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Heroes Like This Are Why Terrorists Will Never Win



A Hero was made late last night in Philadelphia when a cowardly Islamic terrorist ran point blank to a police officer in his car and starting firing. Despite multiple gunshot wounds, the officer got out of his car and shot back and pursued the individual until backup could arrive and apprehend the attacker. Without this police officer's brave actions this sick terrorist might still be out on the streets of Philadelphia.

The worst thing about this attack is that the man used a stolen police handgun which went missing back in 2013. He is in captivity and the police officer is expected to make a full recovery.

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  • Brian says:

    Because Im an proud American citizen and a Disabled American Veteran. Very proud to have a courageous police officer like this. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. God bless, and heal quickly.

  • Virginia White says:

    They are cowards see the male run away after he shot the police officer? that is a coward, no one should go up to a vehicle and shoot into it no matter who is inside.

  • Roberta Lane says:

    We need more people like this man. I truly believe we need to fight back, even at our own risks. We can not allow the terrorist to continue their attacks, we need to show them we will not tolerate this and the only way to stop it by fighting back. This terrorist found out it wasn’t that easy to fulfill his mission. I say arm ever man and woman and encourage them to fight back. Will there be some that fail to use a gun to protect themselves and their loved ones but I think the majority will do just that. We need to show these terroist

  • Richard says:

    Because I am a Retired Officer and this man would have been an outstanding partner. Period.,. I cannot say if I would have done the same thing , but I hope and pray that I would have been capable of that kind of bravery and dedication..

  • stephen bradley says:

    we’ve all got to stand up to these muslims and not let fear and Osama Obama let his people in the US.

  • Brian Zedek says:

    I think he did a great thing in returning fire most people would have tried to get away. He had an Angel on his shoulder, our prayers go out to him and his family. He is a Hero in my eyes, good luck to him and all law enforcement.

  • Julie Gray says:

    Because he didn’t give up to his injuries, he went after his attacker and got him!!

  • Marilyn Riley says:

    God is always right on time, this man is not done serving his purpose.

  • john says:

    where are your tears over this cop oh I forgot you do not care about our op you need to be Impeached the American Citizen means nothing to you unless he is black

  • Barbara says:

    Because I am one of the first, female, police officers, in this nation! We officers walk into hell, almost every day. We do it, because we love our fellow man/woman.
    Islamists HATE everyone, who is not like them!

  • Rust Nyquist says:

    More evidence that firearms are a bigger necessity on all fronts; it would be wonderful if saying ” give up all weapons” would accomplish something, but that is a fantasy of Nirvana. Glad the officer had what it takes to survive that cowardly attack and hope the perp gets what he deserves.

  • Thomas Eccles says:

    The officer showed uncommon valor in all that he did and we need more officers like him. This is especially needed now as we are coming to a time where our president cannot see what he is doing by letting more refugees into our country who are nothing more than terrorists. I pray to God that we do not loose any more good Americans to terrorists due to his arrogance or ignorance, whichever it may be.

  • Geena Popa says:

    I am so glad to be back to a place where I can use a computer.

  • Geena Popa says:

    I believe Donald Trump is Protecting Americans.

  • Joe says:

    We have no room for terrorists in this country

  • Ginger says:

    My husband was a soldier for 20 yrs. To the day he died he wished he would have been old enough to fight Islam soldiers. They have are nothing but a piece of flesh with no respect for another life. Murders and think THEY are GOD. What a surprise when they meet their maker before sending them to hell.
    May the angels protect all the police officer from these earthly devils!

  • C Elizabeth Detmer says:

    ‘MERICA! That’s why!

  • David Lauer says:

    It’s another outstanding example of the commitment and bravery that Police Officers exhibit each day when they are under fire whether it be the in the streets or the Liberal Media

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