in salary. t

  • Ghost says:

    Comey(like McCabe) is just another usful idiot..Bought & paid for…Courtesy of Soros & Friends..

  • Do we have anyone in the judicail branch of Gov that will back Trump? Does everyone what the Democats are doing? this is treason. The whole lot of the democrats. I cant believe what hate they causeand the corruption caused

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