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Election 2016

Donald Trump Is The Next Great President



Donald Trump

Donald “The Titan” Trump Is Winning (Image: MGN)

Another poll has been cast and it seems that Donald Trump is taking giant leaps ahead of Hillary in the eyes of the voters. Last month polls were done by Fox, Rasmussen, CBS, and The New York Times and they all found Hillary with a 10 point lead over Trump, yet now the margin has narrowed and Hillary is only up but 3 points. Now the Hillary fans that are boasting about a landslide victory for the Democratic candidate are slowly starting to quiet their voices.

Yet the election isn’t until November, around six months away, and in politics six months can seem like centuries, anything can happen. A lot of people are contributing Trump’s constant ascent to, not only his clinching of the Republican Nominee but also the constant battling of Bernie Sanders. Trump is now effectively fighting against one entity (the Democratic party) whereas Hillary is fighting against two, Trump and Bernie. 

Even though criticisms have been growing for Trump, because of his refusal to release his income taxes, it seems that the voting public still views strongly on his views. I believe that people are ready for a candidate who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

A lot of voters view some of Donald Trump’s ideas to be extreme or radical, such as the wall at the southern border, but voters are admiring his honesty. We live in an age where political correctness has crippled our sense of self. We are afraid to speak our minds and our thoughts. So when a candidate comes along and starts truly speaking his mind, the people feel a relief. They feel a burden released from their shoulders and the freedom to now be themselves.


And to top it all endorsements are flying in for Donald Trump from all over the place, Including the NRA, which you can read about here.

With the Democratic Party so weakened and divided, Trump is set to make a big win. He has six months to pick apart the bones of the DNC’s rotting carcass and exposed them for all their lies and betrayals. Which shouldn’t be hard considering they have picked Hillary Clinton to be their next candidate. I really don’t see how Trump could lose.


The reality is, Trump’s campaign is growing stronger and the people are now more interested in having an opinionated leader (even if they don’t agree) then having someone who will pander to the crowd.

This election is history in the making and every turn it gets more epic. We have just under 170 days to go, so grab some popcorn and stay with it because, trust me when I say, this is going to get interesting.

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  • Arven D Hansen says:

    For one thing is not an established politician and Trump is a true American and loves the veterans and loves all Americans.

  • James F.Vermillion says:

    Anybody would be better than we have had for the PAST 12 years !! It’s about time someone did something about (making ) some FREE-LOADERS G TO WORK for THEIR food-housing-medical supplies ! The BIBLE says you shall earn your KEEP by the sweat of YOUR BROW !!!

  • Howard and Patricia Myers says:

    Because we believe he LOVES our country and will give us our pride back and make America GREAT again! We believe he is the only one, with God’s help, who can do it and we pray that he will win and win BIG!

  • jack says:

    trump is a true american

  • Name says:

    He will bring back honor to have his country.

  • Derek Donatelli says:

    The nation is in turmoil !!! Assaults , murder ,
    rape , trafficking people , terrorists , illegal immigration , and it is robbing America of it’s true justice !!!! TRUMP !! TRUMP !! TRUMP !!! TRUMP !!!

  • Daniel E Van Ginder says:

    We don’t need another Clinton or Bush in the White House ruining this country. I said people say if Trump becomes president there moving to Canada, it goes both ways. If she becomes president. I’m moving to Canada. TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Jim says:

    Knows what America needs. Doesn’t need the money. Tough on illegals. Wants to turn the White House around.

  • mike says:

    President Trump wants to fix our country from the destructive policies of the last 7 years and HiLIARy Clinton is only interested in her own agenda which is definitely not good for the rest of us.

  • I J Kovach says:

    He is the only one with the business sense and the determination to make this country great again. People are tired of politicians and his presidency will be spent working for the people as opposed to having to pay back campaign donors with political favors.

  • Jim Cregar says:

    He is making promises that he can not keep. He is saying what people want to hear and that changes depending on who he is talking to. It would be nice if he could do all the things he is promising. But without congress goin along with him it will not happen. And if congress wanted these changes they would have tried to do something before now.

  • Michael Skok says:

    He is his own boss. He won’t sell out to anyone. He is what we need. He said he will make America great again, and that’s what we want.

  • William Miller says:

    Like I’ve said all along, you may not like the way he says things but he says what he means and means what he says! We need a leader, not a self centered lying thief!

