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Hacking Hillary: Kaine Begs For Mercy



**This is a work of satire and to you liberals that means it's just a joke**

Editor's note – This time, it's something a little … different. Hillary seems to have gone “dark” with her emails this week, she must be really upset. But don't worry, we grabbed one going to Hillary from her VP Tim Kaine. He sure seems afraid of her.

[Leaked on 10.07.16]

To Hillary,

Madam Secretary and future President of the United States, let me start off by saying how thankful I am to still be in your service. Now, I know you are probably less than happy with me right now after Tuesday’s debate, but I assure you that I did everything you asked.

It’s not my fault that Mike Pence won … Really! It’s like you said, he’s just smarter than me, but I attacked him and Donald Trump every chance I got. Honest! You have to believe me on this one. I mean did you hear his slip up with the comment about “that Mexican thing”? I don’t really know what it means or what the big deal was, but all of your news outlets sure thought it was something.

Hey, a few of your polls actually said I won … Not many, but a few!

So anyway, I know how mad you are at me and I know how you get when you get really mad at someone. I just wanted to remind you that I have always been your loyal servant. Remember in 2011 when I stepped down from the DNC chair so you could put your good friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the head? Remember? I did that for you. So please be merciful with me and give me another chance.

I mean it’s not like there is time to bring in a new vice president … Right? I certainly hope not anyway. Look, we’ll still going to win big, I just know it. And when we are in the White House together I’m sure we can put this all behind us and laugh it off.

So once again, please, for the sake of my wife and kids, please please please don’t do anything too extreme to me and at the very least please leave them out of it. I'm begging you, show mercy!

Your most loyal and humble servant,

Tim Kaine

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