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Hillary Is Getting Away With It… At Least For 75 Years



Hillary Is Getting Away With It... At Least For 75 Years, see more at:

Hillary Is Getting Away With It… At Least For 75 Years (Image: MGN)

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to scandal or controversy. Her name has been spread around like the Swine Flu in 2009. It could just be the curse of the Clinton name because it seems wherever the word “Clinton” is mentioned, shortly after is a new, or old, skeleton that is waiting to come out of the closet.It could just be that the “Clinton’s” aren’t very good at learning lessons, whatever the reason is, Hillary may have found the answer.

The State Department made a statement that it will take 75 years to compile the 450,000 pages of emails between Hillary and her two top aides. Way to go, Hillary, it looks like you’re off the hook until 2091.

Apparently, the workload of the Freedom Of Information Act is only able to process around 500 pages a month, “based on the complexity of these specific documents,” at least that’s what The State Department said.

To break that down:

  • It would take 16 and 2/3 years to review the Mills documents.
  • 33 and 1/3 years to review the Sullivan documents.
  • And 25 years to wrap up the Kennedy documents.

A whopping 75 years in total, well at least we know the State Department can do rudimentary math.

Elizabeth Trudeau, a spokeswoman for the State Department said that “The volume of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests by the Department has tripled since 2008…. In fiscal year 2015 alone we received approximately 22,000 FOIA requests.”‘

Basically, what Elizabeth is saying is that they just don’t have the resources, or manpower, to complete the requests quicker.

Mark Toner, another spokesman for the State Department commented that “…it’s not an outlandish estimation, believe it or not.”

There have always been the accusations, most notably from the State Department Inspector Generals, who claimed that the Department constantly gives slow, incomplete, and inaccurate responses to FOIA requests. Of course, that goes hand in hand with coming up with vital information after the November election. Although this time, around, the results seem very promising. Hillary better watch out because in 2091 she will most likely be indicted meaning her chances of running for president when she is 143 years old don’t look so good. 



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  • Richard Johnson says:

    I’m sure there are enough interested people that would be willing to go through ALL her e-mails in a short period of time, the sooner the better and put that lying, self-serving cunt in jail!

  • Smk says:

    I disagree and I don’t have to tell you why, if our present government wasn’t so corrupt and evil it would not take them this long. She will get hers later, No man or woman should be above the law,, no matter who or what their position is.

  • steve pool says:

    this goes all the way to the top. she had a private server to hide emails on the transfer on Libians weapons to turkey who funneled them to the rebels in Syria against president asad and when chris stevens found out they left him out to dry

  • Hubert Foss says:

    It is typical of the dems to protect their criminal buddies

  • Richard Miles says:

    Having held a top secret clearance, I know if I had done what she did I would be in prison. there is no other way to say it, she is getting away with it

  • Russell says:

    There is no justice any more. Hillary should be held in jail, tried, and sentence should be meted out. Retribution is just an right.

  • William Miller says:

    I know I’ll never get a straight answer to this question, but just how many MILLIONS did the Clintons payout to get a 75 year pardon? By all rights, she should NOT even be eligible to run a marathon much less run for POTUS!

  • Mary Frie says:

    The results of the hearing should have ended it. If she couldn’t produce the e-mails from the computer she was suspose to use then she was guilty of not following procedure, which proves she can’t prove she is innocent. As it was her duty to keep a record of her dealings, in her position that alone is proof against her. Do we really want to allow her to use that lame excuse for her not doing her job. I believe the life of our soldiers are more important than that. So how could she ever become a responsible President?

  • Jim Centers says:

    If anyone else had done what she did with e-mails, they would be facing charges. Could she not look at some of them and think maybe I should send this secure, because just maybe this is too sensitive. I think she is not trustworthy to be president.

  • Cliff says:

    This is a bunch of crap ! She needs to be held accountable ! She does NOT deserve to be voted at all !

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