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Dwayne Johnson Wants To People’s Elbow The White House



Dwayne Johnson Wants To People's Elbow The White House, see more at:
Dwayne Johnson Wants To People's Elbow The White House (Image: MGN)
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now seriously considering running for president.
  • He claimed that he would have to take “the temperature of the American people,” to see if they would seriously want that.
  • He confessed the consideration during an interview with Good Morning America.

Although, this may seem like a bad scene from the movie Idiocracy, where Terry Cruz comes out as the world's next president, it's not. It's a reality. It's official the professional wrestler turned actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has come forward and said that a potential political career is “very real” to him.

While doing an interview on Good Morning America the host, Michael Strahan, asked about a recent tweet from Johnson. Apparently, his Twitter message said that he would “maybe” run for president one day.

Johnson said, “The idea of me being president one day has become a legit thing to some people.” He went on to say that as “time goes on” he will have to see where the America people sit, or as he said, take the “temperature of the American people.” He concluded with, “If it is a very real, overwhelming, positive, strong, ‘We want you to run for president,’ and if I felt that I can step up to the plate and become a tremendous leader for our country and make a real difference and make change, I would do it.”

If The Rock was to run for president I imagine it to be something like that.

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  • Abel Avalos says:

    The President & Hillary are Un American & Are Ripping our country apart

  • rdy chase says:

    they deserve it !

  • Junieb says:

    Always been a strong role model. Organized strong and little or no scandle.played for u of m,,,,go rock love you

  • charles drake says:

    lets get it on

  • Tina M. Counterman says:

    he couldnt do any worse than Obama already has.

  • tim says:

    why the hell not.he’ll sure as hell do better than any of them now.

  • Rebel Wolf says:

    Being that he is a caring person and he doesn’t take crap from no one, he would make an excellent president. You guys need some one with a cool temper and a strong hand in the white house, something that Hillary and Donald don’t have Hillary is crap and so is Donald neither one of them are worth any thing. I’m Native so I don’t care cause we have our own government and our deficit is 0% while your people is a 7 trillion I think? That says it all. Many people think that because the dollar falls that America falls with it but that statement is not completely true, our dollar will still be worth it here and we are the ones with the most food in the world so think on that for awhile and let it sink in. That even if the dollar falls the world is still gonna need our food, our resources.

  • Robert says:

    Think he’d make a great president

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