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Facebook’s Liberal Agenda Exposed



Earlier this week a major news story broke about Facebook. It turns out that everyone’s favorite social media outlet has been purposely killing news stories by known conservative sites and personalities while at the same time promoting stories that fit their agenda.

First, it came to light that they were using independent news curators to comb through all of the trending stories and pick the ones that they liked best. That doesn’t seem so bad until you factor in that most of these curators are in their early to mid-twenties and fresh out of liberal arts colleges.

Is it any wonder they are burying popular conservative news?

Even Facebook understands the perceived (and actual) bias of these curators and made sure to not advertise their existence, asking them to not even tell people that they worked for Facebook. Instead, they wanted you to believe that they had a computer algorithm deciding what goes to the top. If conservative news doesn’t make it, well then it must be because it’s not popular.

Complete and utter BS!

This whole story has exposed a glaring hole in the platform that so much of the world uses to get its news. There are millions of people who will never see a story unless it shows up on their Facebook feed.

Before I go into more detail I’ll preface this with how Facebook is a private entity and is within their rights to censor any content.

However, Facebook is only as strong as their active customer list and if people lose faith in the company and move away from their platform then Facebook will have dealt themselves a serious blow. On the other hand, they may experience no backlash and therein lies some of the problems with our current internet age.

The internet was supposed to make knowledge freer. To take away the gatekeepers of the news and allow the public unlimited access to the truth.

Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the other way. Instead, of the utopia of knowledge, we have a digital dystopia of bias and propaganda.

We have become slaves to the new gatekeepers that are Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many others whom we depend upon for our news. Twitter’s perceived bias has cost them dearly in users and trust. Google has helped China cover up Tiananmen Square and other stories that the state didn’t want their citizens to see. Now, Facebook is burying conservative news while forcing other stories to the top focus of their users.

This is a huge problem when we think about the need for freedom of speech and how the companies are no longer beholden to the constitution as private entities.

Again, this is dangerous when we consider how so much of today’s news is copied and shared from social media platforms. This is just as true for modern journalists, who no longer do organic research and instead opt to base their stories on whatever is trending that day.

In Gizmodo’s article on Facebook they interview former curators for Facebook who talked about a poll that circulated asking how they could beat Trump. It makes sense, Donald Trump’s fans are every bit as much on Facebook as Bernie Sander and Hillary Clinton supporters, but I only see their stories and never his. Why is that if not by design?

Here is a video by Milo Yiannopoulos calling out Mark Zuckerburg and challenging him to a debate on the issue.

Another major problem is stories they promote. In a Forbes article, there is talk of how the curators pushed stories to the top of trending like BlackLivesMatter, which they felt weren’t getting the traction they should. So the curators made it trending to be seen by hundreds of millions of people until the movement could properly take off.

They reportedly did the same thing for the Syrian conflict. Every time it died down, they would ramp up support for it.

Finally, Facebook is very self-serving in their censorship. Any story that is critical of them they simply delete from the public’s eye. Is a story positive for Twitter or one of their competitors? Well, that gets snuffed out as well. Too critical of Facebook for too long? You run the risk of losing your whole page.

Gizmodo’s story was big news, covered by most news outlets. Yet you wouldn’t know it by reading the week’s trending news stories.

Again, this is within their legal right, but it is misleading when they masquerade as a neutral source you can trust. They are anything but neutral or trustworthy.

In one of the leaked memos from Facebook’s curators, you can see several news agencies listed on the blacklist, one of them was Steven Crowder’s

Crowder wrote on his blog back in February about how he could tell that Facebook had been censoring his posts. This has been an ongoing problem and it is fortunate that it is FINALLY brought to light.

I won’t go into great detail about Steven Crowder’s fight with Facebook, which you can read about here. But he is pursuing legal action against them.

Here is a bonus video of Milo talking to the White House press secretary about the problems with Facebook’s censorship

In the end, this will probably have little ramifications for Facebook and most of their users will probably never know or care that this is even happening. But it does bring to light the importance of questioning what you are told and doing your own research.

Stay vigilant out there!


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  • Brenda says:

    The popular opinion should never be sure she’d or sensor ed just because it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda!



  • Alma Mercado says:

    I motice a lot of My
    Posts are not se en not do i ser manual post i know they are there .

  • Who cares,it’s blue

  • Harry McCullough says:

    Because Facebook has also censored me by blocking my account for supporting conservative values,as well as a conservative candidate in the primaries.

  • Lorin Cooper says:

    Facebook is run by a bunch of socialists spouting their liberal agenda and getting rich from the very things they claim to condemn. Basically a bunch of Hypocrites. They cannot debate intelligently so they major in impugning the integrity of their opponents. That is not dialogue that is dictatorship.

