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Election 2016

Everything You NEED To Know For The First Presidential Debate



The fierce head to head battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is here. Ever since the beginning of the election, we have been waiting for these two to face off against each other and now it's happening.

On Monday, September 26th, at Hofstra University in Hempstead New York, Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News will step on stage with Donald and Hillary and begin the debate of a lifetime. The format of the debate will be six fifteen minute segments that will discuss topics that the moderator has chosen. Each candidate, once given the floor, will get two minutes to respond to the questions. Then the two candidates can debate over the topics for the remainder of the allotted time.

The topics were released last Monday by Lester Holt. The topics are:

    • Achieving Prosperity
    • Securing America
    • America's Direction
    • Economy
    • National Security

Other topics could be added to include questions that are relevant to current world affairs.

This debate could either make or break the stronghold that either Trump or Hillary has over their voters. It could be the deciding factor on who will be the next President of the United States.

Trump has no problem debating, in fact, he enjoys it, so I can imagine him being overly prepared and excited for Monday. Hillary may not be as good at Trump when it comes to debating but she is a master of deflection. She knows how to answer a question without truly answering it which could either help or hurt her in this situation.

Both candidates need to accomplish a few things if they hope to move forward as the next President. There are some positives and negatives, for both, as well when it comes to the topics that were selected.


Donald Trump has three major topics for the debate that he is strong on. Achieving Prosperity, Securing America, and National Security. He has been promoting these things religiously through his entire campaign.

First, with Achieving Prosperity, he is going to discuss how he has accumulated a small fortune for himself. He is a businessman, he knows how to handle money. This most likely will be a big handle for him, convincing the people that when it comes to the prosperity of America he is the man for the job. He might tie it into the Economy topic as well.

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However, this is the topic that he needs to be cautious with. Although, yes he has had success in business, he has also had massive failures. He has filed for bankruptcy more than a few times, and you can bet that Hillary will bring this up. Hillary can also claim success for soaring economy in the 90s when she was first lady, so she might have a leg up on him on that one.

The next two topics, Securing America and National Security, will be the driving force of Donald's debate. These two things alone have been the engine to his presidential campaign. He will most likely bring up building the wall at the southern border, and if he doesn't Hillary will. He will focus on banning immigrants from entering the country until we have identified a way to screen them properly.

Trump's not a dumb man. He understands that the state of the country, at the moment, is chaos and fear. If he can get the people behind him and his plans to “Make America Safe Again,” he could end up with a win.


There are also three topics that Hillary is most likely going to hold on to through the duration of the debate. The Economy, America's Direction, and National Security are most likely going to be her strong suits.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, was someone who reversed our countries deficit in the 90s. She has already named him as the man who would be in charge of our economy if she were to become the next President. That right there is already encouragement to the taxpayers who either remember Bill Clinton as president or remember hearing about him.

In regards to America's Direction Hillary has worked side by side with President Barack Obama and her main focus was foreign affairs. During this time of war in the world the idea of having someone in the Oval Office who already has connections with foreign leaders may be a positive thing. The people involved in the military, whether they like her or not, may be willing to put their vote behind someone who at least understands the bare communications between foreign countries.

America's Direction will then, most likely, be tied into National Security. Again, Hillary Clinton has experience. She knows what it's like to negotiate and deal with other countries. Her experience alone will be something that she uses against Donald Trump during the debates.

Each candidate has a lot to offer at the debates and if they can shy away from their weaker categories they just might have a chance to come out on top.

In the end, Donald Trump needs to give clear details while remaining calm and collected. On the other side, Hillary must appear likeable and desirable as a candidate while not dodging questions about her past as she is known to do.

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