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Elizabeth Warren Resists Calls to Quit Race After Unending String of Losses

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Elizabeth Warren resists calls to quit race after unending string of losses

Elizabeth Warren was left to ponder the future of her presidential campaign Wednesday after she suffered a near-total electoral wipeout on Super Tuesday — and even finished third in her home state of Massachusetts.

The wonky progressive insists that she plans to fight all the way to the Democratic National Convention in the summer.

But there is no way to sugar coat Warren’s abysmal showing in the presidential race so far — and little realistic hope for a turnaround on the horizon.

Warren, who surged to the top of the pack last summer, struggled to even reach a 15% threshold to win delegates, let alone win states. She is expected to have about 40 pledged delegates.

She was facing calls from across the political spectrum to get out of the race from progressive flamethrowers and Democratic establishment types.

Even President Trump weighed in on her fate, she has “Zero chance.”

“So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race,” Trump tweeted.

Even as calls mounted for her to pull the plug on her campaign, Warren vowed to keep on fighting.

She believes she can register a strong showing in Washington state next Tuesday.

With Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders emerging as dominant front runners, she says it’s important for another major candidate to bring an alternative point of view.

She could also play the role of kingmaker at the convention if Biden and Sanders wind up in a near dead heat and neither one wins a majority of pledged delegates.


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