  • H. Richard Wisneski says:

    A lot of my post are removed,unwanted censorship

  • William Miller says:

    I’ve made MANY posts to Facebook only to find out they were never posted! Vaping is a popular interest of mine and I TRY to post pro vaping material but it miraculously never shows up! CENSORSHIP!!!

  • Pat Stumpf says:

    Absence of conservative issues discussion/articles posted. It stresses the importance of having more than one news source.

  • John says:

    I agree, but let’s be real. I contend that the majority of the voting public have no idea where this country is headed, and usually
    vote for the most corrupt candidate running
    for office. Getting worried about Facebook
    is the least of our problems. Unless Trump
    exposes Hillary Clinton for the fake she really
    is, this country is in real trouble.

    • Reggie 1 says:

      The problem is that the sheep will read how wonderful killery is, and vote for her because FB said so.

  • Anne Hanlon says:

    i left Facebook shortly after I applied but it took years before they would allow me to leave

  • Jo says:

    Facebook should not have the right to MAKE us see certain things! Let us see everything and make up our own minds!

  • Cliff says:

    I do NOT use facebook at all because of things that I have heard. It is just yet another arm of the CORRUPT Obama Government.
    There has been News articles written about some people that were being “investigated”, all the Investigators had to do was go on their facebook page and they got all they needed from reading their “posts”. If this isn’t a “tell” what Is?

  • Jon Exner says:

    I do not use facebook for two reasons, first as stated they are one sided and push the progressive side too much.
    Anyone who opposes the one world government, borderless countries, unfettered immigration and accepts that fact that American citizenship no longer is meaningful keep giving your money to the little twerp Zucherberg, he supports all of the above. If you are a patriotic American citizen that values our country and its citizenship you do not mean anything to him.

  • Susan says:

    It is not as common to see conservative or Republican posts. I feel bombarded with the nasty liberal posts. I have always thought something wrong and this proves it.

  • Garry says:

    fb has been doing this to me, for several years now, when i make a comment about Hillary clinton they remove what i said, and they also blocked me from making a comment for over a month, they block things that the Democrats don’t like anyone to post about guns,free speach, gay’s ,just what ever left doesn’t like,and about King Obama.and it goes on and on,””’

  • George M. says:

    There have been many instances when I wish to watch a conservative leaning video.
    I then get a message saying because of
    “Settings”, this is not possible. I know it’s B.S. and so too, does Facebook. I never seem to have “setting” problems with socialist re. Liberal videoed.

  • USPatriotOne says:

    Dump facebook, pure Communist/NWO/Liberals and sign-up to “”. They look just like facebook but have NO restrictions on content and does not track their online users or post..!!! Facebook hates them!

  • Samuel DeCroes says:

    Facebook is surely the main(only) news source for countless young people who are being deprived of the values that have made America great (work ethic, love of God and family, US Constitution, Bill of Rights,etc.)

  • April says:

    Absolutely. I have been put in FB jail. I see that conservative stories disappear frequently. Many posts suddenly can’t be shared.

  • Mary Ellen White says:

    Friends and I on facebook have discussed this for many months–we noticed if we mention the illegal president, radical or worse groups, etc our screen would go blank or it would not take our comments.

    There are web sites, Christian Conservatives, Patriot Powered News, News Max and many more where we get our news.

    Here in SE Colorado we are in a battle for our very lives against the DOD–they want to take 7 million more acres (they took 235,000+ acres already) for expansion of a military site, Pinion Canyon Maneuver Site. They have decimated what they took and it is terrible with the dust storms and air pollution, needless to say they muse millions of gallons of water a day. When we discuss this on FB or by phone or e-mail the phone or computer go off and won’t work!!

    So you see it isn’t only FB–it is the whole government!!

  • Slick says:

    Since when do people go to Facebook for their news source ? Looking for news source look else where. 95% of most things posted on Facebook is pure bullshit and totally unreliable source. Kind of like looking at wikipedia for straight facts. Unreliable source there too.

  • John says:

    Why is it that some posts on fb are censured for foul or abusive language, the contributers blocked for days or longer, and others continue? Is fb run by leftist liberal commie cry-babies, with selective censuring?

  • Leza says:

    I’ve had conservative info that were posted to my page removed. Now, I rarely am up on fb.

  • LEEANNE Williams says:

    I have posted several posts about conservative opinions and have not seen them up. Also my mother’s account was suspended for the post savour God and conservative natured posts.

