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Obama Called Former President Trump a Racist, Sexist, Lunatic in New Book



Crooked Obama Called Former President Trump a Racist, Sexist, Lunatic in New Book-ss-Featured

A new book has alleged that former President Barack Obama had described former President Donald Trump as a “madman, “a racist, sexist pig,” and a “lunatic” among other names.

The book in question is the one recently penned by Edward-Isaac Dovere.

In his book, Dovere reported that Obama called Trump “a madman” to the former’s donors. The said donors were allegedly looking for a reaction in exchange for the checks give to his foundation.

Obama reportedly also said that he thought Trump wouldn't be that bad. Also, he said he never expected that Trump would be “a racist sexist pig.”

As per Dovere’s book, Obamas harshest remark happened when reporters floated the idea that Trump spoke to foreign leaders without any aides present. Such leaders included Vladimir Putin. Trump did so while a probe into possible Russian election interference is happening and when links between Trump and Moscow reportedly surfaced.

To this, Obama allegedly called Trump a “corrupt MFer.”

Barack Obama never really hid the way he felt about Donald Trump. The former managed to extend courtesies to Trump during the latter’s inauguration in 2016. Although, Trump didn’t do for President Joe Biden. Nevertheless, Obama’s opinion about Trump has never been a secret to the public.

Dovere’s new book, however, reported on these opinions in an explicit way.

Although, now that Trump is out of the White House, people can now read his real feelings and opinions towards the popular former president.

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  • MJR says:

    Buck Farry! POS!!

  • Edwin Stumpf says:

    It’s nice to know that Obama is writing fiction,as his whole term in office was to chang the constituion.His religeon when he was running was also false.

  • Steven DeCarlo says:

    This should not be a surprise to anyone. Obviously Obama is publicly displaying his jealousy.. It is human nature for the worst president in history to you have animosity to the best president I have ever seen in my lifetime! This is just another leftist ploy to defame President Trump in an attempt to continue their slander just in case the Donald decides to run in 2024. The things that Donald Trump did as a rookie politician displayed his love for the United States of America making the Obama administration look like the country was being run by a terrorist Muslim Barry and Biden both are intent on destroying this nation. I hope with all my heart that in 2020 for Donald Trump will be able to eliminate/correct The destruction they will have caused. Personally I think those two should be in prison… Pretty obvious that their crimes will not be addressed during this administration. Haven’t heard much about Hunter since inauguration day!! It’s not like they have to defund the police, all those Democrats have a get out of jail free card but! Personally I think a firing squad is too good for them, maybe put to death by 1000 cuts? Not all Democrats are bad people you just have to look very hard, very very hard to find one that is not corrupt. To find one that believes in America, our Constitution and our bill of rights!Trump in 2024!!

  • ROBERT says:


  • sherril henderson says:

    Obama is the absolute worst President this Country ever had ,even worse that Biden because he knew what he was doing. He should be tried for treason along with Hillary and a ton of others. Did you never wonder where he got all his hundreds of millions from. Its been no more than a pot full shit, corrupt all the way to the sewer line in Washington DC for years and he is one of the worst. How do you think he made all that money!!!

  • Mary says:

    Give me a break!!!!!! Ugh! They have to keep pulling out the same old cards to TRY and stop President Trump. Obama and the radical left are the only lunatic’s I know!!! We see their true colors and it’s NOT Red, white and blue so go back where you came from and leave our COUNTRY alone!!! Ugh!
    President Trump 2024! Wooo hooo!!

  • Bob says:

    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Paranotary says:

    Do people even know why Obama doesn’t like President Trump, and why they called him these selective names?! It’s because President Trump was exposing their crookedness!! Nobody likes to be ousted!! If President Trump is such a lowlife, and a “MFer”, then why/how does he even register important enough to acknowledge in such a way. Personally, I ignored people who I felt this way about. Hopefully, the sheep will just leave it on the shelf, where I believe, it belongs.

  • Elaine says:

    If almost 6 months later Obama,Biden, and Dems are still attacking Former President. Trump that means they are still scared of him and his truths!!! Otherwise he would’ve been forgotten and they would have made sure other headlines buried any memory of Trump. So this is hilarious!!You can’t buy this kind of publicity!!! Makes me wonder what their afraid of?? What are they afraid he knows? So let them smear Trump. It will keep his name out there. And notice he is relatively quiet now, it’s always the quiet ones you have to worry about!!!! LOL

  • Mary says:

    Obama seems to forget that he is 1/2 white! Every time I heard him speak he always slipped something in there that referred to how the black people are treated by whites. He was always stirring the pot. Always trying to start trouble. At least that’s how it seemed to me.

  • Homer Sipsome says:

    So much for acting “presidential”.

  • Billy says:

    Obama calling anybody a racist is a non statement as both he and his wife are big racist’s .

  • Blue jones says:

    Obama is the worst and most racist person in the history of this country. Him and his wife should be in prisons for treason. I refuse to deter him as president. He and his wife was nothing but corrupt,racist, divisive Ass holes.

  • Retired4ever says:

    OBummer is a failure as a person, left Chicago in great shape,NOT, failure as a do nothing senator and believe it or not was not the worst president ever. That award goes to the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. Soon he’ll be the 3rd worst former POTUS as soon as Sleepy Joe gives up the reins.

  • Chas says:

    POS president…should of been brought up on charges alone with his dirt bag side kick hillary clinton….!

  • Michael Valgos says:

    I feel sorry for no balls Barry He is so jealous of President Trump accomplishments and Barry had nothing in 8 years The aca catastrophe Barry couldn’t make his commie ways work but Barry was always fucking with a limp dick He had no idea what he was doing His ego is so hurt that I will call Trump a racist when in truth Obama is a total racist You couple his hatred for our country his muslim up bringing to hate the west Obama is a parasite a user He thinks he is so great but he is the only one Look in the mirror and know that you were and still are a worthless piece of shit Obama and I believe the son of a bitch was born in Kenya His entire life is a made up lie We Obama is a pathological liar So Obama’s book I hear is in a lot of Bathrooms around the world It worked as expected during the toilet paper shortage

  • Dan says:

    When Republicans expose Democrats for what they are they tend to get mad. Really mad because they have no way to hide that they are failures and losers

  • BBA says:

    Obama is the biggest pos to ever have been POTUS. I hope I outlive this evil bastard so I can celebrate his death by flying my American flag as high as I can get it!!

  • Rosco says:

    So you want to listen to the great orator who single handed my did more damage to the USA than ALL previous administrations? If so, you deserve him, so please take him and keep him somewhere dark and safe, unable to inflict more pain to the country

  • Tony Barreda says:

    Trump lying with the proud boys and other extremists is evident that he is a racist. President Obama is right on.

  • Jim Evans says:

    Obama should look at himself in a mirror before he condemn’s any one else. He praised Muslims for 8 years , all the while claiming to be a Christian. Trump never traded terrorists for for a Army deserter , as they ended up back in the field killing american soldiers.

  • JC says:

    Obama was the worst president to ever occupy the White House. He lied about everything. He is the racist, drunk with stupidity, not Christian, and anti-black. He deserves no place in history other than he was an embarrassment to all. Climate change, Iran nuke deal were all major flops! His lip prints are all over Al Sharpton and he should have had Biden jailed along with the whole Biden family!

  • Ben says:


  • Because I Care. ALM says:

    That’s the pot calling the kettle pink.

  • Johnny says:

    more then likely obama is one of them BLM terrorist peolpe

  • Mary says:

    Your right on Jim Evans!!!!

  • Bart Gundy Sr. says:

    The democrats are going to lose so many seats in congress that Biden will be a castrated president.

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