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Crooked Hillary Clinton Is Innocent On All Charges



We don't know how she did it but Hillary Clinton must have talked herself into this one. The director of the FBI James Comey has just come forward and said that he would not recommend that they press charges for the use of a private email server.

Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said.
“Although we did not find clear evidence” of intentional misconduct, he added, “There is evidence that they were extremely careless of very sensitive, highly classified information.”
Comey also went on to ensure the public that neither the State Department nor the White House knew what he was going to say, for some reason, we find that hard to believe.
Whatever tricks Hillary had up her sleeves, they clearly worked.
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  • Clifford Spencer says:

    Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
    Our ONLY president, to accept a pardon, was Nixon!
    Rigged system?
    Were the WATERGATE TAPES classified when President Nixon ordered Rose Mary Woods to erase them?

  • Beau says:

    Bill got his dick sucked by Loretta and Comey on the Tarmac!

  • Nancy Barrett says:

    When Gen. Petraeus emailed his mistress on gov’t email, he was forced to resign. But Hillary used an insecure private server for our top secret materials and some were even above top secret. Her server could be hacked, the hackers could get our national secrets and endanger our national security, and because it was a private server, no trail would be left for us to even know if a hacker had gotten in and back out. Hillary endangered our country for her convenience. I consider this treason, not just carelessness or laziness. And who wants a president who is CARELESS about our national security? We already have had 8 years of a president who favors illegals and Muslims over the safety of American citizens.

  • JP says:

    When are the Clinton’s going to pay for their misunderstanding’s!? A lot of people have died because of their actions and more to come,
    Hillary was not found innocent she was not charged for her grave misgivings.

  • Terry says:

    Because she is guilty on all charges.
    If that was anybody else they would have been put in jail.
    Maybe We The People Should Call for
    A Citizens Arrest!!!!!

  • Ken Harrison says:

    One thing that no one has made mention of is the $25 million “donation” to her campaign from Saudi Arabia. we will never know if that was a “Thank you” payment for the information attained from her emails.I think it is

  • Name says:

    Because she is guilty and she knows it.

  • DeLisa Viar says:

    She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. If she’s not competent enough to separate her personal emails from her private emails, who’s to say she won’t make an even BIGGER mistake in office.? By the way, what did Bill promise Loretta to get his wife off the hook.? If a private meeting was bad judgement also, it seems the Clintons are making quite a few.!!!!!

  • Thomas Hooper says:

    She is a sleez just like her husband, the prez and the two of them should be flushed along with many of the american government. Iam not in a place to trust the voters anymore.or thoes in control.

  • Capt Gene Leone (Ret) says:

    I worked in the intelligence community for most of my military life. I am very knowledgeable in the rules, regulations and most importantly the LAWS dealing with handling – or in the hildabeast’s case – MISHANDLING of classified material, especially TS/SCI material. There is absolutely NO WAY she could NOT know overheads of North Korea were classified. No, what she did was pure “Clintonesque”: Laws are for the little people.

  • Mark Womelduff says:

    Because she lied.Lied to Congress, the American public,to everyone.If we did that we would be in prison for years.

  • RC RUSSELL says:


  • Ramona Johnson says:

    When I watched the FBI speak on television I knew he had been paid off by the Clintons or his life threatened. It is very sad what has happened to our country. I have lived though 14 presidents. This president is the worst we have ever had (Obama ) this person should of been impeached many years ago. Hilary Clinton should be in jail no doubt about that . Snowden did a lot less damage to our country than that dishonest crooked Hillary. To survive he had to leave the country. In the last thirty years I have watched our great country go down the tube. The Clintons, the Bushes, and most of all the Obamas has destroyed our wonderful country. The Obamas have spent the tax payers money in traveling around the world making enemies we are now hated by every country thanks to Obama who has not been in the white house long enough to be a president he is always out traveling. Now he is out spending more tax payers money out running around for
    dishonest crooked Hillary. Wake up Americans if Hillary is elected or country is gone !!!!! Maybe Trump may not be the best but he tells it like it is and he is not as big of crook as we have in Washington right now . Take chance Americans . Maybe just maybe he has guts enough to save our country.

  • Name says:

    She is guilty as hell! If a republican had done the same thing, they would have already been put in jail, which is exactly where she belongs! There is no way in hell that she should be able to and running for president. Just more proof of a double-standard when it comes to democrats/liberals..

  • Jimmy says:

    The Clintons have never been innocent, just scheming lawyers who know how to manipulate the laws and system to get what they want.

  • Rodney says:

    She a crook running with a bunch of other crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rivahmitch says:

    Coney read off a list of facts amounting to, at least, gross negligence in handling classified material. The political decision to not prosecute does NOT prove “innocence”. It proves, at best, that Hitlery covered her tracks and at worse that the government is even more corrupt(ed) than many people believe under the current administration.

