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Senate FRC Approves Resolution Supporting Cuban Protesters



Cuban exiles rally at Versailles Restaurant in Miami's Little Havana in support of protesters in Cuba | Senate FRC Approves Resolution Supporting Cuban Protesters | featured

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved a resolution for Cuban protesters. In particular, the movement opposing the island’s communist government is gaining local supporters. Meanwhile, US Senators are giving them their support. 

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Cuban Protesters Growing

The island nation of Cuba is witnessing unprecedented and widespread protests against its decades-old communist leadership. However, the government is currently cracking down on Cuban protesters, with hundreds of locals missing or arrested. 

Meanwhile, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which overwhelmingly approved the resolution, issued a statement. Specifically, the resolution condemns “the Cuban government’s violent response to the thousands of Cuban citizens who have taken to the streets to peacefully call for respect for basic human rights and the end of the dictatorship in Cuba.” 

The US Stands With Cuban Protesters

The statement continues: “As the oppressive Communist Cuban regime continues to hold the people of Cuba hostage after 62 years of repression and constant abuses, I welcome the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations’ passage of this important bipartisan resolution,” remarked Sen. Rubio (R-FL). “The U.S. must stand with the courageous people of Cuba as they fight for their basic freedoms and against tyranny.”

“This month, we saw decades of deep Cuban frustration over inept, corrupt, and cruel governance boil over,” added Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL). “While I have long argued for a change in the failed U.S. policy toward Cuba, the Cuban people know the real source of their island’s lost potential rests squarely with the ruling dictatorship.”

Homeland and Life

Accordingly, recent protests have already reached a nationwide scope. In fact, Cuban protesters now consist of locals from all walks of society. During demonstrations, protesters should ‘‘Patria y Vida!’’ (Homeland and Life!) and call for ‘‘Libertad’’ (liberty). Even as the Cuban regime blocked internet services to prevent information from coming out, many locals continued to demand change. 

However, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel doesn’t see the protests as peaceful. Instead, he came out in a televised address and asked Cubans to attack protesters. He said that ‘‘the order to fight has been given — into the streets”.

He also said that he and his supporters will do anything to quash the protests. “Over our dead bodies. We are prepared to do anything,’’ he said.  

For Approval on the Senate Floor

In addition, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee statement affirmed its support for Cuban protesters. It also mentioned that the Cuban regime lent its authoritarian methods to neighbors like Venezuela.

In particular, the Cuban government reportedly sent intelligence personnel to help Venezuelan officials to put down protests.  As a result, the United States expresses its “strong solidarity” with Cuban protesters “in their desire to live in a free and democratic country with uncensored access to information, justice, and economic prosperity”. 

Next, the FRC will submit the statement for approval to the Senate floor.

Watch the WPLGLOcal 10 video reporting Representative Maria Elvira Salazar’s message to the foreign affairs committee on Cuba: ‘We need to send a message to the world':

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