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Donald Trump Is Exposing The Underlying Hatred In America



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The pundits are right about Donald Trump exposing the underlying evil, hatred, and bigotry in America, but it’s not on the right. Donald Trump has exposed the left for the children that they are, who time after time show just how much they despise anyone who challenges their ideas.

We keep hearing it from protesters and seeing “viral” videos about how Trump brings out the racism and hatred of the right-wing. However, all I see are the violence that the protesters start, the destruction of property they cause, and the lack of concern they give to first-responders trying to work these events.

Donald Trump is not anti-Muslim. He just wants to insure that no more attacks happen on US soil while we get a better understanding of the threats we face.

Donald Trump is not anti-Mexican. He is anti-illegal immigrant, something that any hard working American should be. Immigration is a great thing that all of our families have done, but they must come over the right and legal way. It is unfair to the immigrants that go through the proper channels, it is unfair to the hard-working men and women who must compete against these people, and finally it is unfair to the illegal immigrants themselves who must live in worse conditions and constantly dodge the authorities. What it isn’t is racist.

Finally, Donald Trump is not anti-women. He employs more women execs them anyone else and pays them, on average, more than most men. A number of these women have come out to defend Mr. Trump from the outrageous attacks. One of which can be seen HERE

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, defended a child-rapists in court and was later on tape laughing about it. She has also stood by her husband who is clearly no better than Bill Cosby and likely much worse. Hillary had the audacity to say that all victims’ voices should be heard and yet tried to sweep multiple allegations of abuse against her husband under the rug and when that failed she insulted and smeared the names of his accusers. However, mainstream media gives her a pass on that.

Speaking of things that the media gives a pass on, there was the very lightly reported on incident a few days ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anti-Trump protesters (the “rational” side) burned cars, destroyed property, and attacked police officers. But, I guess that is also Donald Trump’s fault.

Compare that to Trump supporters who applaud the hard-working men and women in blue. The right, mind you, is no happier with current policing than the left is, they just go about it in a much more mature and adult fashion.


After all this Donald Trump is painted as the loud-mouth villain who says mean things. Loud-mouth might be right and the things he says might even be mean, but that doesn’t make them untrue.

The left keep looking for their safe space. A place where not even words can hurt them. But, that place does not, and cannot, be allowed to exist in America.  The 2nd amendment isn’t the scariest amendment that the left are trying to destroy… It’s the 1st.

After all, where is the Republican safe space? That’s right, we aren’t afraid of words and hurt feelings.

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  • SeaChelles says:

    We Americans love our country and don’t want to see it implode and destroyed by all illegal aliens (ooo, that will soon be a derogatory word — FIRST AMENDMENT!!) who come here with no intent to assimilate and love America, but just to collect checks — especially those with four wives belonging to one man, and that means four checks, four baby carriages, four etc.,etc.,etc. The politicians, some with as good intentions as they had, found themselves stuck in the politically correct mud that has infected America. Then Donald Trump took the stage, and he really didn’t care what anyone thought, no one was gonna stop him from speaking his mind. What a breath of fresh air to hear him. It felt like i was in living in my America again. The only people who hate him are those who hate liberty and freedom. But they are free to leave, because there are many countries who don’t embrace those words. It isn’t soon enough that i can address him as President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. May God Bless America, Amen, and Amen.

    • Margaret Bungard says:

      We need Donald Trump as President. He has the courage, and dare I say, balls to get the job done. He loves America has been sick and tired of seeing this country give handouts to illegals. All the while our vets are given the worst possible care. We the Silent Majority finally have a voice.

  • Robert Akers says:

    Obama has baited american black yo the point that being white or any othet nationality draws hatred from all of our black community.

  • i love Donald trump for who he is

  • James says:

    The left has always resorted to violence over the years.