  • Dale says:

    I like the on blog that said that the Clinton’s were never innocent.

    We live with a government hijacked by the New World Order global bankers. People are either complicit with their crimes willingly, paid off, or threatened so much that they comply out of gutless fear. Dethroning these evil people will only be done by prayer and action legally. Prayer can tear down their demonic controllers and action wake DUMMIES and DECEIVED masses of people up to dethrone these fiends. Some may change with prayer but they have to by free will. We need a Boston Tea party and use Hillary, Obama, Peloai, and their colleagues as tea bags. LoL!

    Seriously, the worst thing Americans can do is believe the lies and deception or to be fearful. “When the government fears the people there is peace. When the people fear the government their is anarchy.” (the gist of the saying if inaccurate -for those who major on the minors and minor on the majors and are in intellectual limbo).

  • Dr. Joseph B. DiGiorgio says:

    She is incapable of telling the truth as is her husband!!!!

  • mike says:

    She should be charged and throw away the key

  • Paul says:

    She said and lied,, That she knew nothing about it She did know She should be in jail and we paid,,, anything for money 4 men dead,, sod uranium to the Russians money hungry she probabity gor the judge killed

  • John says:

    The whole investigation STINKS of CORRUPTION!

  • Mark Weber says:

    No one should be using a private e-mail for government messages what so ever, if one of our military communications operators did that they would be sitting in a Fed Prison, Hillary Clinton should be doing that right now, 4 service members dead and numerous other injured on her watch, think what she will do if she becomes POTUS.

  • Frank Rosenberger says:

    She and slick Willie have be getting away with lies and crimes since Bill was Govenor of Arkansas And they still are getting away with it. The bad thing is Killary is worse than Bill ever thought about being. Whats really sorry is the fact that all these welfare and live on the government leaches are about to get a rude awakening when the tit runs dry from lack of funding and with the why Obumer has set up free trade with China and the EU nations, Killary will step in right behind Obumer and step up the the trade agreements our job markets are going to loose ground or pay even less which means less money for welfare, housing, food stamps, and mediciad. Sooner are later the magical money presses have to break down and all these foreign governmemts are going to want what was promised them and we are’nt going to have it.

  • Arven D Hansen says:

    Hillary and Bill are both thieves and take things also out of the White House that was not there’s to begin with.

  • The question has always been a moral moment for everyone. This is not to presuppose that the public thiefs of Bill and Killiary are any less culpable; rather they are amoral and have never been immoral. It is argueable that one is worst than the other. The true question is what does the New World Order hegemoney ordain. The cast of characters are but one and the same evil people who are about to get their just rewards! Such are the wages of sin. To coin a phrase out of their playbook, “no reasonable” attorney(person) would endanger their selves or families with the murderous crowd they travel with! The moral moment for the American people is reached and the breach is irreversible. Only God’s Hand can deal the absolute justice. The system is entirely rigged! The people who would vote for the liberal, democratic agenda are first and foremost publically against God and fully consenting to the deaths of an Ambassador, at least four Marine heroes and countless others in the trail of lies and deceptions of the moduus operandi of the Clinton puppet show! Can the moral moment be embraced by the people of the USA, identified for being unlawful and the carrying out of true Justice be the ultimate consequence for blantant unlawful activites perpetrated against the US Criminal Code, the people of the USA and God Himself? May God’s Hand be manifest in exposing their treasons and lives of sin, avarice, murder and lies! Ultimately our entire concept of Justice and Truth is on the table/

  • Ron says:

    She lied under oath , she and bill are corrupt ,

  • Jim W says:

    Because she is an evil f****ing liar,

  • Marilyn says:

    If I had done 1,000-th of what she did (wrong), I would have lost my job, had my pension denied, and would have gone to prison and been fined. She knew she was breaking the laws concerning handling of classified material. If she didn’t realize that, she has insufficient intelligence and/or judgment to be a cabinet secretary or the president.

  • Jann SHAMBO says:

    Hillary Clinton has lied for years and years, has stolen furniture from the White House, andhas been amassing tons of money from many countries of the world for the Clintons personal use instead of giving it to charity

  • Brian says:

    She lies and gets cover from her liberal judge friends who are very sympathetic to her causes. She is guilty in many of the issues she has handled. The statement she made at the Bengasi Hearings ” What difference does it make now” was incriminating. She didn’t care and dodged taking responsibility for her bad decisions. Her ” buck stops here ” was just show boating. She committed a cardinal sin. First accepting responsibility then diluting it by down playing the consequences .
    ” Buck stops here” – takes on responsibility until accountability – shows she was responsible for the unnecessary deaths of many. Then poo poos the whole responsibility issue with her ” what difference does it make now ” comment.
    Sounds like a lying murderer. She’s Guilty.

  • edward says:

    All of the evidence was over whelming against her, She was guilty on all and every count according to the law.

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