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Crooked Hillary The Puppet Of Lies



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  • Donald Trump would not commit Wednesday night to accepting the results of the presidential election if he loses on Nov. 8
  • Trump said, “corrupt media” and an opponent he claimed “shouldn’t be allowed to run” because she committed a “very serious crime” with her emails.
  • Trump, in the final three weeks, is thought to be zeroing in on several key battlegrounds including Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

Donald Trump would not commit Wednesday night to accepting the results of the presidential election if he loses on Nov. 8, in a striking moment during his final debate with Hillary Clinton that underscored the deepening tensions in the race – as the bitter rivals defined the choice for voters on an array of issues not three weeks from Election Day.

The debate in Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, started with a measured discussion on policy disputes ranging from gun rights to abortion to immigration. But it ended with the candidates hurling a grab-bag of accusations and insults at each other.

Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman.” Clinton called Trump the “most dangerous” person to run for president in modern history.

The most pointed moment came when Trump – who for weeks has warned of a “rigged” election – was asked whether he will commit to accept the results of the election.
“I will look at it at the time,” Trump said, citing his concerns about voter registration fraud, a “corrupt media” and an opponent he claimed “shouldn’t be allowed to run” because she committed a “very serious crime” with her emails.

Pressed again whether he’s prepared to concede if he loses, Trump again said: “I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.”
Clinton delivered a sharp rejoinder: “That’s horrifying.”

“That is not the way our democracy works,” she said. “He is denigrating, he’s talking down our democracy and I for one am appalled.”

Trump responded by calling the Justice Department’s handling of her email probe “disgraceful.”

The exchange was among many contentious moments at Wednesday’s debate, which covered several issues including the national debt that have gotten little attention in the race so far – but flared with arguments between the candidates over WikiLeaks, over Russia, over the Clinton Foundation and over women’s allegations of groping against Trump.

Through the thicket of accusations and personal animus – they never shook hands on stage – the candidates tried generally to mount a closing debate-stage argument about experience.

“For 30 years, you’ve been in a position to help. … The problem is you talk, but you don’t get anything done, Hillary,” Trump said. “If you become president, this country is going to be in some mess, believe me.”
Clinton countered by contrasting some of her experiences against Trump’s. She said when she was monitoring the Usama bin Laden raid in the Situation Room, “He was hosting ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’”

“I’m happy to compare my 30 years of experience … with your 30 years, and I will let the American people make that decision,” Clinton said.

Trump, meanwhile, again disputed the multiple allegations of groping that women have leveled against him since the candidates’ last encounter. He also said he thinks the Clinton campaign is behind the claims, charging, “They either want fame or her campaign did it.”

Clinton said, “Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger.” Trump repeated that “nobody has more respect for women” than him.

Trump then shifted to blast the Clinton Foundation as a “criminal enterprise.” He pointed to donations from countries like Saudi Arabia to question Clinton’s commitment to women’s rights. He asked her if she would return money from countries that treat certain “groups of people horribly,” which she did not answer directly.

The candidates’ third and final debate now sets a bitter tone for the homestretch of the 2016 presidential campaign – a race that already stands out as arguably the most personal, caustic and unpredictable White House battle in modern politics.

Trump, slipping in the polls amid various campaign controversies, said at the last debate that Clinton should be in jail. Clinton has blasted Trump all along as temperamentally unfit for office.

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Since the second debate, numerous women have come forward to accuse Trump of groping them, allegations he denies. WikiLeaks also has embarrassed the Clinton campaign by releasing thousands of hacked emails purportedly from her campaign chairman’s account. FBI files alleging a State Department official sought a “quid pro quo” to alter the classification on a Clinton server email added to the campaign’s – and Obama administration’s – woes.

The WikiLeaks controversy came up Wednesday night when Clinton asked if Trump would “condemn” Russian espionage. He denied knowing Vladimir Putin but said the issue is the Russian president has “no respect” for her.

“That’s because he’d rather have a puppet,” Clinton shot back.

Trump responded, “Nope. … you’re the puppet.”

Trump later said he condemns any interference by Russia in the election.

The candidates also sparred over gun rights, with the Republican nominee charging that the Second Amendment is “under absolute siege” and would be eroded if his opponent wins.

