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From Crisis to National Emergency, Sen. Cotton Calls out Border Chaos



From Crisis to National Emergency, Sen. Cotton Calls out Border Chaos-ss-Featured

In an op-ed published on Tuesday, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas warned that the continuously worsening situation at the U.S. Southern border created by President Joe Biden’s immigration policy has become an emergency issue of national security. He also slammed Democrats for trying to sneak an unrelated provision of amnesty into an infrastructure spending bill.

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“On his first day in office, President Biden rescinded the proclamation declaring a national emergency at the southern border. Then he cut off funding for the border wall and gutted virtually all Trump-era policies to reduce illegal immigration, including the successful Remain in Mexico policy,” Cotton wrote in his op-ed published on Fox News’s website.

He described the repercussions from president’s “see no evil” means of approaching the border issue as predictable.

Cotton went on to say that “record numbers of illegal aliens” from the Central American region and other places have continued to cross the border. The senator noted that these people are ”taking full advantage of the Democrats’ open-border policies.”

The senator also noted the number of illegal migrants the U.S. Border Patrol and immigration officials encountered back in June, which went up to around 188,000.

He also noted that, just in 2021, 1 million people have managed to cross illegally to the U.S. so far. However, that figure only counts migrants that border patrol have encountered.

According to Cotton, Democrats and the Biden administration have the ability to swiftly fix the situation if they wanted to do so.

Apart from this, Cotton also noted the Democrats’ efforts to use a spending package to grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants in the country.

“Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Calif., said he expects this amnesty to go into effect within ‘just a couple of months, if all the necessary steps are taken,'” Cotton went on to say.

“That means, before the year is out, Democrats could place millions of people who are here in violation of our laws on a path to citizenship,” he also wrote in hid op-ed.

He also said that “Such a sweeping amnesty would make a mockery of our laws and encourage millions more foreigners to cross into our country illegally in the expectation that they will be legalized by a future Democratic Congress,” also mentioning that the said legislative scheme became a blatant violation of Senate rules that are in place.
“But it’s at least amusing to note how the Democrats are trying to justify this policy in a budget package; they are admitting that such an amnesty would have a dramatic and large effect on our welfare system and domestic spending,” Cotton said.

The senator then added that the amnesty will affect every american in a negative way. He said it would “wreak havoc” in the country’s social safety net as the “poor flood into America for generous, taxpayer-funded benefits.”

He concludes his op-ed by saying: “We need to scuttle the Democrats’ stealth amnesty and send a message loud and clear to Joe Biden: the wide-open southern border is an emergency that harms us all, whether he wants to admit it or not.’

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  • David says:

    Illegal immigrants, no papers, jo vaxx, no problem. American citizens looming forced poison/vaxx, or lose your freedoms. Resident Biden working with big tech to censor, silence, cancel. Threatening the 2A. I guess he’s systematically violating our rights and destroying the country.


    The swine flu killed 700,000 people around the world in 2009 and 2010. In the US, it infected 61 million Americans, hospitalized over 300,000 and killed more than 18,000, including children and young people. There was no panic. No hysteria. And it was downplayed by the media. No lockdowns. No social distancing. No masks. Obama was President.
    Similar story with the Arian flu when Eisenhower was President. It infected millions of Americans and killed over 116,000.
    The Hong Kong flu during Johnson/Nixon’s reign in 1968 was similar to covid in that it was especially lethal for people over 65. It infected tens of millions of Americans and killed over 100,000. Worldwide, it killed over 4 million. Again, no panic or lockdowns or social distancing.
    What a different world we live in. By now the commies have been indoctrinating our youth for decades and setting the scene to take over. This was very coordinated and deliberate.

  • CWII-BRINGIT says:

    Biden has committed MULTIPLE Federal FELONIES! The fence around the White House is MEANT to keep him Out Of America! When biden crosses that “border” ARREST him and send him directly to JAIL! CITIZEN ARREST him if the Secret Service won’t! He is a CERTIFIED CRIMINAL and deserves to be sent to JAIL, not residing in OUR White House! He is so Stupid that he PUBLICALLY admitted to committing Federal FELONIES! ARREST him!

  • The professor says:

    This is all happening because true American citizens are not contacting their congressman their senators their governors …. I know people are trying to raise their families and it’s hard to find the time but if you want sleepy Joe to continue his charade and ruining our country you need to take the time and contact your local representatives …. this is not a joke this is serious our country is going down the tubes because of this illegal immigration and sleepy Joe’s mental condition … I have contacted my representatives but unfortunately all of them are Democrats I live in Connecticut we have a Democratic governor we have Chris Murphy Rosa DeLauro and another guy that claimed to be a Vietnam vet … do something make the time find the time we need to get rid of this guy

  • American born patriot says:

    It’s going to take only God to stop it.Be not worried or afraid,our Savior is in control. Patriots protect you and yours, stand your ground and fight for America and what is right. God bless America and forgive us our sins.

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