  • Evan Seelye says:

    Facebook DOES censor posts.. they’ve done it to me.. some posts I’ve made simply “disappear”.. But remember.. Facebook is only a Social Media – NOT A CREDIBLE NEWS SOURCE. It’s for opinions.. ONLY

  • I Ira kozak says:

    Posts are not often seen by friends that belI’ve in the same things that I do. I also don’t see others posts that I have requested to follow.
    Friends and random pages.

  • Lori Drew says:

    It couldn’t be more obvious. Facebook and Yahoo both feature predominantly favorable liberal subjects and news, while portraying conservatives in negative way.

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    Anything Facebook can do to stop the spread of the Evil perpetrated by the Right-wingnuts is perfectly acceptable!!! We don’t need more hate, discrimination, and the handing over of this Country and it’s People to the Wealthy Corporate Bastards who OWN the Republican Party!!!!

  • Name says:

    They are always removing something that they don’t like

  • j kiem says:

    1. FB never claimed to be a news source. Their success in attracting attention doesn’t alter the nature of their rights to free speech. What’s next? SNL? CSPAN? Fox News? Comedy Central?
    2. Even if they did, the market should decide, not Congress.
    3. This is a First Amendment issue. No one is forcing anyone to get their news from FB.

  • Jim Rose says:

    The liberal agenda needs to be purged if this news/social media icon intends to maintain its
    member-/reader-ship. I sign off right now until I see evidence of change.

  • arr says:

    You and I know there are only 2 fixes for this!

    Boycott is the first!

  • Kent Korver says:

    Liberals and all obummer cronies have lots of money from the America haters world wide,

  • James E HOLLERS says:

    The CEO of facebook and most of there higher uppies think they are above the people that use facebook for a news out let. I believe they are lower than dung lying on the ground and they probability smell as bad too. The only good thing is they will get what is coming to them in the end of time not their time but GODS time. You only reap what you sow.

  • James E HOLLERS says:

    The CEO of facebook and most of there higher uppies think they are above the people that use facebook for a news out let. I believe they are lower than dung lying on the ground and they probability smell as bad too. The only good thing is they will get what is coming to them in the end of time not their time but GODS time. You only reap what you sow.

  • Raul Meruelo says:

    Not only does Facebook suppresses right news, but they also suspend and attack every one who expresses their disgust with the homosexual agenda, the transgender agenda, Obama and his cronies, and everything that stands up against the destruction of our nation

  • joanne says:

    Facebook has always been very bias to lefties and want-a-be’s. I will never use it again.

  • Lisa McDonald says:

    I post alot of Conservative posts many of which are not seen,and anti muslim posts as well none of those are seen at all! Mark was paid millions by the muslims to edit all anti muslim posts! MARK Z. IS ANTI AMERICAN GREED IS IS BIGGEST DOWNFALL!MANY FOLKS ARE DELETING FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS GOING to twitter and other social media sites

  • joseph anthony says:

    ive been banned 3 times off facebook for 24 hrs each time , for posting 4 muslims hanging , caption says islamic wind chimes.. i get post of islamic people burning kids, killing dogs, beheadings, shootings , saying death to christains , death to america . even treating their going to take over our country, all this is ok for facebook to keep on posting, but i put a picture in a commits slot ,wammie i get 24 hrs ban from posting or chating or commenting, but the muslims post continue . same with obamas postings too, facebook is one sided , and leans toward liberals ..

  • Jim Brown says:

    The TRUTH is ALWAYS good enouth!

  • Randolph Chin-Quee says:

    I go to face book to connect to like minded individuals that share my perspective in todays agenda and of course anything that I post on face book I have noticed that if they don’t like what I say about the liar Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama they eighter change what I typed or they don’t post it and that makes them a hypocrite and paid off by the Obama administration of liars and corruption just like the mafia only the mafia gangsters are transparent and Obama’s are non transparent corrupt and made up stories to fit their agenda to deceive us on knowing the truth which I personnally don’t believe and have never listened to the liar as every word uttered from his mouth is eighter a lie or made up because he is a terrorist but you don’t see that because you still believe he is going to unite all blacks and do away with blacks fighting with white people well that’s not going to happen as his main agenda is for the terrorists to win their made up God’s war to kill everyone that won’t denounce their religion that they love God and will not bow down to their wishes and in the end they will fail in their mission just like Obamacare is failing each and every day because it’s made up with lies and corruption and crooks in the Obama cindicate or should I say mafia bosses maybe you should have contacted the mafia to help you steal from the citizens but not you dumb asses you are so full of it and soon you will drown it your own shit.

