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Gary Johnson Has Never Heard Of Aleppo



Gary Johnson doesn't know where, or even what, Aleppo is…

For the Johnson supporters out there, let me clue you all in. Aleppo was the largest city in Syria and is the most contested ground in the Syrian Civil War. The city is a staging ground for ISIS and other Islamic terror factions. It is bombed daily by all sides and the civilians still alive in the once great city are sick, starving, and scared. The city needs real help.

However, Gary Johnson acts like he had never even heard of it, which is very strange because it's on the news almost daily. It would actually take strong action to avoid hearing its name in the last five years.

Now, you can argue that being a Libertarian, Johnson is a strong isolationist and believes in non-aggression, but none of that excuses the lack of knowledge of world events and foreign policy . Not wanting to engage in conflict is entirely different than not knowing the conflict exists in the first place.

For any conservatives thinking about voting for Gary Johnson then this should prove that he is nothing but a spoiler candidate with no real qualifications. Even Libertarians have come out against him, saying that he does not share the party's values.

The Syrian Civil War and the Islamic State are too important for a candidate to remain ignorant on and there is no excuse for Gary Johnson to not have an advisor instructing him. This is proof that he is nothing but an amateur.

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