“We will have a Second Amendment which will be a very, very small replica of what we have now” if Clinton wins, Trump said.

The Democratic nominee countered, “I support the Second Amendment.”

In a graphic exchange, Trump said Clinton’s position on abortion is nearing a point where one could “rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month.” Clinton accused him of “scare rhetoric.”

They also clashed on immigration, with Trump saying they need to deport “drug lords” and deal with “bad hombres” in the country. Clinton said violent offenders should be deported but then mocked Trump for not pushing his controversial border wall proposal during his high-profile meeting with the Mexican president. “He choked,” she said.

Trump said Clinton “wanted a wall” when she voted for an immigration overhaul a decade ago – and now wants “open borders,” which she denied.

To date, the mounting controversies facing both campaigns have appeared to hurt Trump more than Clinton, who gradually has expanded her lead over the GOP nominee in recent polls.

A Fox News national poll released on the eve of the Las Vegas debate showed Clinton with a 6-point, 45-39 percent lead over Trump in a match-up that includes Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Trump, in the final three weeks, is thought to be zeroing in on several key battlegrounds including Florida, Ohio and North Carolina – but the polls suggest his path to the presidency remains narrow, as even once-reliably red states like Texas are being contested by the Clinton campaign.



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  • Kathy says:

    Trump nailed the debate…she can’t keep a straight face when she lies…every time she opens that fat mouth lies pour out..I wouldn’t trust her to babysit my dog.

  • Lonnie says:

    She is a liar and special interest owned politician. She is only looking to better herself and her supporters. She has no interest in the betterment of America and it’s people. She is a stem backwards for America and I don’t know if America can still stand if she get’s elected.

  • pamela barlow says:

    Hillary is the devil.

  • john Loosd says:

    She has a shady past not once but many times throughout her political career. How do you acquire a net worth like the Clinton’s being public servants throughout their life?????

  • David Dale says:

    She fabricates the truth constantly to the point she has convinced herself lying she is telling the truth????

  • James Kazepis says:

    Through the Clinton foundation she has completely disregarded the morals values, and the principles that this country has completed

  • I says:

    I think Hillary is uniquely qualified to be president. Her long record of public service is a good one. I think she will be a good president for the entire country. I find Trump ‘s rhetoric to be racist and misogynist.

  • Clint h Curry says:

    she has lied about the Clinton Foundation, the emails which is treason, and covered up the death of 4 Americans. That is the tip of the iceberg. we do not a lied, non trustworthy, person as head of the USA. PERIOD.

  • dean says:

    She should be in jail. for more reasons that i can place here

  • David Thompson says:

    Hillary has done no thing positive for anyone but her own pocket. No matter what it cost USA as long as she can control it.

  • William Briggs says:

    liars are always corrupt and the media perpetuates those lies and should be held accountable by all US citizen with boycotting every media outlets products.

  • Aristede Michielini says:

    Hillary is a habitual liar and is corrupt as is Obama and most of the current administration, justice department, FBI, etc. Hillary Clinton does not have The United States or it’s citizens best interest !!

  • Sylvia bennett says:

    Because all the democratic candidates are puppets and they also owe all the big donors

  • Milt Pappas, Ph.D. says:

    Hillary Clinton is a murderous, lying, elitist member of the corrupt DC political establishment; and deserves to be prosecuted for her crimes, not elected to the highest office in the land.

  • Cecilia Overstreet says:

    I will not let a person who is crooked, who lies, who puts our country’s national security at risk, who let 4 Americans in Benghazi die speak for me.

  • Mike says:

    Everything she says turns out to be a lie or a fabrication and or modification of the actual truth.

  • Alma Mercado says:

    She continue say what her voters wanted to hear .. well scripted… but she is lying.. because she is sold to special interests donors .. she will be their puppet!!

  • Terie says:

    Every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie! She’s obviously given the questions ahead of time! She is always looking down for her answers! Trumpb won big time

  • J says:

    She is a puppet she has lied all of her life and forgets what lies she told the world banks and old man soros are the puppet masters.

  • Rob says:

    she lies and lies some more…pathological liar

  • Pamela Wiedeman says:

    She has Obama’s agenda to continue what he started… She is just one bed of lies… No apologies to the family’s of the killed men in Benganzi.. She sure is crooked a lier, She does not belong as Potus… She will destroy our country letting in more and more immagrants… They are treated better than our own Veterans… This country is for the real born citizens of the U.S. We don’t pour into their country and try to take over…. If she wins god help us !!!!!!!!!

