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Hillary Is A Sick Woman



Hillary is a sick woman and I don’t just mean her actions either. She is clearly not well, with accusations coming out this week that she could be suffering from repeated strokes, seizures, or even Parkinson’s disease.

The stories started to circulate last week, but they were only one quick photo of someone holding a medical pen or a short statement from an unreliable source. I didn’t really take them seriously, but I kept it in the back of my mind.

Image by Gateway Pundit

However, every day more pictures and videos keep coming out that show that Hillary is obviously not well. There is now the picture of Hillary having to be helped up some simple steps by her security detail.

The more of these things that keep coming out, the more all the pieces start to fit together. The spontaneous laughter, the uncontrollable facial expressions. All of it starts to paint the picture that Hillary is seriously unwell.

(Video by Infowars)

In the above video, they talk about Hillary suffering from a fall that resulted in a blood clot in her brain, back in 2012. Head injuries are one of the most psychologically damaging things that one can do to oneself, nevermind the immediate physical concerns.  Some of the symptoms won’t even manifest for years.

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In addition to the blood clot in Hillary’s brain, they speak of a long lasting drug problem or the possibility of contracting syphilis from her less than faithful husband. Both of which are known to literally eat holes in your brain and cause all sorts of irreparable damage.

Now, you may not think anything of that, but when you have been investigating Hillary as long as I have some things start to ring a bell.

The possibility of her contracting syphilis combined with long-lasting health problems made me think of Dr. Stanley Heard. He was the family doctor for the Clintons and would have had full access to Bill and Hillary’s medical records. He died in a very suspicious manner, a plane crash, which if you follow Hillary’s Deadpool you will know is not an uncommon way for acquaintances of the Clintons to die.

The second part that rang out to me was a possible drug problem before she took the White House in 1992. Again my mind went to several acquaintances of theirs who met early and suspicious deaths.

Bill and Hillary are rumored to have been running a drug smuggling operation in Mensa, Arkansas. Now, while it was widely suspected that the Clintons were at the top of this operation to import drugs in through the Mensa airport, no one can confirm, because every other member of the operation is dead. They even killed a couple of kids who allegedly stumbled onto their operations.

I never thought it would ever be about anything more than just money, but what if Hillary was using her supply? It would explain a lot more and is absolutely in the realm of possibilities.

So what exactly is going on with Hillary? Is she sick and suffering from Parkinson’s disease or suffering from the long-term complications of syphilis or drug abuse? We will probably never know, but as more evidence keeps coming forward it appears that she is not fit for public service and not of sound mind and body.

Plus, at the rate at which her body is failing and succumbing to the stress of the campaign trail, I don’t think she can make it to November. I would not be surprised if she makes a quick and erratic exit from this race.

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