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Hillary Is The Ultimate Puppet Master



  • New Hillary emails released by the organization Justice Watch, show just how deep her connections go in the Justice Department.
  • The FBI requested an investigation into the Clinton foundation, yet the Justice Department denied the request.
  • It was discovered that the head of the Clinton foundation was in contact with some of her heads of staff at the State Department, and would routinely ask them for “favors.”
  • The Justice Department stated there was no substantial evidence that would warrant a probe.

If I were to tell you that the Justice Department was asked by the FBI to do a probe into the Clinton foundation, would you be surprised? If the answer is no, would it surprise you if I told you that the Justice Department refused to do it? If, again, the answer was no then get ready for a story that is sure to not blow your mind.

About a year ago, the FBI approached the Justice Department and requested an investigation into the Clinton foundation. The probe was denied.

Apparently, the Justice Department claimed that there was not enough evidence to open up an investigation into Bill and Hillary's “charitable” organization. This new information comes from the release of new Hillary emails by the group Justice Watch. The objectivity of Attorney General Loretta Lynch's is starting to be questioned. Maybe her meeting with Bill Clinton wasn't just a friend conversation after all.

Some of the emails released by Justice Watch brings to light some questions about the relationship between the Clinton foundation and the State Department.

The former head of the Clinton foundation, Doug Band, was in contact with Clinton's top aides. One particular communication between the chief of staff Cheryl Mills, senior advisor Huma Abedin, and Doug Band stated that it's “important to take care of _____.” Whoever the individual was the name had been redacted. The subject line of the email was “A favor.” The theory is that whoever the individual was, they were seeking a job at the State Department.

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Another email to Mills and Abedin asked if they could put Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury in touch with the State Department's “substance person” to discuss issues regarding Lebanon. Chagoury is a giant contributor to the Clinton foundation and has given millions of dollars.

Band said, “This is very important. As you know, he’s a key guy there and to us and is loved in Lebanon. Very imp.”

Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign quickly disregarded the emails. In an interview with CNN, he said, “Neither of these emails involve the secretary or relate to the Foundation’s work. They are communications between her aides and the President’s personal aide, and indeed the recommendation was for one of the Secretary’s former staffers who was not employed by the Foundation. The right-wing organization behind this lawsuit has been attacking the Clintons since the 1990s and no matter how this group tries to mischaracterize these documents,” referring to Justice Watch. He continued, “the fact remains that Hillary Clinton never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the Clinton Foundation.”

Donald Trump's campaign quickly jumped at the new found emails and sent out an email discussing the scandal to the Trump mailing list. The email said, “Once again, the Department of Justice has protected Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year the DOJ denied a request from the FBI to investigate her pay-to-play, corrupt Clinton Foundation. News of its rejection comes immediately after leaked emails exposed a concerning link between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department!”

Trump also took to Twitter to discuss the scandal. Let's see if Hillary can talk her way out of this one.

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