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Evan McMullin Is Romney’s Latest Anti-Trump Pawn



The Never-Trump crowd is yet again trying to spoil a Donald Trump presidency with a candidate that they think conservatives will get behind.

Evan McMullin has the pedigree that every establishment conservative has dreamed about. He went to BYU, worked for Goldman Sachs, was a CIA agent, and finally a former policy director for the Republican Party. Despite all that, he is still pretty unknown and has never held elected office. He is the perfect patsy to help Republicans like Romney throw this election to Hillary Clinton.

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McMullin has been very vocal on twitter in his attacks on Donald Trump.

In a very unusual manner, Donald Trump has not yet responded to Evan McMullin's run or his personal attacks on Donald Trump.

This is the Romney era establishment Republicans latest effort to derail Donald Trump's run and block a Republican-controlled executive branch. I don't expect McMullin to pull very many votes, but he does give elected Conservatives an alternative placeholder for them to support. A few had already claimed that they would vote for Hillary in November.

Make no mistakes, this election will be rigged against Trump, but not by the Democrats. The Republicans have already given the White House to Clinton.

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  • Valerie Tarantolo says:

    Evans a lawn to the elitist, such as Ryan Romney Actually I think Evan is a shill who should be ashamed of him self

  • Kelly says:

    I disagree because if we don’t unify behind one person then we are going to hand it straight over to Hillary Clinton and do we really want 4 more years of Obama in the White House?

  • cindy says:

    He can not get enough votes to win. I don’t even think he qualifies in many states because it is past the dead line.

  • Eugene Morris says:

    We need to get behind the one that won the nomination unless we want four more years of Obama or worse. Die hards please get onboard.

  • Sue Mihal says:

    He will help to put Hillary in…a vote for anyone BUT Trump will put Hillary/Bill/Obama in the White House…and make the RINO’s very happy…hope they are happy w Supreme Court Justices she will appoint!

  • Don Hughes says:

    This is just a ploy to hand Hillary Clinton the Presidency.

  • Sue Rich says:

    I know why he went to Hillary. The CIA is in bed with Hillary. He probably went to the Trump camp first to learn the best ways to hurt Trump. But what people don’t know, is most of the CIA has an interest in the Clinton Foundation, either monetarily, politically, or radically. The Clintons have their filthy hands in every part of our government. We need to expose the Clinton Foundation, thus exposing the Clintons.

  • CaptTurbo says:

    This is just a RINO plant to make sure thee White House goes to the dark side again.

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