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George Zimmerman Gets Picked On By Someone His Own Size



George Zimmerman is once again in the news, this time, the victim in an altercation happening in the same town where he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman called the police reporting that a man had walked up to him, asked “You’re bragging about that?” The man then punched Zimmerman in the face.

According to the call, he said the man said he would kill Zimmerman and was still at the bar waiting for him.

“He said he’s going to kill me,” Zimmerman said on the 911 call. “You need to send like three or four cops.”

However, despite Zimmerman claiming that he was just picking up food, witnesses say that he was bragging about killing Trayvon Martin. Claiming he said, “I love your tattoos, my name is George Zimmerman, you know that guy who killed Trayvon Martin?”

It seems that George Zimmerman loves being in the news as he keeps finding ways to stay relevant by selling the gun used to kill Martin, having a man try to kill him, and being involved in domestic abuse complaints.

Either way, I suppose it's lucky for Zimmerman's attacker that he had sold his now infamous gun, or he might have been another victim to George Zimmerman standing his ground.

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  • Name says:

    More BS to start racial riots and marshal law.

  • Joe Fuell says:

    He deserved a punch because he was bragging in public about killing a young black child, whom he said in court made him fear for his life. He stalked the kid, even after being told by a police dispatcher to stay in his car, and tried to beat him up, and when he started getting his ass kicked he drew his gun, shot, and killed the kid, whose only crime was wearing a hoodie and going to a convenience store at night.

  • Drifter says:

    The punk that jumpted Zimmerman was 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds. Why do you ididts never mentioned that and show s photo of Travon when he was 12 years old? You disgust me!!

  • Ron says:

    The problem we have isn’t color, it’s culture. When blacks integrate into American culture,they aren’t a problem. It’s when they collect in ghettos and have a culture which places little value on life, that’s when we have a problem. Take a look at England; they don’t have nearly the black problem we do, since their slavery problem was dealt with dealt with gradually and organically, very differently than it was handled on this side of the pond. It is the same thing with immigration; when immigrants entered our society to take part in it, rather than to take it over, it was a benefit to all.

  • JOHN says:


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