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Donald Trump’s Facebook Ban Is a ‘Total Disgrace’ as Oversight Board Upholds Suspension



Former President Donald Trump Facebook -ss-Featured

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump criticized the decision of Facebook’s Oversight Board to uphold his ban from the platforms owned by the social media giant – Facebook and Instagram. Trump called the decision a “total disgrace” and added that Big Tech companies need to “pay a political price.”

The said board decided to uphold the former president’s ban from the two social media platforms. However, it also said it’s inappropriate for Facebook to impose an indefinite suspension, calling it an “indeterminate and standardless penalty.”

The board then gave the social media giant six months to review the said indefinite ban. It also said in a tweet that Facebook “violated its own rules.”

In a statement following the decision, Trump called the actions of “Facebook, Twitter, and Google” a “total disgrace and an embarrassment” to the nation. The former president also posted this statement on his new communication platform.

Trump also stated these sites took free speech away from him because the “Radical Left Lunatics” fear the truth. However, he added that it will come out eventually, “bigger and stronger than ever before.”

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The former president went on to say that Americans will not tolerate it. He added that these companies need to “pay a political price” and that they must never allow these companies to ruin the country’s electoral process.

Trump’s new platform launched on Tuesday. It’s a platform where he can post comments, photos and images. It also lets his followers share his posts on social media.

Facebook Responds to Oversight Board's Decision on Trump Ban

Meanwhile, Facebook responded to the decision of the board on Wednesday. It said it believes that the decision to ban Trump in January was needed and that it was the right thing to do. It also said that it is pleased the board understood that the decision was justified given the “unprecedented circumstances.”

The social media giant added that it would “consider the board’s decision” and come up with a “clear and proportionate” move.

Facebook said that for now, Trump’s accounts would remain suspended. It also said that it is reviewing the board’s recommendation on how to deal with the accounts of political figures.

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  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Stop using Facebook

  • Bobbi says:

    Censoring because of different opinions especially political IS Political Persecution. The problem with #censoring is once it starts it
    NEVER ends, wait til:
    it’s YOUR #book
    Your manuscript
    Your #movie or video
    Your song
    Your painting
    Your pictures
    Your #music
    Your #art
    Your clothes
    Your tattoos or makeup
    Your views
    Your choices and then they ban what you can eat, drink, smoke, SAY.
    Oh WAIT they’re already doing this insanity. Banning #words soon …

  • Mary says:

    Amen guys!! I haven’t been on FB for 5 years now!! Woot!
    And Trust me..President Trump will find a way!! They can’t keep a good man down. We need to keep standing. Like they always say..“Hold The Line!!!!“
    “Make America Great Again!!“ Never give up.. keep doing what is right!
    Ps..National day of pray tomorrow..Please Pray hard for our Nation, our men and women in harms way, our families, the innocent that are being persecuted for our Lords sake..especially the aborted babies:( pray pray pray

  • Guest says:

    These media site are just afraid of Pres Trump and his supporters. What a shame Trump will find a way.

  • BBA says:

    I have never been on Facebook or twitter and feel I have not missed anything important in my life. My wife used to be a Facebook junky and I warned her a long time ago about how using this social outlet constantly could become a big problem which it did. She’s been off of FB for about a year now and says she’ll never go back.

  • Hatman1793 says:

    T45 has a new communications site: It’s a start.

    Hey, somebody’s got to hold the LeftMedia & His Fraudulencey Mad King Biden* responsible. Trump spells it out, it’s hilarious!

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