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Ben Carson Sends Hillary Back To Hell



Watch Ben Carson give his speech during the end of the night at the Republican National Convention on day 2.

DR.Ben Carson is no politician, he is a Christian, a doctor, and an academic. He is a smart, god-fearing man who was sick and tired of standing on the sidelines and watching this country descend into madness. I have nothing, but respect for the man.

He was quicker than most of the other candidates to drop out, despite his early strong showing in the primaries. He weighed and measured the other candidates running and landed on Donald Trump as the best choice for this nation's future.

However, his support of Donald Trump is only one-half of the solution. The other is keeping Hillary out of the White House at all costs.

“It won't just be four or eight years, she will be appointing people who will have an effect on us for generations and American may never recover from that.”

Ben Carson goes on to talk about Hillary's hero, Saul Alinsky, and his love of Lucifer who he credits as the first radical that claimed his own kingdom.

According to Dr. Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton is literally a satanist and honestly, her actions support that claim. She is a supremely dangerous woman that cannot be allowed to enter the White House.

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  • Jay Miller says:

    2nd thes:2/10-12

  • Joseph Finn says:

    Because Hiliary is a power hungry, murdering, 2nd amendment hating, money grubbing, race baiting lying white trash

  • Patsy Jennings says:


  • Gerald says:

    Because he told the truth, he told the American people what crooked Hilliary really was and still is and always will be!!!

  • Bella says:

    Fantastic! Absolutely right and so insightful! We do need to rise up and take back our country. The Democrats are taking God out of everything and allowing Islam to move in with open arms. It was also enlightening on where she gets so much evil. She is a total hypocrite who screams accusation that fits her not the Republicans she accuses. Great job Dr. Carson, amazing that you connected her to the evil that explains her behavior to a tee.

  • Perry says:

    She is a Laire

  • Joe says:

    Because the country to which my parents brought me by escaping from communism is being trampled on and it is like a dagger twisting in my heart…….

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