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The Coward Kasich Is A No-Show



  • The Republican National Convention opened to today to fireworks and loving welcome.
  • However the Ohio state governor, John Kasich, did not make an appearance.
  • Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort was appalled by Kasich's absence.
  • However, the convention will do fine without him, Trump's wife is said to be headlining the weeklong event.

Ohio exploded with a flourish of fireworks this morning, calling the Republican National Convention to its beginning. Donald Trump, along with this campaign manager Paul Manafort, awaited the arrival of Ohio governor John Kasich. However, the governor has since remained absent.

Since his defeat for the Republican presumptive nominee, Kasich has been less than accepting of Donald Trump. You could say that, even though he represents the state of Ohio, Kasich's “poor sportsmanship” made him absent to the convention. Paul Manafort was completely confused by Kasich's absence. He said, “he is embarrassing his state, frankly.”

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Many believe that Kasich's absence represents the tension that remains within the Republican party towards Donald Trump. Which is exactly why Trump is having a weeklong convention. Trump hopes that he can unify the Republican party, get them on his team, and – if all goes well – have the support of his political party. Manafort said, “Most of the Republicans who aren't coming are people who have been part of the past.”

Not only did Kasich not give his support to Trump by not attending the opening of the Republican National Convention, he also has yet to endorse the Republican nominee. Kasich told Fox News back in June, “Why would I feel compelled to support someone whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with?”

Luckily for Kasich, he was not the only one who ditched the party. Besides the addition absence of Jeb Bush, a handful of former presidents and former presidential nominees kept their names off of the attendance list.

Some, however, are happy that Kasich didn't make an appearance. In his absence, many other GOP hopefuls are scheduled to speak. Rick Perry is scheduled to speak today, and Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson are all scheduled for later on in the week.

Although, the most anticipated headliner of the convention is…Trump's wife. She may be the best-looking speaker at the convention, and I'm sure everyone is interested into what she is planning on saying.

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