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Biden’s Economy Crisis Grows as September Job Report Expectations Fall Short



Biden's Economy Crisis Grows as September Job Report Expectations Fall Short-ss-featured

It seems the economic crisis under the Biden administration will keep going. In September, the U.S. economy saw a 194,000-jobs increase and an unemployment rate fall by 0.4% to 4.8%, according to a report the Labor Department released on Friday.

The figures for September seem to be far worse than the ones for August when the report for that month indicated that 235,000 jobs were created. The August figure has since been revised to 366,000, however.

This slow place of creating jobs took experts by surprise again as they have previously forecasted around 500,000 jobs created. Although, the economy fell short once again.

The figures for jobs created were expected to significantly go up in September as the expanded employment checks provided by the federal government expired.

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However, the report revealed that Americans remain to sit on the sidelines as the COVID-19 Delta variant keeps on spreading.

In September, the labor force participation rate went down to 61.7% from the August rate of 61.8%. Although it remains within the average since the pandemic started.

These numbers revealed that the country’s economy has yet to go back to normalcy as some industries did worse than how they performed in August.

The leisure and hospitality industry saw jobs go up by 74,000, but it did not change much in bars and restaurants.

Meanwhile, manufacturing only saw a 26,000 increase in jobs, which is down from August’s 37,000.

Mining jobs went down to 5,000, which is fewer than August’s 6,000 jobs.

People employed in jobs related to local government public education went down by 144,000, which is unexpected since September happened to be the month education hiring spikes happen as kids go back to school.

Additionally, the health care industry saw employment fall, with jobs in nursing and residential care facilities went down by 38,000 while hospital employment numbers dropped by 8,000.

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  • BBA says:

    What the hell do you expect from these idiots??? ANYONE who thought this moronic administration would do anything but f#@* up this country is a goddamned fool!!!!!! I am OVER pretending to be friends or associate with stupid liberal idiots! YOU voted for this idiotic mess now take a seat and watch the sh!t show along with the rest of us who knew that this was exactly what we were going to get!!!

  • Chas says:

    @BBA….Well said!!!

  • The professor says:

    Dear Jill Biden it’s time that you take sleepy Joe by the hand and tell him to resign … you are his wife you seem like a smart woman you live with him you see what is happening with his dementia and incompetence and tomfoolery …. you can save this country by telling him to resign …. and don’t be afraid we will all be behind you unfortunately we will have to deal with Kamala …. Bring him to your palatial estate in Delaware shit up on the porch in a rocking chair give him a cigar and let him watch the sunrise and the sunset…… you will be doing our country a great service !!!

  • Johnny says:

    the only thng they need to add to biden and his vice , is long ears and a tail , they have already shown us the rest , our gov is corrupt from the white house all the way down , we need to form our own party and kick their asses out . trump if you want my vote you need to form a new party and stop asking people that don’t have money for money and if you want me to ware your hat and fly your flag stop asking for money and just send it ! and stop patting yourself on the back , that looks bad .

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