  • michael Barrett says:

    one QUESTION ALL the MONEY BEHIND hillery ? what are these investors in her political future going to get when she gets in office ?? thats right unknown powers BEHIND hillery that are fighting hardest to see her WIN? WHY? AMERICA look past her crooked smile, there is more corrupt to her than barry the FRAUD ?

  • pamela says:

    Every day is a new lie she can’t keep them straight!!!!!!!!

  • Lee (Deplorable) says:

    The Donald may be the most savy politician; or dumbest: on the planet. Every week his name is on everyone’s lips; unfortunately negative mostly; but but none the less front and center, the media eats it up. I think we are fed up with the establishment and no one is more establishment than; as Sheriff Clark says: Mrs Bill Clinton. For anyone, even Dems to say she won the debate last night is as big a lie as “she” has ever told. I hope real Americans wake up and vote her off the planet. Please ladies, you don’t want to help vote in this particular woman as the first American President. You have wonderful choices out there: maybe a Gov Haley type: that truly are worthy of this honor, find her and vote her in, in 2020. Voting for Trump, or not voting for her, may be painful, near impossible, but he at least is pro American, she is pro Hillary!!! We can wish for better choices, but this is what we’ve got to work with. I wish for the best for America no matter who ends up President on 8 Nov!

  • Paul Uhland says:

    Read the biography of her life. She and husband are soul-less, power-crazy monsters.

  • Cliff says:

    Same old Tired LIBERAL”talking points” (LIES) This is sickening. The fools out there just don’t seem to care and swallow the same old crappy lies as long as the “freebies” just keep getting promised.

  • Lori says:

    She has lied about everything else. So it’s hard to believe anything she says. She don’t even understand that the healthcare don’t work no-one takes Obama care and she thinks that its great. She wants to keep it. I believe trump the election is rigged, Time to change to the people vote not the electorial vote.

  • Gail says:

    I think Trump won the debate. not her.

  • Amelia Barton says:

    Scandals after scandles… Lies after lies… She should be in jail for the emails… She can not be trusted with national security. The list goes on and on.

  • carolyn says:

    The way she treats her staff the secret service. The way she talks from both side of her mouth. I can’t trust anything that she says.

  • Martha C. Brozovsky says:

    emails and lied to the director of FBI under

    Hillary lied about Bengazzi and Four Amer- icans died. She kept an unsecure
    email server in her home & classified
    information was given to our enemies,
    then she destroyed the emails.


  • Craig Beasy says:

    The Democrat nominee is the who is not suitable for the U.S. Presidency because she is inherently corrupt & only in the race to ” further ” feather her already plush nest; that patently requires no further padding cause she’s already got enough on her phat arse.

  • There is coruption in the White House. says:

    No one can do what she did and get away with it. The law is for everyone. I’d like to see her live in Chicago with no Body guards. She is wicked.

  • Jim Sayler says:

    She has been caught lieing over and over again and again for years she needs to be out of the public eye so she can’t corrupt any more useful idiots.

  • Anonymous says:

    He only said he would wait until the new it was handled correctly. Look at what HRC is doing to his rally’s. She’ll do anything to win and we are blaming Donald. What ever

  • Sergio Lara says:

    Many lies,scandles deaths,and still above the law! She paids everyone.Crooked Bitch,how can people vote for this Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Name says:

    SShe can’t remember what she has said because what she has said has been lies. She needs to speak from the heart get rid of that forked tounge..

  • Richard says:

    Hillary should be in jail! 🙁

  • P says:

    well in fact both are just clowns of deep state just most ppl don,t realise it yet but they will

  • Bill Gunter says:

    Clinton told everyone she supported women, LGBT etc, but then spoke of open borders, which is a pure oxymoron! To invite islam in our country by the thousands directly conflicts

  • Lonnie Pruitt says:

    Hillary is total controlled by special interest goons and will bow to there orders and needs to demand more contributions of large sums of Money. Just pull the strings.

