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Crimes That Are Terrorizing The Olympics



Crimes That Are Terrorizing The Olympics, see more at:
Crimes That Are Terrorizing The Olympics (Image: MGN)
  • Crime is something that is in every state, every country, and every town, but the Olympics seems to be filled with it.
  • Not only is crime happening at the Olympics, but also in Rio, the city surrounding the Olympics.
  • Between the attempted rape, the muggings, the robbery, and bullets flying through the streets it's a shock that the athletes can concentrate on their events.

The Olympics are supposed to be a celebration. Each country comes and brings their top athletes to one location to compete in games. To win the honor of saying their country is the best, the fittest, the most athletic. It's the one time where countries can come together and throw away the politics and the formalities and just be people. When you enter the arena of the Olympics it's not the USA against Japan or Australia against Jamaica, it's athlete against athlete.

Yet, things have endangered that sense of competition. Although, the Olympics have just started crime has already begun to spread throughout Rio and it is putting athletes, security officers, and civilians lives at risk.

If you ask the residents of Rio they will tell you that the city is one of violent crime and senseless death. The Brazilian officials will tell you the same. Yet the crime that sits rests in the underbelly of the city, waiting to be churned by like murk at the bottom of a lake, is affecting and endangering everyone. There's something in the hot air that turns everyone into a possible threat. The athlete next to you, the restaurant owner, the common criminal, all have the potential to someone's end.

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Violence and crime are spreading, but here are some major crimes that are crippling the city that we entrusted to hold the Olympics.


During a press conference on Sunday, that was intended to inform the press on the status of the Olympic Equestrian competition, a stray bullet pierced through the tent. They do not believe that the bullet was intended to cause harm to any individual, and so far the police have not found where the bullet came from. The police in Rio have said that perhaps it was someone that felt they were being filmed or observed. To me, that doesn't make sense, and is a terrible conclusion, but perhaps that happens a lot in Rio. The other idea is that the bullet was meant for a nearby military complex.

The most logical explanation, however, is that it came from a nearby shooting competition. The only thing police could say for sure was, that whoever the bullet came from it's clear they weren't supposed to be shooting.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident.


This crime actually happened before the Olympics started, July 31st. By this time, most of the athletes had settled into their living quarters and training had begun. The victim of the rape was a firefighter, she had fallen asleep after a couple of long 12-hour workdays, in her quarters on the Olympic campus. Apparently, she awoke to a security officer kissing her, stroking her, and practically laying on top of her. She claimed she was too exhausted to remove the man off of her.

Unfortunately, security officers are not the only ones who get accused of rape at the Olympic village. Athletes have also been arrested for rape and attempted rape.

Two Olympic boxers were kicked out of the Olympic village for attempted rape. Moroccan Hassan Saada, was removed from the village after attempting to rape two maids who worked at the complex, and Namibian Jonas Junias Jonas, who, like Hassan, attempted to rape one of the housekeepers. Both of the athletes were removed from the Olympic village and imprisoned. Jonas was actually the flag bearer for his country, however, he will no longer be allowed to compete.


Tiago Brandao Rodrigues, a Portuguese Education Minister, was leaving one of the Olympic cycling events on Saturday when he was mugged. A man approached him, revealed he was carrying a knife, and then took some of his valuables, including his phone. Yet, the mugger did not get away with the crime. Locals of Brazil saw the attack and went in to save the Minister. They tackled the assailant and beat him until they retrieved the Minister's belongings. The attacker was hospitalized after the incident.


Felipe Seixas, the security coordinator for special events in Brazil (the head of security for the Olympics) was robbed at gunpoint. Two men apparently approached Seixas and brandished guns, in an attempted robbery. However, Seixas was with two undercover cops at the time. One officer quickly pulled out his gun and fired on one of the men, killing him, the other fled on foot. The other assailant has not been caught.


The worst crime, that has been committed so far was the shooting of a bus carrying media personnel and volunteers to the Olympic games. The bus was carrying the passengers between the different Olympic venues. At first, officials said that it was not a shooting, it was rocks or stones that were thrown at the bus, but others, including eyewitnesses, have said that theory is extremely unlikely. However, an investigation has been opened and the real situation will soon unfold.

Who would have thought that going to compete in the Olympics would have ever been so dangerous?

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