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France Has A Major Problem




  • A student, aged 15, attacked a Jewish teacher in France on Monday with a Machete.
  • The student claimed he did it for the Islamic State.
  • The teacher only suffered minor wounds to her shoulder and hand.
  • The teen was said to be a good student with no signs of radicalisation

A Turkish Kurd teenager who attacked a Jewish teacher in France said he was acting in the name of the Islamic State (IS) group, a prosecutor says.

The 15-year-old wounded the teacher slightly with a machete during the attack in the southern city of Marseille before being stopped.

The teacher was left with an injured shoulder and hand.

Militants said to be from IS killed 130 people in attacks in the capital Paris less than two months ago.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called the new attack a “revolting anti-Semitic aggression” while French President Francois Hollande later said such acts were “unspeakable and unjustifiable”.

“[The teenager] claimed to have acted in the name of Allah and the Islamic State, repeating several times to have done [it] on behalf of Daesh [Islamic State],” the prosecutor, Brice Robin, told a news conference.

The teen is said to be a good student who previously showed no signs of radicalisation.

An attack by an IS supporter in Paris last January targeted a Jewish supermarket, where four people were killed, shortly after the deadly assault on the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Since then, more than 700 synagogues, Jewish schools and community centres have been protected by police or soldiers.

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  • Sheepdog says:

    referring to the French kid hacking the teacher with a machete
    The radical, criminal, murdering crap would immediately cease if the perpetrator was simply hanged the next day.
    Or, simply follow the teachings of the Koran and chop off one hand and foot.

  • Ellen says:

    How did the student bring a machete to school? This is the mindset of evil taught from the book of Koran and reinforced in mosques. Evil is never happy but will go back into hiding once people learn to fight back and treat everyone who adheres to this as suspect.

  • Martha Tucker says:

    It will keep happening as long as Obama is in office,. All them soreheads Democrats keep bacing him on his agenda. I hope and pray that the Democrats don’t try to have him for a third term. I hope the ones that are up for e election will lose their seat.

  • R Kelly says:

    Yes they do have a big problem.The 15 year old boy that committed this crime needs to be put away for life for being a terrorist.

  • Robert G Allen says:

    only problem we are headed in the same direction, the PC police are going destroy this country

  • sheila says:

    abunch of s–t

  • JacobSon says:

    I’ll bet it was a “Machete Free zone” too…How could it happen?

  • DUKE says:

    Sure, of course France has a MAJOR PROBLEM, as do Germany, many other European Countries, and THE U. S. of A. thanks to Otraitor.

  • John says:

    The French have allowed the growth of an unassimilated antithetical ideology to challenge the existence of the French culture and democracy. If the French don’t act soon to counter this, they will lose their state and their nation.

  • Richard Moorer says:

    i’ll never understand about how authorities, government can or would let people flood a country while the innocent suffer and nothing is done much of the time…

    • Elwood P Dowd says:

      It’s because Democrats always assume (usually correctly) that immigrants are gullible enough to be suckered into voting the Leftist party line as long as they get lots of freebies and welfare benefits from the Democrats that run the Welfare Plantation. It makes no real difference to them how vile and dangerous those immigrants are, since the only thing that counts for Democrats is the next election, and whatever it takes to keep them in power.

  • gf says:

    Of course, the MSM, would state, nothing to see here, move along now. A question. what if the PC religion Muslim, was specifically targeting the PC race, Negro. WTF, would the libs do, which side would they come down on? Can you imagine the shit, that this would cause, for the MSM? Personally, I would be pleased as punch!

  • Micala says:

    Until France controls their Muslim population instead of it controlling the French people, they will experience more and more biazrre behaviors from the Muslims AND the youth of today.
    The Youth of today are easily corruptible and swayed, they are being raised with little to no faith to help guide them; therefore, they are making decisions that are irresponsible. This is happening all over our world, including the U.S.
    Time for parents to actually act like parents and help guide their offspring with the help of God. And time for Countries to corral the muslims and demand they assimilate to their society or be deported. NO MORE PASSING THE BUCK ON RESPONSIBILITY! TIME TO GROW UP PEOPLE AND SUPPORT YOUR FAITH AND COUNTRY!

  • Robert says:

    Until france and the entire e.u. get wize to the muslims and remove them along with the bleeding heart liberals that let them in the country ,this will be a daily thing.o’bummer will not bail them out on this , he is all for the muslims…

  • Robert Powell says:

    the muslim cult has been a drug on society for centuries, when the europeans get tired of being the kicked dog , the might have enough backbone left to kick thee muslims out but I doubt it the americans have our own major problem with the marxist muslim we have for a president.. this is what you get when you loose the truth in media reporting.Little japan is the ONLY country that I know of that will not let them in.. and they are not having the problem that the rest of the world is….

  • Walt Miller says:

    France has allowed foreigners to invade the country, bringing their old country baggage with them. These invited invaders are now attempting to change France to be more like the country they left, including all the reasons they left in the first place.

  • markuson says:

    because they are sun by liberal idiots just like our country

  • A.ANTHONY says:


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