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Google Sells Its Soul To The Dark Queen Hillary



It turns out Google is a pawn working for Hillary.

SourceFeed made a shocking discovery when they looked how search engines autofill their search bar. It was normal when looking for Bernie Sander or Donald Trump, but when you try to look Hillary Clinton than the searches become something weird.

When typing Hillary Clinton I… as in Indictment, the thing that every search engine shows. Google instead shows Hillary Clinton India. I can personally guarantee you that no one is searching for Hillary Clinton and India in one sentence.

This is a big deal considering that Google is the countries number one search engine and a way that millions of Americans check their facts and get their news each day.

Why would Google take such a giant risk of attempting to rig an election? Well, it turns out that their former head, Eric Schmidt, who is now the chairman of their parent company, now funds a company that works for Hillary Clinton. Ohh did I mention that he also works for the Pentagon too? No, I'm sure this is all just one big coincidence.

Watch this video and be warned. Google has the power to sway upwards of 25% of all elections and when you have that much money mixed with these levels of political power it is not a question of if, but rather how long has then been going on and how long will it continue.

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  • CompletelyOutsane says:

    Google has a soul??!!!! Who knew?

  • jeff busold says:

    it was no accident, she and her cronies are sleazy and can not be trusted, now google can not be trusted either

  • Colin Sword says:

    Ethical behavior in the top layer of a candidacy is absolutely critical to it’s supporters, just as statistics are to their users. If you cannot trust the data, you can not trust the candidate.

  • Nothing surprises me re:Hillary Clinton crimes says:

    It’s time the press and google let Americans know the truth!

  • Sam Williams says:

    You have it backwards Hillary is the pawn, Google is the chess master. Paying her to do their bidding. Same goes for all maimstream politicians and both political parties. Bought and paid for by huge corporate intrests. Trump is a renegade, that is why the establishment hates him so.

  • Michael Conklin says:

    When it comes to trying to fool the public into voting a certain way just because you want a certain person in office is wrong you should post all the findings and let the people read them and make up there own minds. By what Google has done in this case makes it so they will loose the trust of people.

  • Karen Holland says:

    I agree because I never ask google any questions. I just look for info on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are both the worst candidates for president we have ever had.

    • badbob says:

      Trump isn’t perfect but how can you put his name in comparison with Hillary Clinton is beyond reality. You wouldn’t have a list of the number of times Trump illegally put American security up for grabs? Not to mention Benghazi and the useless deaths of four Americans she and her boss denied help again and again over the course of the night and to this day we still are being lied too?

  • Gus Olson says:

    VERY DISTURBING!! I had a much higher opinion of Google. I will be much more wary and I will use other search engines to validate Google. If I find other such manipulation so, I will exclude Google.

  • badbob says:

    “Why would Google take such a giant risk of attempting to rig an election?” Can someone tell me a major American media coperation that hasn’t? Everyday the same thing, major headlines something great on the criminal democrat, she devil, an over rated video of her slinging her pack of lies. Followed by the daily three hit stories on Trump. Ending with some talking idiot with a Ph D in Ignorance talking ‘the she devil is good’ and ‘not guilty of the crimes proven against her’.

    Over the last 12 years I have done a number of searches on Google for FEMA Camps. 2009, 250 hits including a few in Canada. 2011. about 100 hits. 2013, 5 hits, 4 are 4 star hotels, one is Washington D. C’s main office of Homeland Security. Four months ago I did my last search. It read “There are no FEMA Camps in the United States”. Google has been government for a long time. Now we know which side of government they are on, the majority.

  • shar says:

    seems logically possible

  • Pat says:

    You are a reputable co.m

  • Albert Septien says:

    I tried to post things about Hillary (bad things) and google would not allow me to do so.

  • Arnold Shannon says:

    not just Google but Face Book as well.

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