  • diane belanger says:

    this is freedom of speech for everyone .Its not right to pick and choose .The news have always been democrat and they get away with it . not right

  • howard weinstein says:

    I am a Conservative!!

  • Kay Bentley says:

    Don’t think things that are posted stay posted or are shared with friends, and or outside sources either.


    I have been ‘banned’ from posting three times- first 1 day- then 3 days- then 7 days. All because ‘they say’ I posted something that is ‘against their policy’ ?? The quote(s) they are not of any context that would be seen as racist or against ‘policy’. So I’m very inclined to believe that Facebook is ‘pro’ Hillary because of financial gains directly from the Clinton Foundation- or because of their own agenda. The format for public opinion is no longer what Facebook is all about. Censorship is the order of the day !!!!

  • Allen Branch says:

    Too many “News” outlets are actually “Propaganda” for one group or another–this is wrong but not likely to change soon-unfortunately.

  • John Wirts says:

    Facebook has blocked my account 4 times, they claim malware and demand I download and run THEIR MALWARE Program before they will unblock my account. I complied 3 times, no more they either unblock and stop blocking my account and SCREW THEIR “MALWARE PROGRAM” or delete my account entirely!

  • Dr Charles Waldron says:

    when one gets 300 Likes for a picture, but 5 Likes for a Truthful Political Post.. something’s Very WRONG!

  • Dan Nedwick says:

    Facebook and its founder, Zukerburg like Hollywood and Liberal Universities have NO fear that their progressive positions will alienate anyone. WE should start to boycott not only Facebook but also Hollywood actors that take perverse progressive positions.

  • Steven Hyde says:

    Zukerburg was & still is an agent of the CIA, so it’s no surprise Facebook censors the mail, it was set up to spy on everyone to start with. Personally I have as little to do with Facebook as possible, but then I don’t use any social media much.

  • Ernest richards says:

    It’s bullshit started by the racist right

  • PAUL says:

    No one has a right to censor another’s view if you disagree just ignore and go on

  • Terry Swinney says:

    They have blocked some items that should be widely viewed and allow people to make up their minds rather than only see the liberal side of things.

  • Terry Swinney says:

    The block things that should be widely accepted and available but they lean so far left they can’t be bothered. If there was a true alternative maybe people would leave Facebook.

  • Larry Ashmore says:

    it sounds like to me that facebook wont’s to take away our freedom of speech

  • DUKE says:

    Ultra Left, anti-American, socialist / communist. Not ‘liberal’ which actually refers to being tolerant, understanding, kind, generous, giving, genteel, and fair. All exactly the opposite of Zuck and the other Omarxist minions and idiot zombies who not only don’t know how good they have it in The U. S. of A., they are insanely doing everything they can to end it all.

  • DianeRivenbark says: might be another alternative site. NSA has already alerted us to Facebook and Twitter problems. Now I have to go to Conservative sites that would ordinarily come my way. This is an inconvenience and travesty!

  • Rosalie Siri says:

    I have had occasion to WANT to send something thru and it has been denied.

  • Teresa Root says:

    I’ve noticed there are very little anti-Clinton posts and hundreds of Trump hate posts.

  • Mark says:

    There have been numerous instances when I wanted to view something on Facebook that was against Obama and I could not watch it because ever advertisements kept popping up and no matter what you did you could not get to the article to watch it.

  • Name says:

    There are always two sides(voices) to be heard, unfortunately I am only hearing one side! I need to hear from the other side before I make any harsh criticism about anyone!

  • David says:

    There is no doubt that those running facebook are censoring content and not allowing the free flow of information.

  • nicole says:


  • Ray K says:

    The “liberals” in the media, colleges, political groups, should spend some time reading Russian history. A good start would be the Gulag Archipelago, written by Aleksandr L. Solzhenitsyn. He describes the takeover of Russian government by the Bolsheviks, who morphed into Socialists, then Communists. Ironically, the first people targeted by the Russian tyrants were journalists, professors, intellectuals and writers of all stripes. They were considered dangerous to the state and were imprisoned, tortured, executed or confined to prison for decades. It all began by taking away all rights of the citizenry, by fiat. It began by insisting that all citizens follow the dictates of the state, with no options. It appears today that some liberal groups want everyone to agree with them, or else.
    Try reading the book and decide whether current liberal groups want you to accept their dictates,. or else.

  • Jeanie says:

    If they are going to be a Site for the public, then they should have to treat everyone the same. They can’t censor news from all skinny people, or all fat people, or all brown people, or well, you get my point. If they want to censor, then have their site only for –in this case, just Democrats!

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