  • giley says:

    Once upon American politics it was expected for a candidate to say yes I will accept the winner of the presidential election but this is not the norm in this election. While there may not be large fraud there is certainly a good reason to question what is going on with the left media and how they have influenced the election process. So yes I can see how Trump keeps saying that it is rigged. Then we have a candidate that has been given a free pass by the FBI, DOJ and State Department for lying, and covering up time and time again. Wake up America Hillary will be a total disaster for our nation she is in it for power and greed

  • Boryan says:

    lying, crooked, bought and paid for Clinton does not represent anyone but herself and the Big Money behind her. Anyone that believes otherwise is delusional. Trump is no saint, but he’s not running for Pope. The media is in her pocket as well and those polls are a joke. Trump’s got our back, Clinton’s got her own.

  • jake says:

    I watch the news and read the papers, it is all there.

  • David Hack says:

    She’s a puppet all right! Her fuckin campaign is being funded not only by a SuperPAC, she’s also being funded by an international felon named George Soros! We’ve got one puppet in the White House and the State Department both, and they’re bad enough. Plus, ask yourself this: With all the drugs she’s on do you REALLY want HER ANY WHERE NEAR THE FOOTBALL?

  • Even now she lies about everything For instance blaming Trump for riots and violence when she was the orchestrator of the violence to disrupt Trump rallies says:

    Hillary lies. Sheep believe it.

  • Even now she lies about everything For instance blaming Trump for riots and violence when she was the orchestrator of the violence to disrupt Trump rallies says:

    Hillary lies. Sheep believe it.

  • Fritz says:

    My greatest Disappointment is that Mr. Trump Hasn’t Dumped on the Criminal to the combined degree supported by her Actions to Date. WE The People should be looking at Criminal indictment(s) for the proven activities already thrust on our Legal Citizens.

  • richard layman says:

    Both candidates are liars, don’t have any confidence in either candidate

  • Tom says:

    Hillary fell on her very spacious ass.She recited her prepared talking points and tried to sidestep topics/questions she knew she couldn’t excuse or explain.

  • Daniel H Jack says:

    Being a retired and disabled veteran I can say by being actively involved with others that Hillary is the most dangerous person that was on that stage last night, No way in hell did she dominate and most of her answers to the questions were the same old song and dance, the corrupt evil lying skank deserves to be in prison for her traitorous actions against the United States, If any of you think otherwise you need your head examined. We the people are fed up with the corruption and lies that have been coming in the last 7 + years under Obama’s failed policies to destroy our country and mark my word as a veteran by Ballot or Bullet this country will be restored. It is not about Trump, it is about America First.

  • Bill says:

    It has been proven, you cannot believe anything Hillary Rotten Clinton says.

  • claude tapp says:

    With the crimes she has committed she should at least be shot for treason!

  • Sharon Tomlinson says:

    She is not truthful. The word is out and she also is sick. Much to sick to be the president. We are getting the word out despite the media and their lies………….

  • She lies left and right. Clinton is a very Danaher to this great COUNTY the u.s.a. L says:
  • She lies left and right. Clinton is a very Danaher to this great COUNTY the u.s.a. L says:
  • Terry Swinney says:

    She lies, lies and lies some more and will do so her entire life.

  • Clark Hampton says:


  • Clark says:


  • Raymond says:

    She is a chronic liar with main interests being wealth and power.

  • william says:

    Simple she is far left an does not really care about the common people but special interest groups/ An Lying numerous times.She has been trying to pay officials a bribe to silence them. Money talks

  • Mel says:

    Because she killed our service people in Benghazie

  • Herb. Voigt says:

    It is amazing how politics can be manipulate to serve once need. I have no use for the Clinten ‘s , see Monika Lewinsky episode an d who ever else was involved in that. Master of lies, both of them.
    Donald Trump is like an elephant in a china shop. What ever he builts up he knocks down with his ass. How can one trust any one of the polititians. There are only a few who are honest but they get tuned in in a hurry by the rest of them. This goes for all countries but this year the US has topped the cake.
    The people will have to suffer in the long run.
    I am from Germany and I remember a few rallies by Hiltler and his crew. WShat we have today is not much different just different names and faces.
    Herb Voigt

  • gerald says:

    I voted for trump in the primary. Damn he would not shut his mouth and asking Putin to help him, that’s treason. Trump acts like a three year old throwing and temper tantrum.

