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Hillary Gets Torn Apart At Debate



Hillary had a rough night in Brooklyn.

That is putting it mildly. I’m no fan of Bernie Sanders and I am definitely not feeling the “bern”, but you have to appreciate the way in which he dismantled Hillary Clinton at Thursday’s debate.

Now, Hillary Clinton being exposed for the lying scandalous politician that she is is nothing new. However, it sure feels good to see one of her “own” party-members rip her apart in the city and state that elected her to the senate.

Naturally, Hillary has no defense except for a few well-rehearsed and pointless sound bites. She mostly just looked around dumbstruck that she hadn’t already been gifted the presidency. On the other hand, Bernie played up his doddering old poor man socialist routine for the crowds and they ate it up. It really shows you just how bad a person Hillary is when someone like Bernie Sanders looks sane, reasonable, and likeable next to her. For his part, the Sanders campaign is starting to really hit Hillary hard and where it counts.

My hope is that the Republican Party can unify behind one candidate and make sure that neither of these ancient fools has a chance to inflict 4 more years of misery on the United States.

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  • Donald Butler says:

    The only person qualified to deal with the mess this nation is in, with a 18 trillion dollar unpayable dect, is Donald Trump! All others are miserably inept!

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    It’s clear that Bernie Sanders is the Man we want for the next President of the United States!!!!!

  • SueEllen says:

    I’m voting for the one with a heart not the hair (do-do)

  • Name says:

    They both suck

  • Chuck Jones says:

    She never actually answered a question.
    Body language indicated a basic lack of interest in the outcome.
    Retold some already debunked LIES as if though they were new.
    The woman is a dipchit.

  • B.J. Pratt says:

    Actually, Pres. O…. will declare “martial law” and he will be our last president (extending his term). God is using “The Trump ” to “blow the whistle “trumpet” and expose the evil. Get yourselves right with God. Jesus is coming for Christians soon. When the light of the Holy Spirit is gone with Christians from this earth – troubled dark times more than ever will prevail. However, before Christians leave, God will show HIS LOVE FOR YOU by sending an anointing for a Great revival on earth. Come and go “up” with us.

  • Judith York says:

    come on Republicans unite to defeat the Democrats in the next election.

  • Ellen says:

    Bernie is just a bully

  • Jerry says:

    She did what she alway.s has done, avoids handling the hard questions, dancing away from the truth of her corruption and incompetence. She did not achieve one accomplishment while Secretary of state, except set up Libia for the collapse and chaos which is destroying, that country.

  • peter knowles says:

    because you are a republican. period. oh , and I loathe Republicans. They are destroying our democracy and hurt its citizens.

  • Brice says:

    she is not used to having facts and disagreeable people call her out, no comeback for truth!

  • Kathryn worz says:

    She is a liar and has never won any election without the help of voter fraud. She has been promised the presidency and will get it by ANY means

  • Larry Martin says:

    She is not honest. Go home and visit your grandchild.

  • Carole Klein says:

    I disagree, because this is just another slanderous attempt at denigrating the only two candidates that are offering any concrete ways of improving the economic health of the United States.
    Perhaps you could spend less time telling lies and making up scandals about the Democratic candidates and submit just One coherent plan that each one of the Republican candidates have offered if they are elected. Oh wait, you can’t, because they HAVEN’T!

  • Joan says:

    She tells so many lies that she can’t even keep them straight and now she wants to raise taxes 96%…she’s insane.

  • jerry says:

    Clinton is an obnoxious corrupt serial lying old hag who will say or do anything for a vote. She has done nothing in her political life except produce one scandal after another.

  • gilbert says:

    gilbert= she has lied about so many things she can’t remember so she lies over and over again and again.

  • Glenn says:

    Hillary never answers a question to this day, if she states something, she never tells how she will do it or who.what it will effect, both good and bad,plus she;s only out for herself, harmfull to the US

  • sharon says:

    b/c she had no defense to Sander’s accusations…she looked dumbfounded

  • frances says:

    [email protected] Hillary has had her cake, and ate it too! She is up the river! Now shej

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