  • Joe Koebel says:

    Mr. Trump OWES nobody Nothing. He has done it the old fashioned way–He Earned It! The P.O.S Politicians are really really Afraid because when he sees the Cooked Books He is going to FIRE them all! The Lobbyists dont want him, They are Crapping in there Boots-Its Time for the Socialist Democrats to Go DOWN! Plus they are afraid of the worst 4-Letter word a Socialst can bear to hear. “WORK”

  • Sandra Churchill-Reis says:

    Money and power. I feel very strongly that until “we the people” demand that ALL persons working in a government position (elected or simply hired) must be graded with a contract and if they do NOT meet their commitments at review time they will be fired or demoted. (Just like you are at your job). No one regardless of their level should be allowed to make decisions about money independently. It should always be done as a group of signatures on a budget and all are responsible for not meeting that budget at review time. (Just like you are). Why would you allow someone to treat you like you work for them. Just walk into any government facility and watch how each of you are treated, that tells you what happens when too much power is given. As Donald would say: “Your fired”!!

  • James Whitney says:

    Because they are afraid of the fact that he’s not politics as usual and that he might expose them for the criminals they are

  • John E. Tirado says:

    I am NOT only Hispanic, but also a Vet. I once was a Demorat, until I saw all the Democrats wanted was color NOT help for the USA when they voted for obama over his color. And I was right, when it was proven that he wasn’t an American but a muslim bent on destroying the USA.

    • Margaret Bungard says:

      Thank you John for your service to our country. I tried telling people back in 2008 that Obama was bad news. People where all for that “Hope and Change” stuff and the fact that we could have a black President. I don’t care what color your skin is, It’s content of character that’s important, and love for America.

  • linda tynan says:

    I have been around for 67 years. I saw the Kennedy’s killed by us…I met and saw Martin Luther King killed by us…and I went to his funeral in Atlanta…I have NEVER voted and only now do I see someone who is listening to We the People . I know Soro will do anything to have his One World Order with the pope by his side and I know Soro has PAID people to mess with Trump. I know most mexicans that are protesting are Illegals…so, why are you telling it like it is and explain why Soro is paying people to stop Trump? Be afraid, be very afraid cause WE THE PEOPLE are finally getting someone in office that is on OUR side.

  • Patrick says:

    The loons of the left are pushing a corrupt and a moral agenda on all levels. Who could not laugh at the bathroom thing and what organization would use violence and ugly illegals with ugly Mexican flags to prove trump’s point about illegal aliens ? They just continue to do dumb shit. Like pochantis, email Hillary , Blow job bill , lunch woman Michelle and the bugged Dumb fuck in the world obuma.
    Trump is like the surgeon trying to remove the corrupt/ugly/amoral policies of obuma.
    When he does and Real American wake-up, they will be stunned at what we allowed.
    When BO say transform, he means terraform/destroy! We need to destroy him and all the left loon and get back to American principles and not the distorted left agenda.

  • frank r trunzo says:

    i like trump for president & he is a good man & I will vote for Donald trump, better than our “president”, he should NEVER been in there “live long &prosper”to our new president Donald trump

  • jack l eich says:

    illegal invaders taking over our country. trying to disarm us also.

  • jameslnuckolls says:

    because “they” hate the truth and I guess they
    like to believe lies.

  • Jim Steep says:

    Because he seems to be one of a dying breed of honest Americans who are afraid of telling it like it is.

  • ANNIE says:

    All of the evidence supports this article…..
    It’s really sad to see opinions turn to violence.

  • James says:

    As a black American conservative, I am ashamed of what has happened to this nation under this so-called “president”. We live in a time where the truth is not tolerated, because it just might hurt someones feelings. The Constitution is being trashed, by the ones that Swore to support and defended it. Men now claim that they are women(with no physical proof). Donald is starting to expose some of the dirt that was swept under the carpet and the liberals don’t like it. hillary is a slut, billy is a —, there are actually not enough negative words to describe these two. I really do not know what Donald Trump will do, but I pray that he is a man of his word. He has my vote.

  • Name says:

    We have been seeing it at Trump rallies. Liberals preach tolerance, but only if you agree with them. Any other views are unacceptable to them. Trump will mend the division and hatred that Obama has caused in America!

  • Mr. Carter says:

    Only bigots would show their hatred by swearing spitting hitting and destroying other people’s property. They forget that in America the opposition has the right to their views. As long as they do not hurt or harm others with physical threats. So they prove they themselves are the bigots.

  • Charles says:

    The tolerance of the left ends when you do not agree with them.

  • Danna Stevens says:

    They have NOT done the will of their constituents in years, & the people are tired of it. They know they are going to finally lose their power to the people they’ve betrayed.

