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Hacking Hillary: Mad About Mexico



**This is a work of satire and to you liberals that means it's just a joke**

Editor's note – It's Friday which means that our Russian “friend” sent us another installment of Hacking Hillary. This time, it's addressed to DNC runner-up Bernie Sanders. Although, it appears that she is just ranting to him and threatening him. It looks like she is really losing it…

[Leaked on 9.2.16]

Dear Bernie Sanders,

I need your help…

Haha just kidding, I have already gotten everything I could ever need from you. No, I’m writing because an informant told me that you said that Donald Trump was going to beat me in November.

Well, I'm here to tell you to stop spreading lies or I’ll be forced to alter our deal … You know the one that lets you keep breathing?

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I don’t care that Donald Trump was invited to speak with the Mexican president. So what if he didn’t offer me the opportunity, despite all that I have done for him by keeping his border as open as possible. It doesn’t matter, as long as I keep saying Donald Trump is a racist then all of them will vote for me anyway.

Like I would even go to Mexico in the first place. I hate that country and I hate those people. But as long as they keep voting Democrat and stay out of my way then I’ll allow them to stay here. After all, it’s not my job they're taking. Those dumb rednecks won’t vote for me anyway.

Still, the whole situation has made me very agitated. Bill even cracked a joke at my expense … ME! Maybe I’ll send their president a message and show him who the real Jefe is…

Anyway, congratulations on your 3rd home, not bad for a poor socialist. You better hope your supporters don’t find out you were taking bribes the whole time.

Well, I gotta go, but remember, stick to our arrangement or I’ll be forced to send Debbie after you a 2nd time. There won’t be a 3rd.


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