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Gary Johnson Plans To Spoil This Election



Watch the above video and see a quick breakdown of last night's libertarian town hall event hosted by CNN.

The former New Mexican Governer Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld, the former governor Massachusetts, answered questions from CNN's Anderson Cooper, as well as the audience.

Gary Johnson is starting to get a lot of press as an alternative to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as his views tend to place him to the center of each politically. His platform is one of tough fiscal conservatism, of which both of the men have a proven track record , and liberal social values.

However, this will be a very tough sell to either party, despite the record number of voters who are turned off by their party's candidate. Many of the Republicans and Democrats that Johnson is trying to appeal too are single issue voters who are opposed to one or more of his ideas.

At any rate, none of that will matter if they are unable to achieve the 15% in the polls needed to participate in the first presidential debate next month. Johnson and Weld are confident that they can reach the needed amount of support before then. However, if they can't then they are unlikely to maintain any sort of momentum headed into November.

Will the Libertarian party pull the ultimate upset and win the White House? Or, will they just spoil the chances for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, let us know what you think.

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  • William Slattery says:

    Firstly a third party conservitive run always puts the Demacrats into office. Third party runs only serve to deminish the focus of conservative voters. We can think how we lost to Hillery for the next 8 years. Mr Johnson you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Albert says:

    Our two party system has failed us with the worst candidates in their parties.

  • Ron says:

    He won’t get the election, just take away from Clinton.

  • Ron says:

    It is amazing what the Establishment will do to make sure their candidate gets into office. (I don’t say “elected”, since their script might not allow an honest vote.)

  • June says:

    Just making sure Hillary steals election for the DC Elitist who have been Obama’s buds. Trump will change DC and lots of heads will roll and they might have to live pay check to pay check like the less of us co called “Middle Class”. We the PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN TRUMP.

  • Doug Adams says:

    Trump is destroying his chances. Every time someone opposes he says something stupid. Johnson may be our only chance.

  • John Carter says:

    Both of these candidates are the way this country should go!

  • Denis says:

    This election might just be the beginning of the Kingdom of the United States!

  • John says:

    By doing what he’s doing he’ll split the conservative vote giving the democrats control of the judicial and executive to the socialists. If this is his plan he is no conservative.

  • Tina says:

    They are wasting our time.

  • David Perk says:

    If he wins how does that spoil anything? Enough of the stranglehold of our 2 party system already!

  • George Atkinson says:

    He is a nobody that may not get the votes he thinks he will and certainly not enough to spoil the election. I am still not convinced that the majority of the American people are stupid enough to vote for the liar Hillary!

  • Denny says:

    To stop Trump and give the election to the Globalists like Hillary, (a proven criminal) and RINOS like Paul Ryan, Beohner, McConnell, Lindsay Graham, (Who is attending the Biderberg Meeting this year of the Globalists) the Bush Family, the Clinton’s, (ever wonder why Bill Clinton and Senior George Bush became such good friends) All these people are TRAITORS to America and the Minorities like Black People, Hispanic People and others. Take a look at the latest e-mails released from Wikileaks and see what the say. The Democrat Leadership really tuns down the Minorities in those e-mails and the far left press says nothing.people of America including the Minorities. The main stream press has really dumbed down the American Public.

  • tanna says:

    He already knows that he can’t win he just wants his 15 minutes of fame.

  • Howard says:

    Talk about loose screws

  • Dean says:

    They will spoil the chances for Donald Trump

  • Henry Rogers says:

    Everybody knows he’s a piece of crap. He has no credibility.

  • Matt Jones says:

    As a libertarian he’s not trying to appeal to anyone. His positions are all based on limited government.

  • monte says:

    He is in the race for all of the wrong reasons, and if he ends up swinging the tide to hilllary, he might want to think about moving to another country.

  • Voni says:

    This man wants Pro-Choice, wants TTP and our loss of American sovereignty, has no foreign policy experience and makes jokes at a serious time in American history

  • Tom Lancaster says:

    I voted against Obama twice, in favor of a candidate I didn’t care for. Johnson was a good governor and I like his policies.

  • Richard says:

    Johnson, unlike the others who make promises they can’t keep, properly understands the role of the president is to administer, not to make laws. He knows that he can only act on laws sent to the president by congress, either by signing or vetoing. He will not alienate congress like other candidates and that should help to ale itar the gridlock problem. Plus he’s sane and trustworthy. Of course I don’t agree with every plank in his platform, but what candidate can ever garner such support? His overall platform is doable, unlike the others who will never get congress to pass such legislation.

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    Do a little research. This guy Johnson is a nut case! Plain and simple!

  • Jan says:

    This is probably out last election to save this country, and Johnson could hand the election to Clinton if he pulls any votes that might go to Trump. Trump is not perfect, but Hillary is a criminal.

  • James R Saunders says:

    They didn’t participate in the primary’s, didn’t face the heat so to speak. They are cowards to now try and steal the election. Shame on them…

  • Floyd Hale says:

    He is against Ttump , just like other individuals , not loyal to the people,. The media is tryig it best too quire , the election ,by not , callig a spade a spade!!!!!

  • Mark Teichert says:

    Gary Johnson is a loser who has a snowball chance in hell of winning. He should leave America. Disgrace of an American.

  • Jack says:

    Gary Johnson needs to shut his mouth and stay out of this election.

  • James says:

    When it comes to stealing the election, I really think it means to give it the Clinton.

  • George C. says:

    The Democrat or Republican parties have always been in control and every election cycle gets worse and has been slipping deeper and deeper into anti-America corruption. So now it seems most people want to vote them in again and continue wrecking our country. I have no faith in either party due to the fact that the corrupt elites of both parties will STILL be in control no matter which one wins. It’s time to stop the repetition of voting in the same corrupt criminal parties over and over, and break the cycle. If you continue to vote in the same parties over and over you will continue to get the same result, CORRUPT POLITICIANS. It’s time to do something different. It’s true that desperate circumstances require desperate measures. I really don’t think Johnson could possibly be any worse than the criminal parties, and I don’t believe he is a part of the corrupt Washington criminal organization.

  • josie says:

    mrs clinton, is not fit to be our president, but donald trump is. so iwill not listen to this garbage. my husband gene & i will vote for the best to turn this country around that is donald j trump. these men are not even fir to run donald all the way GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP OUR NEXT PRESIDENT

  • charles wohlford says:

    another one lining his pockets

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