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Hillary Must Be Made To Pay For Her Sins



Hillary Must Pay For The Blood On Her Hands, see more at:
Hillary Must Pay For The Blood On Her Hands (Image: MGN)
  • Patricia Smith and Charles Woods the parents of two soldiers who were killed in the Benghazi attacks have filed lawsuits against Hillary Clinton.
  • They are blaming her for the wrongful deaths of their sons.
  • The lawsuits states that because Hillary was using a private email server, information was hacked on the activities and whereabouts of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.
  • The lawsuits were filed Monday.

It seems that Hillary's past is coming back to bite her. Apparently, no matter how hard you wash your hands, the blood will remain. Two parents, Patricia Smith (mother of Sean Smith) and Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods) have both filed lawsuits against Hillary.  Let's see her silver tongue talk her way out of this.

Sean Smith was an information management officer and Tyrone Woods was a security officer, both of the men were stationed in Benghazi when it was attacked. Neither one of them survived the attack.

The wrongful death lawsuits were filed Monday in a federal court.

Patricia and Charles claim that the use of Hillary's private email server contributed to the attacks. They are also suing Hillary for defamation, which they say she has done in a numerous of public speeches.

The lawsuit states, “The Benghazi attack was directly and proximately caused, at a minimum by defendant Clinton's ‘extreme carelessness' in handling confidential and classified information.”

No connection between Benghazi and Hillary's private email server has ever been made. However, Smith and Woods are saying that it's “highly probable,” that information was sent and received by Hillary about the activities and whereabouts of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Christopher Stevens was the U.S. Ambassador of Libya. There have been numerous reports as to why the attack on Benghazi happened. Some say that the attack was revenge by loyalists who had been defeated in the Libyan civil war the previous year, while other reports claim it was a planned and rehearsed attack from the beginning. During the attack, the main consulate building was set on fire with three American's trapped inside, Stevens, Smith, and a security officer.

Smith died in the fire but Stevens was later found and was rushed to the hospital due to cardiac arrest. It was assumed that Stevens was taken from the fire and tortured, which caused the heart failure.

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The survivors of the attack were taken to a safe house in Tripoli, the capital. A rescue team was sent to extract the surviving Americans, Woods was a part of that team. The rescue was compromised and soon they were all under attack again. Woods was killed in the firefight.

Since Hillary was using a private email server Patricia and Charles claimed that the information on Stevens “easily found it's way to foreign powers,” and then wound up in the hands of the Islamic State. When the FBI completed their probe of Hillary's emails James Comey said that it was “possible that hostile actors gained access,” yet, no evidence of hacking was found.

Both Smith and Woods have claimed that Hillary met with them after the loss of their sons. They claimed that she said the attack was due to a YouTube video that was controversial in nature. Yet, later in interviews she has denied that statement and said that the two parents recollection was incorrect.

Patricia Smith actually was asked to speak at the Republican National Convention. During her speech, she said, “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.”

Smith and Woods's lawyer, Larry Klayman a constant critic of the Clinton family, represented them on Monday at the filing of the lawsuit.

Of course, Hillary's team of “politicians” had to come forward and make statements about the lawsuit for her. Nick Merrill, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign said, “While no one can imagine the pain of the families of the brave Americans we lost at Benghazi, there have been nine different investigations into this attack and none found any evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton.”

One campaign official for Hillary even went as far as to attack the lawyer, Larry Klayman. He claimed that Klayman is the founder of “Freedom Watch,” a conservative group that, he claims, “has been unsuccessfully attacking the Clintons for decades.”

Either way, what happened in Benghazi was the fault of someone's carelessness. The time it took the “higher-ups” to react was unacceptable. The reports of soldiers waiting for well over twelve hours in a holding position to hear orders from the commanders is unacceptable. The entire situation was poorly handled. The fault lies in someone's hands, whose is the million dollar question.

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  • teri says:

    Is Hillary above the law?

  • Linda Lewis says:

    The Clinton’s have gotten away with murder for many years and I do not want a corrupt government any longer. Hillary represents the worst of the worst and she doesn’t care as long as she is in power.

  • HGP says:

    America has to restore credibility and Ethics to Govenment

  • ROBERT says:

    Hillary is unethical, conniving, intolerant, lacks veracity, lacks integrity, is a pathological liar, dishonest, obfuscates the truth, deceitful, ruthless, cunning, self absorbed and very calculating lacking judgment. She manipulates events and activities to suit her desires. Hillary can’t be trusted to ever tell the truth, and that’s why she was fired from the Watergate position

  • Patrick Frees says:

    A lier, their, mofia, socialist,and traitor of American safety and freedom.

  • sally graber says:

    Hillary belongs in the nearest jail. She is a risky example and a born crook////

  • Ellen says:

    Hillary has lied and gotten away with it for so long she no longer knows the difference between the truth and a lie

  • Millie Marengo says:

    I find it very sad to see the continued blame being placed on Hillary Clinton for her past failures. Surely no one ever anticipated the loss of life that flowed from the Benghazi activity. And, surely no person involved in any capacity deserves the blame for the tragedy. The wonderful people whose lives were lost would never want another person destroyed by extrapolating any further. Good people make mistakes but their goodness should not result in criminalization. What will be gained by this?

    • Frank J Giuffre Sr says:

      Wow are you serious? Don’t you read? The Clinton’s are the most crooked could in the country.

  • Daniel says:

    She has been protected by her powerful Democratic players.

  • Anthony LoGiudice says:

    MY Grandfather told me when I was little when the head stinks the whole body is rotten. And a new broom sweeps clean. I think its time to sweep in Washington. The whole bunch should GO.

  • John Evans says:

    When she dies God will send her to hell. If she believed in Jesus she would be a different

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