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Diary Of A Mad Black President : Friday July 8th, 2016




Dear Diary,

What's up my dawgs! It's been a rough week, you know? I thought that the last few months of me being the Commander and Chief would be like one big vacation. Playing basketball on the court in the backyard of the White House, going on trips, getting ready for my life of retirement. Did I get that? No.

I had to spend my time with the Big Hill. First, she makes me pull strings for her in the FBI so she won't be indicted. Cool, whatever, you help a brother out when you can. Plus, she's hooking me with some “benefits” while she's President, so it was a win-win. Yet, she doesn't stop there. That girl is greedy. She comes to me and asks if I'll go campaigning with her. What!? Hill…we're not friends. I mean, I think your better than the Big Bad Trump…but that's about it. Listen, your gonna be the President after me, I know that. I've pulled some strings, but that's not gonna be easy. I'm the best President this country has ever seen. You really wanna compete with that? That's like doing a free throw contest with Kobe…you're gonna embarrass yourself.

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Whatever, I say I'll do it. Besides, Michelle is trying to get me to be “nicer”, but then it gets worse. She actually asks if I'll take her in Air Force One! Who does she think she is? This ain't England, you're not the queen.

Needless to say, the flight was awful. The whole time she talked about herself, and how she can't believe she got away with the email situation. She would not shut up.

Anyway, I'm back now in the Big House. Michelle has me picking out tile for the new multi-million dollar pad we will be retiring in. It's pretty sick, you'll love it. Gotta go playa's.

Later skaters,

Your Boy B!

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