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More Evidence On Why We Need Stricter Immigration Laws



Unaccompanied Alien Child this is a part of our Border Policy that allows Unaccompanied alien children apprehended by the DHS to the care and custody of ORR.

This policy leaves these “minors” in the US right where they can be a burden to us the Taxpayers.

Well, the exact problem with this policy reared its ugly head as a member of MS-13 tried to sneak into the US as part of a group of 61 illegal immigrants.

He claimed to be underage and just seeking refuge.

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Thankfully agents pressed him during the interviews, and he eventually cracked and told the truth. But this all happened after he was nabbed deep into Arizona. Had he not been caught we would have had another violent gang member loose on our streets.

What will it take to show the left we have a real border problem. Even if the majority of those crossing the border are good, hardworking people don’t we have a duty to the citizens that are here legally to keep them safe?

And how many gang members weren't caught and are here causing havoc?  Something needs to happen…

Let us know where you stand and what you think we should do below…

More Evidence Of This Terrible Situation

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The Bad:

The Ugly:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • This also justifies our right to protect our families. That is one of the reasons to keep the second Amendment.
    Let’s say you are approached one of these gang members. They decide to harm you. The police hear about the gang or one of there members knowing about these people the officer decide not to respond or protect you. Guess what you are on your own.
    Bottom line it is not required to protect you because they are PEACE OFFICERS.

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