  • john bryan says:

    He will tackle our broken immigration system,he will handle our allies like they should be,and end corruption in congress

  • Darryl Simonson says:

    God has given Donald Trump His mantle likened unto Persian King Cyrus who was not a man of God, but God was able to use and enhance goodness within Cyrus who gave the Israelites their wealth back which had been stolen from them during the 70 year rule of Babylon. Ref. Isaiah 45:1-16. The were also allowed to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls to that city. They repented and God restored them for a season until they became corrupt again. When Jesus came into this world the nation of Israel was under Roman rule. We all know that history repeats itself.
    There are enough people fervently praying over America to once again become the father among nations that God had intended for her since before the American Revolution. Our praying includes God’s protection of Donald Trump as he has a lot of vicious enemies such as JFK did when he exposed the secret societies, shut down the FED and vowed to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, etc. The huge strides made by Donald Trump to surge ahead of his once strong and seemingly formidable opposition is no accident. It was orchestrated by Almighty God who will forgive our wickedness and wrongdoing if seek His face and repent of it according to II Chronicles 7: 14: If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    With all of this said, yes I do and must agree that Donald Trump is America’s next great president.

  • Sharon says:

    Donald Trump loves America and will fight for We The People to protect Our Constitution and Bill of Rights especially Our 2nd Amendment. He will bring jobs back to America and We want our borders protected!!!

  • Sandra Dease says:

    He is the only ONE that understands that we need to shore up our boarders. And we need to get the illegals OUT! I live in California and I can’t find a job. Everywhere I look I see hispanics and middle eastern people. They are all working or they own businesses. Most of them can’t even speak english. I feel bad for the families but they all need to go back. And if we do that maybe they will get the message and won’t come back unless they do it legally. If Trump makes it totally illegal for any business to hire illegals, and not just a little fine, and illegal to rent, illegal to get well fare or medical of any kind they will go back on their own. Most of them and it will cost us nothing to do that. We don’t have to go door to door. In case no one has noticed they are taking over our country. Where must the americans go? I don’t mind sharing but not this way. I just hope he does what he says he will do, with everything. God bless Donald Trump! Either we have a country or we just become a third world country where the people become poor and starving.

  • Dean says:

    True practical patriot untouched of PC, understanding how the world turns around.

  • Steveo says:

    Donald is a businessman with world wide experience. We now are part of a world economy! Hillary has been buried in politics so long, she has no idea what drives this world, or how it works. Donald is very qualified to be our president…!

  • Roxie Austin Brown says:

    States what he believes. Doesn’t need political money to run or win! Can’t be bought. He can learn politics after he’s elected!

  • Arthur says:

    Donald Trump will bring back Jobs , Economy, Security, Help our Veterans, and build our Military.

  • Valentin Abelhouse says:

    Trump is a doer, not talker. We have enough chatters among the life time politicians. And what I love most of all, he dumped the political correctness and talk like a real guy. Way to go, Donald!

  • Walter Konarski says:

    How can anyone even Consider voting for a woman who poses as an American patriot, but has been in favor
    of a New World Order (NWO) ?? That, in itself, is a cause for dismissal of being a candidate for the Presidency
    of the United States !!

  • Greg Richmond says:

    I don’t even know where to begin. In my opinion DT does not even love his country. He has proven this by supporting many progressives that are “hell bent” on destroying the fundamental precepts on which this country was built. And I refuse to except ingnorance as an excuse. DT tried to justify these actions by saying that all business people do this. No Mr Trump! Only people who have no integrity and that are willing to win at any cost. It takes a man of great character to be a great president. DT has shown that he is severely lacking in character.

  • Debra Smith says:

    He knows how to make money, and jobs, he is not afraid to use our military to protect our country!

  • karen kissel says:

    Because President Trump is one of us – we, the people, and he is NOT a puppet run by the political machine! He cannot be bought and he is an AMERICAN through and through! He says the things that we all want to say but do not! HE IS THE TRUMP CARD, THE WINNING HAND AND HE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

  • Martha Shaffer says:

    I don’t like him

  • Kathleen Tate says:

    We need our country back! Our current leadership is so corrupt and slowly trying to overpower the USA, with Socialist values. I grew up in Detroit, Mich. Primarily a Democratic State, with blue collar ethics. People honestly don’t understand or don’t want to understand that the democrats or Progressive as they would like to be referred to are SOCIALIST. I would be embarrassed to call myself one. Our schools are getting away with god knows what these days in there leftist teachings. Someone has got to put a stop to it. I pray to God Donald Trump can do it! He is strong, he loves our country. I believe he is sincere in what he says. It took me a long time to come around to him, because of his brashness. But he has won me over, he’s got my vote. I just don’t know if he can bring back, to us what has taken years to bring down.

  • jim says:

    I worked in Washington and I seen what goes on

  • Karen Marincovich says:

    I believe there is a sincerity to protect country,
    liberty and life. He will strive to insure we are
    and will remain a strong nation under God for which the world will acknowledge.

  • Doug says:

    He is going to make America great again

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