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Florida Senate Approves Bill Nixing Disney’s Self-Govern Status



Entrance of Walt Disney World near Orlando | Florida Senate Approves Bill Nixing Disney’s Self-Govern Status | featured

On Wednesday, the Florida Senate approved a bill removing the special self-govern status enjoyed by the Walt Disney Company. The state awarded this special arrangement over 50 years. However, Florida is currently feuding with Disney over a recently-passed parental rights law.

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Florida Senate Revokes Reedy Creek Improvement Act

New and old Florida state government building at Tallahassee, Florida, USA | Florida Senate Revokes Reedy Creek Improvement Act

In a margin of 23-16, the Republican-dominated state Senate passed the bill voiding the Reedy Creek Improvement Act.

This law, signed by Governor Claude Kirk in 1967, gave Disney its self-governing power over its huge Orlando property. Currently, the land houses the sprawling 25,000-acre Disney World entertainment park.

Back then, Orange and Osceola counties did not have the means to support a huge project such as Disney World.

Disney then lobbied the local government to create the Reedy Creek Act, which created a special taxing district composed of these two counties. In addition, the law allowed Disney to act as its own government in developing its park. 

DeSantis Calls on Florida Senate To Remove Disney’s Self-Govern Status

The Florida Senate’s passage of the new bill came the day after the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis called on lawmakers to strip Disney’s special status.

Consequently, the state Senate immediately took up the matter, which ended in a vote to remove Disney’s special status. He also said that he doesn’t support “special privileges in law” as a matter of principle.  

Earlier, DeSantis feuded with woke Disney management opposing Florida’s HB 1555, or the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The new law prohibits classroom instructions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

It only applies to students in the third grade and below. Upon passage of the so-called  “Don’t Say Gay” law, Disney issued a statement condemning it.

“The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law, Disney said.  

“Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts,” Disney said. “We remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that. We are dedicated to standing up for the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ members,” it added.  

DeSantis Doubles Down on Don’t Say Gay Law

Meanwhile, DeSantis remains committed to the implementation of HB 1557. Recent polling suggests that the law is popular in Florida, including among Democratic voters.

“Look, there’s policy disputes, and that’s fine,” DeSantis said. “But when you're trying to impose a woke ideology on our state, we view that as a significant threat. This wokeness will destroy this country if we let it run unabated. So in Florida, we take a very big stand against that,” he declared.

Additionally, DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw said that Florida wasn’t retaliating against Disney with the new Senate bill.

She said that it’s natural for governments to pass legislation that evens the playing field for all corporations. “It was unfortunate that Disney decided to wade into a political debate and attempt to overturn a common-sense law,” she said.

As such, the law went through the Senate in a straightforward manager and enjoyed support from Florida citizens. “In fact, it was Disney that ‘retaliated’ by publicly vowing to ‘repeal’ or have the law ‘struck down,” Pushaw said. 

Watch the Yahoo Finance news video reporting that Florida Senate passes bill to eliminate Disney special status:

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What do you think of the Florida Senate’s approved bill removing Disney’s special status? Also, do you think that this is a retaliatory tactic by the state? Alternatively, do you think that Disney had it coming for a long time?

Tell us what you think. Share your comments below.  

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  • David whitford says:

    What would Florida do if Disney world decided to close and move somewhere else because of Florida’s stupid decision

  • Steve Allen says:

    Well I think the timing is a bit Bad , but the Truth be said 50 Years is a pretty good Run for such a rule to not be disturbed . They definitely were able to run that whole area as they seen fit . That being said. Overall they did a great job ! But the customers of DISNEY WORLD. DEFINITELY PAY THE PRICE .
    I wish Disney the Best , I really don’t see this action of removing self governing as a Big Deal for them .
    S Allen

  • D Simmons says:

    Big question is are the 2 counties financially able to take over all that comes with the removal of this status. Law enforcement, fire protection, Maintainance of the road infrastructure, and the other costs of the additional area. I suspect if the county government were not sitting with their mouths shut or saying no comment at this time the answer from them would be no. I in no way agree with the Disney stand of butting into government there is too much of that from organizations these days, remember the line of the people for the people.

    I do fine it interesting that the poll questions all required a agreement with the removable of the special status and non to either leave it or modify it so Disney had to continue to pay for the infrastructure……

  • A Gilbey says:

    I’m so glad that there are finally a few good governors standing up for the rights of us biblical abiding folk. God will bless the state & counties with what the need to sustain this change!!!
    Thank you Governor DeSantis & Florida government!!!!!
    If I could move to Florida I’d be out of Ohio tomorrow!!!!

  • Sam says:

    There is no room for the evil empirw. Hopefully disney will be a thing from the past and disappear quickly. They got some of my money when my kids were little, but not a penny more. Besides they have had people die on rides and dont allow city officials in to investigate. As corrupt as our government. Every movie and any other crap went into the trash last week. Bye Disney!

  • William J Comeau says:

    Well, if Disney had decided to follow the laws of Florida and not pushing their own agenda then they would not be going through all of this. You can’t just pick and choose what laws you are going to follow, you follow ALL of them whether you like them or not. Every day citizens do not get to ignore the laws so why should a company, no matter how big they are, be allowed to ignore them? Also, this whole “don’t say gay” crap is just that, crap. The word is not even used in ANY of the wording of the law. Why does Disney think it is ok to teach young kids, K-3rd Grade about sex and gender identity. I have to say, that is utterly disgusting. Is Disney really going to take the side of pedophiles and become one themselves? Because that is what they are really saying, “we want to indoctrinate your young children so they will be easily manipulated for our sexual fetishes and fantasies”. DISGUSTING!

  • Texas Heart Breaker says:



  • Summer says:

    Disney became a child wrong doer I will never support Disney again with their corupt theories

  • John Ebert says:

    Walt didn’t imagine and create his company with the idea of pushing an agenda on young people. He simply wanted his company to be the wonderful, magical and happy place that Disney has been in the past…no longer that way sad to say! Seems that the current leadership believes that their primary mission is to make as much money as they can in any way that they can and to influence young people in the direction that the company leadership (sick & warped) believe that our youth should be headed. I believe that likely most of the parents in our county would like to see Disney stay out of politics and out of trying to teach and influence our youth and get back into making the company about good clean, safe and wholesome fun!

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