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Has Donald Trump Given Up?



Editor’s Note – We must stop looking at Donald Trump as our candidate and start judging him as our president. Even if we support him, it is our duty to be critical of him. Especially during an election with so much at stake. So please give it a thoughtful read and let us know what you think.

I have been following Donald Trump’s candidacy since he first announced. I was unsure of him at first, but quickly he rose to be the clear choice in a crowded field. Yet, as we get closer to November, I can’t help but see a shift in his words and actions. I find myself asking over and over again, has Donald Trump given up?

I don’t honestly want to entertain the idea that Donald Trump isn’t working as hard or as smart as he can to become the next president. The thought of Hillary, the most untrustworthy and dangerous woman in the world, strolling into the White House without so much as a fight makes me sick to my stomach. But, there we are, I can’t shake the thought all the same.

Trump just keeps giving the left all the fuel they need to attack him with. His poorly thought out 2nd amendment comment or his “I may lie to you” comment he made to a Connecticut audience over the weekend. Every week, sometimes it feels like every day, there is some new gaff that pushes away the voters he desperately needs to win. He simply doesn't seem to care about how he looks our sounds at all.

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Donald Trump, with increasing frequency,  keeps giving Hillary’s camp room to attack him when it should be her on the ropes. Hillary Clinton should be a nothing candidate by now, especially after the DNC emails were leaked. Instead, Trump again turned the tide by asking Russia to release more emails… A move that some have even called treason.

I don’t care if you agree with his statements or not, he has to be elected by the general public, not just his already solid voter base. Donald Trump needs to dig deep and prove that he is more than what the media is making him out to be, yet he repeatedly keeps falling into the same traps.

Time is quickly running out in this election and every week Hillary is pulling farther and farther ahead. Yet, Donald Trump doesn’t appear concerned or in any rush to make up the lost ground. I can think of no bigger stakes than losing the White House to Hillary, now is the time for plan and action. However, it seems he is simply content to stay the course. Maybe he has a master plan, but I can’t help but feel that he has thrown in the towel and just riding out the last few months.

Now we have the latest controversy, a ledger found in Ukraine linking his campaign chief, Paul Manafort, to foreign contributions to the Trump campaign. This is especially damning when compared to the Russian hacks on Hillary. Once again, this takes the spotlight off of her campaign and all her wrongdoings and forces Donald Trump to explain.

Now, I don’t bring up these points because I am a shill for Hillary Clinton or because I have given up and support one of the no-name independent candidates. I bring this up because I am terrified as an American of a president Hillary Clinton and like it or not, Donald Trump is our only hope of stopping her.

This election is bigger than Donald Trump. He has become the champion of American values and he has a duty to see this election through and win it in November.

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