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Destroying History Won’t Eliminate Racism



Stonewall Jackson Statue Defaced with Graffiti | Destroying History Won't Eliminate Racism | Featured

We now have heard Jaiden Grayson, a CHOP organizer, and Patrisse Cullors, a founder of Black Lives Matter, admit that they are taking a “by any means necessary” approach to “break it all the way down.” They believe that since the racism in America is “systemic” they tell us that all institutions must be eliminated to eliminate the racism. These individuals have admitted to being “trained Marxists” and their primary goal is to transform America into a socialist society.

Computer anarchists have a similar tactic referred to as a “fire sale” ….. “everything must go.” This explains why BLM anarchists have been destroying all statues. It doesn't matter even if the statue was designed and built by ex-slaves or the statue is of individuals who fought to eliminate slavery “everything must go” before America can be reformed.

Our press and our representatives seem clueless about the U.S. Constitution. Racism cannot be blamed on the Constitution! In fact our founding documents made the claim that “all men are created equal.” It is a goal that we as a nation began to fulfill by eliminating slavery and eliminating segregation. Why must we discard such a glorious document and goal? Although not perfect our founders set these goals. Destroying all our monuments and burning the U.S. Constitution will not eliminate racism; it only erases history.

BLM established the nation of CHOP within the city of Seattle. Although BLM is for open borders and is against gun ownership, they swiftly barricaded the streets and armed themselves to protect their newly formed nation. I am so glad that President Trump did not send in troops as it has been entertaining to see this social experiment fail on its own as socialism historically does.

Erasing our history does not change the fact that Lincoln, a Republican freed the slaves and that Democrats formed the KKK. People are now losing their jobs because they refuse to conform. Products are being banned, even those that were developed by black Americans, who is really being offended? Why change America, people risk their lives to come here? My family did!

Sincerely, Derek Mancinho Laramie

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