  • Donald says:

    She is a LIAR and a CROOK and should be in PRISION

  • Marguerite Heffner says:

    She lies about the Clinton Foundation, pay to play, her illegal email server, her role in Benghazi, her husband’s sexual exploits, her comments she hoped wouldn’t become public knowledge, her accomplishments while a senator, Secretary of State and a First Lady. I don’t trust ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth!

  • Colleen Hertzler says:

    She lied about everything she said last night, just as she has been lying about her e-mails and everything else she has been involved in for years.

  • Meledie Knopf says:

    Hillary has the MSM in the bag and, therefore, willbe declared the winner, can do no wrong, andpretty much walks on water. Just ask her!

    Thst aide, the MSM has been complicit in putting our country in a dangerous position. They have never reported on all the unlawful shenanigans of Obama and Hillary. Most troubling is Benghazi, which opened up a treasure trove of all the underhanded and unlawful actions of Clinton and Obama’s administration. We have seen actions taken by Hillary that just one of the many would have landed anyone else in prison. You can be sure Hillary and Barack don’t want to have a President Trump because he has assured that legal action will be pursued against them. And, of course, the MSM is doing all it can to prevent that from happening. There’s backroom coordination happening constantly .

    The poison that’s in our elections, the government, and the nedia is sickening! If it wasn’t for the conservative websites like Absolute Rights and radio talk show hosts, most specifically Rush Limbaugh, those who really want the trith can get it.
    Keep up the great and critically important work!

  • b deckman says:

    she will lie about everything she is and is not. her scandals out weigh her truths.

  • Flash Morrison says:

    Man have all way’s lie, so why cant a woman lie every now and then??? you weman have all been under a man’s thump, so why do you won’t that sorry ass Drump?????

  • Flash Morrison says:

    Man have all way’s lie, so why cant a woman lie every now and then??? you weman have all been under a man’s thump, so why do you won’t that sorry ass Drump?????

  • Fanny Miller says:

    Hillary has a corrupt organization. She lies left and right. May God bless The United States of America, the land of the free. Hillary will be an absolute disaster for this country with her alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries that want to control the United States, plus other alliances she has.

  • Rick says:

    Hillary didn’t have to steal the debate. With his lack of energy, and coke addict sniffing ; Donald gave it away.

  • Vicki says:

    Hillary never tells the truth.

  • William D. Heater says:

    Hillary can hardly speak two sentences without
    telling a lie. She has been bought and paid for
    by the Wall Street executives.

  • Ramona says:

    what a sorry mess that debate was Trump wasn’t allowed to hardly speak while lying Hillary blabbed on for ever. Then the media photographed her looking good with a ton of make up. Gave her a good new microphone. While Trumps microphone looked old and worn out and ready to fall to pieces. They photographed him to look his worst. SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE. I know believe what trump says it is Rigged and I do believe Hillary did produce those women wonder what she paid them? All in all it was a disgusting MESS. I will vote trump . I hope he gets in some one needs to get those crooked Clintons out of the white house forever. Frankly they need to be deported. Only GOD can help us if she gets in she is very evil behind that smile. I do think it would be fair for the American people that both have a hair drug test where they cant cheat. Hillary looked high to me with her dilated eyes.

  • Sheila A Dorgeloh says:

    Be a killery is a liar and can’t be trusted with anything that’s going on in the whitehouse she already proofed to us she’s a liar and gave up americas sensitive information out to our enemies. W are trying to get away from I’m corrupt people who are destroying America and she shouldn’t even be allowed to run for the presidency

  • Rita says:

    She tells the American people one thing & tells her inner people another. Not a nice person. So 2 faced!!!!!

  • Doris hang says:

    She has been a liar since day 1. Of course she has the crooked media supporting her all along. All she did was to keep repeating the women who “claimed” that Trump sexually abused them. Trump should have name those good women who spoke out for him. I wonder why he did not .

  • kathleen Lehane says:

    Does not answer questions and goes off on a litany of untruths.

  • Arlaine Bryant says:

    Very comprehensive!

