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COVID Might Be Biggest Fraud In History

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100 Dollar Money Bill with Face Mask | COVID Might Be Biggest Fraud In History | Featured

Based on what I’m seeing today in the Unites States and the world, any doubt I’ve had that the world has lost its collective mind have now been dispelled.

I never thought I’d live to see the day that things would become so insane. Many of our people now believe that what was once right is now wrong, and what was once wrong is now right. We are certainly living in the end times as prophesized in the Bible.

While this whole coronavirus pandemic is definitely a reality, the circumstances behind its appearance on the global scene appears to have been deliberately concocted behind the scenes by Chinese scientists with the aid and support of far-left Democratic Party liberals in the United States as well as their friends in secret societies in this world that seek the establishment of one world government.

These entities share a common hatred of President Donald Trump and want to run his chance for re-election in November. The far-left lunatic fringe of the Democrat Party couldn’t get him on their lies about Russia, Ukraine or impeachment so they now believe their best chance is to ruin our economy. COVID-19 is quite possibly the biggest fraud and hoax ever perpetrated and foisted upon mankind in the history of mankind.

The mainstream media is now dominated by liberal, leftist American-hating Democrats who no longer honestly report the news. Instead, they are trying to shape it to fit their globalist New World Order (one world government) ideology.

Some of the institutions you could once count on for honesty and integrity, such as the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, are now to some degree a corrupt pack of liars influence by pro-China interests.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a terrible governor. She lies and doesn’t personally follow the “edicts” she issues (contrary to the Emergency Powers Act of 1945) that she expects us “common peons” to follow. I must ask: Where are all the sick people we are being supposedly protected from?

Many good people are being deceived by this and are bowing to these demonic, freedom-stealing forces like compliant little masked sheep being led to their own demise.

Ultimately, the only hope for mankind is Jesus Christ. Only those who are born again and saved will go to heaven. Without God we are doomed.

Thomas R. Faulhaber


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Avatar johnny says:

    There is nobody sick here in Europe, only lies, by the main stream media, ans dictatorship, and tyranny. This is a n Hoax, by democrats, gates, Soros the Who. Also Big Pharma is filling their pockets with money as never in history…there is no money for food, but there is for masks and disinfectant I hope President Trump Free the world from these satanic people… I hope theses bastards go to prison for crimes against humanity, these traitors… Go Trump!!

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