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Finally: Former President Trump Plans to Bring Back MAGA Rallies



Former President Donald Trump-Finally Former President Donald Trump Plans to Bring Back MAGA Political Rallies -ss-Featured

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to bring his “Make America Great Again” rallies back, according to a source familiar with the matter.

A CNN report even said that the former president may bring back these political rallies as early as May.

Starting in 2015, Trump has conducted record-setting political rallies. There, his supporters can express their enthusiasm for the former president’s political agenda. His supporters also celebrate his inclination and courage to speak in a politically incorrect manner in the said rallies.

Many expect Trump to come up as the focus of the opposition to President Joe Biden’s agenda, as well as to GOP members who have distanced themselves from the party following the 2020 elections.

These rallies would provide the former president with a political platform, despite the fact that he has yet to announce whether he would run for president once more in 2024.

Trump revealed that he is looking at the matter “very seriously” in a recent interview. However, he said he doesn’t want to talk about it yet from a legal standpoint.

On Wednesday, while talking to Dan Bongino, Trump said that he would conduct another political rally “soon.”

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  • David Hasterock says:

    OH MY GOD, THIS IS GREAT. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. I will back Trump like never before. This last rally I went to here there was over 5 to 7 thousand people who showed up at last minute.

  • Elizabeth McVicker says:

    I was in a few rally’s myself and I’ve organized several police rally’s where the chief of police Michael Moore came personally. I have another one coming up in June and it will be my biggest one yet.
    I do plan on organizing a Trump rally next month. #maga#backtheblue

  • Charles says:

    this is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! The big and powerful internet jerks won’t be able to muzzle him now. Take America Back in 22 and 24!

  • Mary says:

    Woooo hoooo!! Amen!! Thank you Lord!
    I went to one of his GA rallies too…So awesome!! I have never felt the love for our country like I do at his rallies ..Can’t get any more American then that!
    He maybe a little kurt ..but he loves God..our country and the American people ..that’s good enough for me!! I’m In!!! Woooo hoooo!!!

  • Chas says:

    Nice…need something to counter balance that puppet in the Whitehouse. The other day, biden tells the Media he might get in trouble if he answers to many questions.!
    You gotta wonder just who is running the show. It sure is not joe!

  • Larry says:

    Wow. The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results. Epstein GUILTY zioTrumpy is the same SWAMP we’ve had. He supports our REAL ENEMY Israel who DID 911, Epstein, ISIS and USS Liberty to name a few. Epstein GUILTY zioTrumpy and Q didnt save ya! in fact Trump INSTALLED Sessions, Barr and Wray when WE all KNEW what deep state GARBAGE THEY WERE AND ARE! Some 4D CHESS PLAYER. Dont fall for it AGAIN.. He also supported Bill Gates GAVI group and gave Boris LOCKDOWN Johnson lotsa praise. THIS IS A CONMAN who giftwrapped TRAITOR Jonathan Pollard to Israel and pardoned all his ISRAELI CROOK friends while setting up Julian ASSANGE for arrest. WHAT A P0S!

  • Larry says:


  • Mary says:

    Wake up people !!! forget about dogging President Trump! How can you even compare the 2? It’s like night against day!! Ugh! The enemy is already in the gate guys and it’s name is CHINA!! So wake up ..stand up and focus on how to keep our country free.. We The People!!
    President Trump isn’t perfect and neither are we..He worked very hard against the enemy.. And I pray he still will!! He loves our country and the American people. But the radical left hate our country.. and it is quite obvious! I would love to see the no sayers do better!!!! China is running our country guys so focus harder on getting our country back before it’s to late
    God Bless Us All and Heal our Country please Lord.

  • America first says:

    Trump needs support from the Senate and the House Republican’s as well as those that aren’t working with the Devil but want to Get America back great again!!!! STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY PEOPLE.

  • Scott says:

    We need President Trump back.

  • Anonymous says:


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