  • Wendell says:

    She is a JUDAS to AMERICA

  • john muir says:

    time after time, lie after obvious lie, she has made it so clear that she couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it…and mind you, I do not say that over some political loyalties….she lied first when she said she didn’t have a private server, she lied when she said she never used it for state business, she lied when she said she never sent classified data on it…she lied about the video and Benghazi, she lies when ever she opens her mouth….I just see no way any rational person could ignore all of her lies…and what’s more, she said that never has anybody ever rejected the results of a presidential election, as if nobody remembers the 2000 election, when Al Gore did exactly that, and she maintains that same stance to this day, that Gore won, and Bush lost…her pay-to-play activities made her the puppet of lies too….just too many to list here alone….

  • Don Giesler says:

    Hillary can lie with a stight face, she has no conscience. It is as though somone is feeding her the answers from behind the scene.
    Geoege Soros and his minions are working overtime for Hillary…to finish the job Obama started, the hidden agenda to finish America off.

  • JW says:

    I agree with john, why was AL Gore not brought up. How long did he wine and cry and state that he did not lose? Hillary is a compulsive liar. Yes what about Benghazi? What about all the other lies? How is it this country can be so blind and not see the things she has done? We really need to get control of the government. Trump may not be the most eloquent person, but he is not controlled by the special interest groups like Hillary is. She never did answer anything about putting any of her own money into her campaign. People need to open their eyes and see what really is going on here. This is a very critical election to the outcome of this country.

  • Ron Haave SR says:

    Hillary is and has always been a lying bitch.

  • Bob says:

    Hilliary is a Liar.

  • Camille says:

    I don’t blame him, if some counties only vote for Hillary then the area needs to be checked out, for fraud. We have already seen things in Columbus , Oh., that have been caught ahead of time.

  • Dorian says:

    God bless the American political system that will allow anyone to run provided they meet the requirements. Mr Trump, has once again engaged in the same kind of rhetoric that he used on, then, Senator Obama with BirthGate. This man has no clear cut agenda other than to make a mockery of the system and those who have to operate on it. He meets with major heads of state and says that they are not friends and the had good talks and then the head of state replies with statements saying they don’t believe Mr Trump is serious about being president. Trump leveled allegations of how the Russians outwitted Sec Clinton in Syria.WTF?! Is this man crazy or does he know something the rest of the intelligence community doesn’t? What did the Russians have to do with us and Syria other than one of their MiG’s attempted to shoot down a Super Hornet and they are backing a regime that has easily killed more people than Kaddahfi. When he talks about border security he almost sounds like the xenophobes of the early 19th century who were afraid of the French and Irish. Really the French and the Irish? One was an ally who was instrumental in our escape from British rule and the other was a country that had just been decimated by a famine. We live in a world where you must maintain geopolitical relations on the best of terms so that crazy situations don’t happen like Philipians. Mr Trump, has said repeatedly that we don’t need partner countries. If that were the case we would still be speaking the Queens English. I would be afraid to do business with the “Don” because he maintains the same devil may care attitude with his customers and suppliers.The man is unhinged and is meglo-maniacal, he would be the next Mussolini or Pinochet.

  • James R. Smiley says:

    Scandals don’t follow honest people around, Hillary has been involved in scandals and corruption in every decade of her political life. Fired from Watergate investigation for lying, Rose Law firm, cattle futures inside trading, Travelgate, etc….At the end of the Clinton administration, she and Bill were forced to return thousands and thousands of dollars of property illegally taken from the White House. When Americans were begging for help from Benghazi, Libya–she went to bed and read a book without any rescue or security protection ever provided–the result was 4 MURDERED Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Two other Americans, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were killed while successfully evacuating 28 Americans from the compound despite the terrorist attack. And what did Hillary say about it?? SHE LIED TO AMERICA, to Congress and TO THE FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO LOST LOVED ONES!! Hillary Clinton is CLEARLY the second most corrupt, deceitful, lying dishonest leader in America–her former boss, Barack Hussein Obama–is the most corrupt liar I’ve seen in my lifetime as a Democrat voter, registered for 40+ YEARS!! Clinton and Obama have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS–BOTH should be brought to trial for crimes against America and our Constitution. Every step of her service at State Dept. has been one crime after another–from obstruction of justice, destroying Federal documents and Federal property, perjury, violation of the Espionage Act for allowing non-secured, illegal people access to both Classified and TOP-secret information. SHE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED ALONG WITH OBAMA!

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