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Border Crisis

Florida to Become Largest State in the US to Use Full E-Verify for Employment



Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis Press Conference at Urban League | Florida Enters Phase 3 of Reopening | Featured

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) emphasized his administration's newest attempts to tackle the nation's border problem on Wednesday, citing Senate Bill 1718, which basically makes the Sunshine State the largest state in the country to implement full E-Verify for employment.

Speaking at the Miller Electric Company in Jacksonville, Florida, DeSantis hailed the signing of Senate Bill 1718 as Florida's latest move to oppose terrible immigration policies at the federal level.

“Even the New York Times admitted this is the strongest legislation against illegal immigration anywhere in the country,” DeSantis said during the press conference, revealing that the measure “makes Florida the largest state in the country to do full E-Verify for employment.”

“And that’s important, because the people are going to come if they get benefits. And so what you want to do is say there’s not benefits for coming illegally,” he said, explaining that this alone will discourage illegal immigrants from coming to Florida for refuge.

“It’s already against the law for someone to be employed if they’re here illegally, but the E-Verify provides a way to make sure that that’s enforceable. So we think that that’s something that’s going to make a big, big difference,” DeSantis explained.

The Florida governor said that it also “enhances human smuggling penalties” and “prohibits county governments and NGOs from using tax dollars to provide IDs for illegal aliens.”

He claims that Florida will not accept out-of-state licenses obtained by illegal aliens from other states.

DeSantis said: “A lot of people in across the country who want open borders, they want driver’s licenses and you have it in — I think in California and a number of these other states. We’ve never done that. But what happens is you have some of these local governments that are actually working with private groups to generate ID cards to be able to be used, as if that makes you legal to be here. So we’re not going to recognize that. We’re also not going to recognize a driver’s license from California [if] it was issued to somebody here illegally or these other states.”

“We’re protecting Floridians with the full extent of our powers to do that. But it’s sad. It’s sad to see what’s happened. It’s sad to see these images of the lawlessness,” he said, smalling President Joe Biden for refusing to take action.

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