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Exposed, Hillary’s Lies Caught On Film



I know I've been posting a lot of anti-Hillary Clinton videos lately, but this one is the best yet. It is a MUST WATCH.

Now, it is a little long at 13 minutes, but it is worth every second of watching video proof of Hillary's constant and non-stop lies.

The fact that the media gave Donald Trump so much hate for his “lies” and let Hillary slip is appalling. This woman hasn't said an honest word in 30 years! Yet, she stands a likely chance of being the next President of the United States.

How this woman can survive in the digital age, where every lie is captured, is a mystery to me.

This video covers her lies on gay marriage, political leanings, email scandal, wall street bailout (blamed homeowners), universal health care, being shot at in Bosnia, and finally NAFTA.

Watch how she flip-flops on every issue with the ease of a used car salesmen (I apologize to used car salesmen for the comparison). Some of these aren't even different times, it is her literally telling one group one thing, then going across town and telling something completely different to a different crowd.

This video is long, but it still only scratches the surface of Hillary Clinton's dangerous delusion. She is a pathological liar, hellbent on taking the White House and saying anything she needs to accomplish that goal.

I can think of no one worse as president. #NeverHillary

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  • Name says:


  • Charlie says:

    She is telling a lie just as she does most of the time.

  • Chuck Frantzen says:

    Hillary Clinton is 100% Liar.No Doubt.She is a 100% Obama Suckup.We already know that.At least you have A 50/50 chance Trump may at least do something right for this country.Hillary will say anything to become President.This country is doomed if she gets in office. Thanks from Your Friendly Vietnam Vet,Chuck

  • Name says:

    She lie’s, and more and lie’s. She doesn’t know the meaning of truth, She is a total disgrace in the eye’s of the American people in the know.

  • Frank Franco says:

    Of course she lies, she can’t stand on truth.

  • Terry swinney says:

    She has no idea how to say anything but lies since she has no idea what the truth really is.

  • Stephanie says:

    The question I ask is why are you hounding her she is eloquent in her speech, holds herself with pride, speaks with conviction. Occasionally we all have a moment when we have to fill a sentence when cannot recall the necessary information so we will ad lib stop tearing her apart, it is a reflection on yourself. Quite often when a person has a highly functional intellect and a certain style of personality they see things in a dramatic way, not lying just living the moment as they see it

  • Edweard says:

    Che is for gay people

  • Dick says:

    Been listening to her for over 30 yrs and she lies like a rug. Everything that comes from her mouth in some way has a lie somewhere in it. If left unchecked she will destroy American.

  • jack copper says:

    she has shone herself to be a proponet of big business/ wall street and do whatever she pleases to do dispite the law of the land the military needs over what is convient for her and not adress the requirement of our lives and our contuitionalrights. The clintons ” slush fund”has accepted money from arab terrorist nations.she has lied under oath,,,,

  • steven says:


  • ralph cirillo says:

    liar not fit to run this country.

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