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Darkness Falls On Baton Rouge



  • The shooter of the Baton Rouge police has believed to have been identified as Gavin Eugene Long, or “Cosmo Setepenra.”
  • He made many videos that he posted on Youtube under his pseudonym where he promoted violence towards cops.
  • He also was an avid believer in the Dallas shooter, many posts on Twitter praised the attack.

More information has been found on the attacker, who killed Baton Rouge police officers. Gavin Eugene Long, or as some the internet knew him, Cosmo Setepenra. Long has many times promoted violence against police officers on videos that he posted online. Long took these “promotional videos” one step further and acted on them.

In one specific video, posted under the pseudonym Cosmo Setepenra on YouTube, he tells listeners that they must “fight back” against police officers. It's assumed that he made the video in response to the Dallas shootings. The video was posted only days after the attack happened.

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In the video, he said, “You gotta fight back. That’s the only way a bully knows to quit. He doesn’t know words. He can’t understand words, I promise you. He doesn’t understand protests. If y’all want to keep protesting, do that. But for the serious ones, the real ones, the alpha ones, we know what it’s going to take.”

Not only did he promote the violence on YouTube but also on Twitter. “Cosmo Setepenra,” had continuously praised the Dallas shooter on Twitter.

Some of the tweets that he posted were:

“The shooter was not white, he was one of us! # My religion is justice!”

“Violence is not the answer (it's an answer), but at what point do you stand up so that your people don't become the next Native Americans…extinct!”

The last thing he ever posted, came on Sunday morning. “Just bc you wake up every morning doesn't mean that your living. And just bc you shed your physical body doesn't mean that you're dead.”

It has been reported that Long (Cosmo Setepenra) was a Marine veteran, who had ties to, at least, two hate groups. Including one conspiracy group.

It seems, however, that Cosmo Setepenra was a man of many hats. On Amazon, he claims to be a “nutritionist, life coach, dietitian, personal trainer, author and spiritual advisor.” He claimed to be on a “book tour,” in Dallas whne the Dallas shootings occured.


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