  • David Kraft says:

    All wings of the democratic system that has deteriorated over all of these years are afraid of Donald Trump, as he is raining on their parade. It is a system that is long overdue for repair and reconstruction before a revolution should arise. Let’s finally fix what is broken.

  • Texas Stevens says:

    They are going to lose their power, control & support from the people who are getting/promised all the hand-outs. They want to take everyone else’s money (except theirs) to give to their supporters. But I think the real thing they want, is to remove God from our country for Satan to become the ultimate leader through Islam.

  • Edmond Briand says:

    there are many reasons,it’s about time we have a leader that takes back our country !!!

  • Robert Lamm says:

    We need term limits in the Legislature. When politicians don’t have to re-enter the world that they created through the laws they pass they become isolated from the world they are attempting to govern. They begin giving away and spending money that isn’t theirs in order to maintain their popularity to continue holding office where they are systemically stealing from our country.

    When a country gives out free stuff it undermines the work ethic of those receiving the handout. When this continues for a period of time (now up to 4 or 5 generations depending upon the speed of individual procreation) it becomes embedded in their culture and they begin to believe that they have a right or entitlement to the freebies. Some current sitting legislators have been responsible for at least 2 generations of this situation, and in the mean time, while keeping the poor, poor, they have become rich. How many legislators were millionaires before taking office? Where did their wealth come from? Is it the responsibility of the Legislature to socially engineer our country??? I thought that they worked for us???

  • Jude McGregor says:

    Mr Trump has been a punching bag for the left & RINO’S since he announced his decision to run for President. He is bringing to the forefront many many problems America has, the political class does not like it. They are use to having their brainwashing practices work ALL of the time. Now, with Mr Trump stirring the pot (which they hate) Americans are finally waking up & saying they have had enough. This election will be the dirtiest, most hard fought contest of the century. The left, the free loaders & lots of Republicans will do ANYTHING to get Hillary Clinton elected. If this happens, kiss America goodbye as we know it.

  • ROMEO VIDONE says:

    I Agree.

  • Nancy says:

    He is speaking the truth. Exposing the corruption in Washington. Congress is all corrupt and bought and paid for by the money. They are afraid of him because he will stop their gravy train & will expose all of their attempts to destroy America.

  • Bill P says:

    I agree totally, these left wingers don’t want change because most of them do not want change are afraid they may loose their hand outs from state and government programs. Have no sense of fair play not willing to help others.

  • Arthur Marinelli says:

    I believe most people that say they hate or do not like other people because of either color or religion or politics have never been taught that the rights of people should not be trampled on but be accepted.

  • Jeffrey says:

    It is my quick opinion that Trump makes the jberals she’d there skins like snakes and expose the utter hatred they truly have for the way this country was founded. Because he is so raw, it in return causes the libs to turn raw. Unfortunately their raw is hatred…they do not know how to decieve a man who is as smart ad is not a “politician” as Trump. He doesn’t care about being PC or his balancing in order to get votes or retain office, let alone satisfy financial contributors. He says it how it is, raw and real and the left is out of their minds in disbelief. The left has never had to deal with raw truth and exposure like this before. They do not have a standard “political procedure” and again has caused them absolute confusion causing them to become raw and real and she’d their snake like skins.

  • Pam says:

    Obama is destroying the country with help from Soros, Iran. Paying people to riot. Trump shows the people what the democrats are up to. The people are sick of congress with the lies they tell, corruption, the Clinton’s getting away with crimes that anyone else did would be in jail. LORETTA LYNCH not doing her job. A lot more. This country is going to crap. Don’t understand why congress has not impeach Obama.

  • Cliff says:

    All you have to do is look back at the almost 8 years of muslime-loving, illegal alien loving, cop hating, veteran-hating rhetoric spewing from “his” administration and that should convince anyone…That is except the LIBERAL “progressives”

  • john says:

    people dont like trump because he is tough and wants you to take care of your own and america to take care of real americans

  • Doug DesRosier says:

    Trump is the only candidate who will turn our country around, and stop the terrorism and influx, of illegal aliens, who continue to cross our borders, from all sides, south,north, west, and east! They are coming from everywhere, taking our jobs, and committing crimes and other acts of violence.


