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Conspiracy Corner: Hillary Clinton And The Lizard People



*Disclaimer Some of these views might be seen as “crazy” and while we explain or entertain them, it does not mean that we believe them. However, feel free to comment on how dumb you think we are nonetheless.

So, by now, you may have heard the rumor about Hillary Clinton being a member of the Reptilian elite. After all, many have pointed out a few of the times where her skin suit appears to be malfunctioning (Monday’s presidential debate was one of them). If you don’t know what these are referencing then don’t worry, I will do my best to explain this to you, but if I get something wrong, feel free to let us know and I’ll correct it.

So what is a lizard person? Well for starters they are a group of reptilian humanoids that come from the hollow earth and wear “skin suits” so that they can rule mankind … Still with me?

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The hollow earth they come from is a secret inner world that resides under our’s, but is inverted, if that sounds hard to follow well it kind of is. Supposedly they are far more intelligent and advanced than our civilisation and want to keep theirs a secret at all cost. Now for some reason that has to do with the hollow earth, the Moon is actually a hologram projected onto the night’s sky.

Also, it’s more than just Hillary and Bill who have been accused of being lizard persons. Other notables include the English royal family, Both presidents Bush, and even Ted Cruz. They all work as part of the new world order to keep humans down. I’m not exactly sure to what ends, but I think it’s mostly a slavery thing.

If Hillary really is a lizard person, then she is rigging the election and guilty of everything she is accused of and more. Needless to say, this would be major bad news for America. However, if these “skin suits” of theirs are really as bad as they seem, maybe they aren’t as advanced as we fear.

Anyway that was super quick and dirty explanation that I’m sure just raised more questions than answers, but there you have it. Hillary Clinton is a lizard person.

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