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Facebook Explains How Their Fact-Checking Program Works



Asian Young Woman Holds Apple iPhone 7 with Facebook Application on the Screen | Facebook Explains How Their Fact-Checking Program Works | Featured

Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said the website should not serve as the arbiter of truth. With many expecting social media websites to remove false information, Facebook has partnered with independent, third-party fact-checkers. The company uses algorithms and human employees to identify fake news or false information.

“Since we do not believe that a private company like Facebook should be the arbiters of truth, we rely on independent fact-checkers to identify and review potential misinformation, which enables us to take action,” the company said.

Facebook then explained that they identify potential false information with various signals. Their fact-checking partners can also proactively identify content on their own.

“For example, we use feedback from our users who flag content they see in their News Feed as being potentially false. We also look at other user patterns, like people commenting and saying that they don’t believe a certain post,” the company said.

The second step is for fact-checkers to review and rate the accuracy of stories through original reporting. “There are several rating options that third-party fact-checkers can apply to content. If content is rated False, Partly False or False Headline, we take action on that content,” Facebook also mentioned.

Third, they also ensure that fewer people see that misinformation “by surfacing fact-check articles to users across our platforms and showing labels on top of false stories.”

Facebook has recently received a lot of criticism for not fact-checking posts from President Trump. The company has since updated some of its policies.

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