  • Brian says:

    It seems as though,if one does not go along with what the mainstream presstitutes say,and if one chooses not to be a sheeple,then that person is blacklisted,put down,made fun of,nasty things are said about them because they don’t follow the status quo as the lying,cheating thugs in dc do.

  • Norman W. Melvin says:

    They loathe Trump because he wishes to restore the foundations of the U.S. which the Socialists insist on removing. If you wish to see the ultimate end of what these people wish to do – look at Cuba, N. Korea and Venezuela.

  • Randy says:

    He’s not a politician that has to sugar coat for votes. He tells it like it is. About time.

  • Howard says:

    Because he speaks the truth. We need to change the direction our country is being mis lead. We can make America Great Again

  • Dean Seller says:

    Its because of Obama

  • Warren Asing says:

    Hatred comes from the liberals that want more hand outs at the cost of all tax payers.

  • Jack says:

    For all of the reasons listed – plus, he is simply calling things in this country, and DC as well as all of the crooks in Congress, as he sees them. They are the ones who have ruined this Country of ours with their greed and dishonesty.

  • David Shisler says:

    Protesters, who have no reason, who spew their hate against Trump and his supporters are trying to make everyday Americans afraid to vote for him. When things turn violent Trump is their scapegoat, not they themselves. They hate the USA and won’t be happy until we are a total socialist nation even though they are ignorant of the facts that they will lose their cherished freedoms that they take for granted.
    America’s youth has been driven to this hatred by liberal schools and universities feeding them this utopian dream that will never happen. The wedge they are pushing between the races and the perceived classes will only get worse with time. We need Trump, and we need police and citizens to stand up to these troublemakers so America will survive.

  • Amy Ingrassia says:

    While I do believe that Donald Trump is saying a lot of things that most Americans are already thinking, I do not believe that he condones violence, hates women, muslims or any other culture. He has never once indicated any of these things. I say “Go Trump!!” The last thing we need right now is Hillary Clinton!

  • Henry Alford says:

    Democratic Party is made up of socialist communists and criminals and the uneducated and airheads and people whom can not read and understand history but most of all because they want to get rid of my American Constitution!

  • Henry Hopson says:

    Mr. Trump: You are blowing the hell out of the liberal progressives, keep it up and you will win by a land slide…

  • Jesus A. Delgado says:

    The only way the left can accomplish this is if We the PEOPLE turn on each other.

  • Joseph Carr says:

    All daily news is disseminated from the State department through regional broadcasting governors to all the U.S. media outlets. This propaganda is not news, it is a daily government media release.
    Trump is bringing them to task regarding the inaccuracies of their reports for the first time in 50 years. Go ahead and check it out for yourselves as I did. The only “news” outlets are from overseas, Infowars, and RT news

  • Robert says:

    Obama has had eight years of free reign to destroy, and divide our country, and now California is making it legal for illegals to vote while protesting with Mexican flags, spitting, throwing eggs at trump Ralleys. WRONG!!!

  • DW says:

    The idiots who become animals when Trump is in town are the same ones that either the Government is paying to be here or there to riot so they can steal per their norm.

  • jan Hayden says:

    Trump represents the majority of the Americans thoughts and issues. He is going to take our country back to us and make America great again. The people that are causing problems for our country are evil and they need to get out of our country!

  • Debra Smith says:

    They don’t want the people to prosper. They want the Government to control everyone.

  • Alfred E. Newman says:

    Mr. B.O is controlled by Soros and the Builderbergs. They all need to be stopped NOW Trump is in their greedy faces and they don’t like it. TUFF

  • Joseph Carr says:

    It is the elected officials and those who have been in place ( term after term ) who are seeking personal gain with foreign governments and domestic special interests for their own personal gains. It is like a fire sale and they are doing nothing to try to stop the fire but rather how to personally gain as a result of it. Trump and people like him represent a threat to this power/control structure

  • Tom maxwell says:

    The left and a growing proportion of the right wing establishment are representing themselves for their pun personal gain by turning our country into a welfare state on the backs of the people work for a living. We are tired of this and we are not going to take it anymore!!!

  • Henry says:

    The Liberals are the ones causing all the problems at the rallies like in Chicago. Trump is just getting them to show their side. The people just need to open their eyes and see who is the real problem in this country.

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