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First Brick Laid In Making America Great Again



  • Donald Trump is officially the Republican Presidential Nominee.
  • He has received the 1,237 delegate votes that are needed to officially claim the title.
  • He is still behind Hillary in national polls, but he is biting at her heels and still has a chance of clinching the win.
  • The reality TV star is truly going for the gold to “make America great again.”

There is no need to put the word “presumptive” in front of Donald Trump's title anymore. The Republican party has placed their bets on the man who will lead them to the White House. That man is Donald Trump.

That's right. The reality TV star, with no political experience, is taking America's political scene by storm. A roll-call vote at the Republican National Convention placed Trump in the driver seat of a speeding presidential campaign.

Anti-Trump supports lost their minds at the convention, scurrying about the floor like cockroaches in a bright room. Some left the floor to see if they could remove themselves from their states vote to vote against the then “presumptive” nominee. Their efforts, obviously, were in vain. Trump reached the 1,237 delegates vote and placed himself onto the throne of the Republican party.

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Donald Trump, Jr. made this special event a family affair. New York had passed its turn, in the earlier stages of the vote, so they could be the one to send Trump over the threshold with votes. So, as it came time for New York to announce their vote, Trump, Jr. announced his victory with an additional “Dad, we love you.”

Trump may be the unlikely winner, but he predicted this all along. In April, while in Albany, he said, “We’re going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning.”

Although Trump seemed to have started off his campaign on rocky ground with controversial statements about Hispanics and women, it gave him constant media attention. Just like the old saying goes “any publicity is good publicity.” He used his constant media coverage to stay in the limelight of the American people, which clearly worked to his advantage.

Trump started his campaign by saying that he was going to be, “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” He has focused a lot on the economy, and tying the economy into immigration. Apparently, when he said he was going to “make America great again,” he truly believed it.


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